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Samsung Dryer Won’t Stop/Turn Off

Samsung Dryer Won't Stop Turn Off

Samsung is a reliable, common brand for many household appliances. Of course, when dealing with any sort of appliance, it is not unlikely that you might have to troubleshoot a problem at some point. In the case of Samsung dryers, there have been reports that sometimes the dryers won’t turn off after a cycle has finished and power has turned off to the dryer. 

A Samsung Dryer that won’t turn off can be fixed easily and quickly by accessing and unplugging all circuit board components. After all components are unplugged, are observed without corrosion, and then plugged back in, your Samsung dryer should function normally.

Read this article for a more detailed explanation of how to troubleshoot your Samsung dryer that won’t stop running. We will discuss what might be causing your dryer to malfunction and how to fix it on your own. You can also learn a few other tricks that could potentially fix your dryer. It is normally an easy DIY option, so be sure to read along and try these methods before calling for a repairman.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Stop Spinning: Causes / How to Fix

Samsung Dryer Won’t Stop Spinning: Causes / How to Fix

Before troubleshooting your Samsung dryer that won’t stop tumbling, it’s important to try to determine the cause. Normally, this sort of malfunction is caused simply by a trip in one of the components on the circuit board and can be easily fixed by resetting the board.

First, do not be alarmed if your Samsung dryer is not turning off. You do not need to be worried that this is any sort of hazardous electrical issue with your machine. Also, normally when dryers malfunction in this way, they continue tumbling but do not produce heat. This problem is more of an annoyance than anything, but do not worry that this would cause any sort of more serious or dangerous issue.

To access and reset the circuit board on your dryer, you will need to closely follow these steps. Before getting started, you are going to need either a power drill or a Phillips screwdriver.

Disconnect Dryer From Electricity

The first important step of this troubleshoot is to unplug your dryer from the power source for your safety. You will also be working on the back of the dryer, so pull your dryer out a couple of feet from the wall for easy access.

Unscrew Dryer Control Panel

Next, you will locate two screws on the back of the dryer connecting the control panel on top of your appliance. Using your drill or screwdriver, remove the screws and set aside. After removing the screws, the control panel will fold forward, detaching from the top of your dryer. There are small tabs linking the control panel to the base of the dryer you will need to maneuver a bit. Doing this will give you access to the covered circuit board you will be working on.

Remove Circuit Board Cover

The circuit board cover will be located normally on the left side of the dryer after removing your control panel. It will appear as a roughly 8″ square box. This cover will have two tabs at the bottom that can be easily pulled to release the box to expose the PCB or printed circuit board. 

Unplug All Cords

Next, you will disconnect all of the components on the PCB. There will be roughly half a dozen colored cables plugged into the board. In no particular order these should all be disconnected. There will also be a cord outside of the PCB, connecting it to the control panel. Disconnect that cord as well. These cords will have a tab that will need to be pressed in to release the cord. Pulling the cords without doing so will cause damage. 

Inspect Cords for Damage

After all of the cords are disconnected, inspect them for damage, especially if your laundry area is humid. If there is any corrosion, there is a good chance of causing your dryer not to turn off properly, and you may need to replace the PCB and cables. However, if your cords appear in good condition, plugging them back in will likely fix your problem.

Plug Cords Back In

As long as the cords are not damaged, now you will reconnect all cords. Again, this can be done in any order. Be sure all cords secure back into their corresponding circuit. The cords and circuits will be color coordinated so you can ensure they are reconnected to the right place.

Reassemble PCB Cover and Dryer Control Panel

With all cords back in their places, you will first reattach the cover of the PCB. Then, reattach the control panel back to the dryer, first inserting the tabs to the machine and then securing it with the screws Finally, reconnect your dryer to its power source.

After following all of these steps and restarting your dryer, it should start and stop appropriately. Test run your dryer a few times, ensuring it stops running after opening the door and after shutting down its power. If the dryer continues to run when it shouldn’t, keep reading because there are a few more things you can try. 

Other Troubleshooting Tips

Before trying to reset the whole circuit board to your dryer, you may find success by doing a simple reset by unplugging your dryer from its power source for 10-15 seconds and then plugging it back in. 

Also, it is always important to do regular maintenance and cleaning of your dryer. You can do so by always emptying the lint filter, vacuuming out your dryer, cleaning and upgrading your vent hose as needed, and cleaning the exterior dryer and exhaust vents. Also, always be sure you’re doing appropriately sized loads and not overloading your appliance. Doing this sort of regular maintenance and care will hopefully prevent future issues with your dryer.

Need Repairman?

If you do these resets and your dryer still will not stop running when power is turned off, it is likely time to call for help. First, I would recommend calling Samsung customer service. Normally there will be a customer service contact number on the back of your appliance. They may be able to provide you with a few extra tips free of charge. If Samsung cannot help solve the problem, there is a good chance your PCB will need to be replaced.

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Call any local appliance or hardware store after calling Samsung to see if they can send a repair person to help you. 

And finally, although this is a fairly easy troubleshoot to do on your own at home, it is fair if you do not feel confident manipulating the circuit board of your dryer. Local appliance stores always have technicians available to assist when your appliances malfunction. If you question your ability to follow the above steps, I’d recommend hiring a repair person. This can help prevent any future damage or malfunctions.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn Off Completely: Causes / How to Fix

Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn Off Completely: Causes / How to Fix


If your dryer won’t turn off when the drying cycle is complete, this could be a malfunction with the dryer’s door switch or the timer. You will be able to determine if this is the cause of the malfunction if you reset the circuit board and your problem is not solved. That normally means a part needs to be replaced. 

How to Fix

Replacing the timer or door switch on your dryer is a somewhat easy task but how exactly to do it will vary depending on the model of your dryer. These parts are easy to find at a local hardware store. It is likely that if you go to your local hardware store with your model number, they will be able to find the right part for you.

To remove the old and install the new parts, it will be important that you carefully follow the manual that comes with the specific parts you purchased.

Need Repairman?

Because these parts can vary, it could be helpful to call a repairman for this troubleshoot. The repairman will be able to best determine which part is faulty. Also, they will better know the specifics of the removal and installation of the varying parts.

Final Thoughts

If your Samsung dryer doesn’t turn off, don’t panic. Even for beginners, this is a pretty easy problem to troubleshoot. By doing a reset by accessing and unplugging all of the components on the circuit board, your dryer should be back up running properly. If it is a problem with one of the parts of the machine, it may be helpful to call for help. 

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