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Amana Washer Drains but Not Spinning/Agitating/Keeps Spinning

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling when you realize your Amana washer drains but won’t spin. It’s laundry day, your clothes are soaked, and now you’re stuck with a machine that just won’t cooperate. Ever been there, staring at a washer full of wet clothes, wondering what went wrong?

If your Amana washer drains but won’t spin, it could be due to an unbalanced load. This prevents the washer from spinning correctly. To fix this, redistribute the clothes evenly inside the washer and then try running the spin cycle again. An evenly balanced load allows the washer to function properly.

Amana Washer Drains but Not Spinning/Agitating/Keeps Spinning

One reason your Amana washer might not be spinning is a malfunctioning lid switch. The lid switch signals the washer that the lid is closed and it’s safe to start the spin cycle. If this switch is broken, the machine won’t spin. The solution is to replace the lid switch. This will enable the washer to recognize when the lid is closed and proceed with the spin cycle as it should.

Amana Washer Drains but Not Spinning

Amana Washer Drains but Not Spinning

If your Amana washer fills with water and drains appropriately, but it does not spin, there are a few possible issues. If the water is draining correctly, you don’t have a problem with your drainage hose or pump. But here are some issues that may be causing the issue.

Large Loads

One of the most common issues with a washer that drains but doesn’t spin is that you’ve loaded your washing machine with too many clothes. Or that you’ve packed your clothes too tight into the drum.

Large loads can cause a washing machine to spin slower. But when you add too many clothes, the machine can stop running to protect the motor and the transmission.

How to Fix

Remove some of the clothes from your machine and try your cycle again. If your machine goes through the spin cycle, you’ve fixed your problem.

But if your machine still does not spin after reducing the load, there are some other things to troubleshoot to resolve the issue.

Drive Belt

Another issue that can cause an Amana washer to drain but not spin is a broken drive belt. As a drive belt starts to wear out, your washing machine may squeak during operation. You may also notice the scent of burning rubber.

As the belt wears down, your machine will have an erratic spin. After the belt fails, the drum may stop spinning. Your washing machine will function normally with a broken belt, except for the basket spinning. 

How to Fix

To check your belt, you need to unhook the water supply and power. Remove the panel from the back of your washer (or on the bottom, depending on your model). 

Inspect all of the belts for any signs of damage. Your belt should be a solid loop with strong tension if you push against it. If you notice bald spots or loose strands along with the rubber, you may need to buy a new belt. Here’s a step by step video that walks you through the process.

Motor Coupling

A coupler connects the drive-shaft of the motor to the transmission. This important piece is usually rubber or plastic. You find this piece mounted on the side of the shaft. 

Signs of a broken motor coupling is a machine that produces wet clothes after completing a wash cycle.

When the coupling breaks, the agitator in the middle of the drum does not spin. The motor will turn and spin, but the drum won’t spin. You may also hear noise coming from the machine.

How to Fix

Replacing a broken motor coupling requires you to disassemble the machine. If you are good at handy work, you can attempt the repair yourself. But you may prefer to have a professional do the work for you for a couple of hundred dollars. 

Here’s a useful video walkthrough to teach you what to do.

Amana Washer Won’t Spin

Amana Washer Won’t Spin

If you’ve checked all of the previous parts and are all in working order, you can fit a few more things. Each of these mechanisms can cause a washing machine that won’t spin.

Lid Switch Assembly

There is a switch on the inside of your washing machine that prevents the spin cycle from happening if the lid is open. 

When the switch is faulty or damaged, the machine will not spin, even when the lid is closed. To determine if your issue is due to a broken lid switch, you can use a multimeter to test the power. If the meter shows a loss of continuity, you may need to replace the mechanism.

How to Fix

Replacing your lid switch can be a complicated process that requires removing multiple components and heavy lifting. Many people who do not know how to work on electronics would do better to hire a professional. 

If you’d prefer to repair the part yourself, here’s a useful video to watch.

Rotor Assembly

The rotor is a part of the motor that works with the stator to create a strong electromagnetic field that causes the tub to rotate in different directions. 

When the magnets or other parts of the rotor get damaged, it can cause the basket to malfunction and stop spinning. 

How to Fix

To fix a broken rotor, you have to remove the top panel of the washing machine. Here are step by step instructions to guide you through the process. 

Or check out this video that will demonstrate the process.

Stator Assembly

The stator is the second part; your motor needs to create the electromagnetic field with the rotor to make the basket move. 

This part contains windings that often wear down and break over time. When this piece breaks, the washing machine will not spin. 

How to Fix

To examine and replace the stator assembly, you will need to disassemble your washing machine to gain access to the assembly, located on the bottom of the machine. Check out this video. 

Door Lock

The door lock, or interlock, is a device that some washing machines have that locks the door while the machine is in operation. When the lid is open, the switch tells the control board to stop the spin cycle.

A faulty door lock can cause the machine to skip the spin cycle because it assumes the door is not secure. In newer devices, there may be a fault code displayed.

How to Fix

To examine the door lock, your machine needs to be unplugged. You can start by wiping the area around the lock to remove any debris that may be preventing a connection.

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If this doesn’t work, you can remove the lock to check for damage. You can check the connection using a multimeter tool

Amana Washer Keeps Spinning

Amana Washer Keeps Spinning

When a washing machine continues to spin at the end of a rinse cycle without moving into the next process, the most likely culprit is a damaged timer.

When the timer inside the control panel goes faulty, you may have a retaining pin that has broken, which keeps the machine in the same spin cycle. Another cause could be a loose wire in the knob.

The final possible solution could be a damaged clutch or basket drive-brake. To determine if it’s the basket drive and clutch, open the lid. If the motor stops but the basket keeps spinning, it is most likely the clutch or brake. 

How to Fix

To fix a broken drive and clutch, you must remove the transmission from the washing machine. Many people find it easier to hire a professional rather than attempt to repair it yourself.

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Final Thoughts

If your Amana washer drains but doesn’t spin or stops spinning completely, there are some common parts to check for damage. Always be sure the water is unhooked, and the machine is unplugged before you attempt any repairs.

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