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Amana Washer Won’t/Skips/Stuck on Rinse Cycle

Amana Washer Won’t/Skips/Stuck on Rinse Cycle

Amana washers are known for excellent quality for a low price point. Still, if your washer is malfunctioning between cycle switches, you may end up spending more money fixing the problem than you save buying your Amana. So what do you do when such problems occur?

Amana washers won’t rinse when they’re overfilled. To make sure your washer doesn’t overfill, make sure you load fewer clothes, shut the door properly, and keep the drainage unclogged. The washer’s timer can malfunction and have the opposite effect: your washer will stay stuck on rinse.

In this article, you will learn more about troubleshooting your Amana washer, including:

  • What to do when your Amana Washer doesn’t rinse
  • How to fix an Amana washer when it skips the rinse cycle
  • The best solution for an Amana Washer stuck on rinse

So read on and make sure to bookmark this article for further reference.

Amana Washer Won’t Rinse

Amana Washer Won't Rinse

Rinse mode is meant to help you clean your laundry relatively quickly with cold water and ideally no detergent. This is often followed by spinning, which removes moisture from clothes. It sounds efficient and convenient, but your washer can refuse to execute this setting. Here’s why that happens.

An Amana washer that’s not rinsing could be due to a clogged drain pump or hose. Over time, small items like coins or lint can obstruct the flow of water, preventing the machine from draining and rinsing. To fix this, access the drain pump and hose, check for obstructions, and carefully remove any blockages to restore function.

Below are some additional troubleshooting steps you can look into.

You Used a Dense Detergent

If this issue occurred only upon using a new variety of detergent, chances are you’ve interfered with the normal drainage of water (which is at a high rate in Amana machines’ rinse mode). This can keep your washer from going into rinse mode to keep the device from further clogging.

To fix this, fill up the machine with warm water and use self-cleaning settings in most Amana washers to clear out any detergent. You must do this in the absence of any laundry and use little to no detergent when using rise mode for medium to large-sized loads.

The Drainage Isn’t Working

Most rinse-refusal occurs from an overfilled washer. The most likely cause is that your drain filter has too much residue keeping water from moving out at the right rate or a pipe is bent, leading to the same result.

Fixing drainage issues on your washer can be as simple as straightening the bent pipe or cleaning the residue off of the clogged drainage filter. But in rare instances, you might need to replace the entire filter. While this is relatively costly, it is still a cheaper solution than buying a new washer.

Slow Water Supply

Let’s go over the Amana rinse mode of operation: water comes in at high speed and is drained at a high rate to expose the load to water before making it spin-ready quickly. While a lack of drainage can submerge the load defeating the purpose of rinse, which makes the smart washer refuse to rinse, the same refusal can happen if the inflow of water isn’t at a high enough rate (since it is crucial to have a high influx for proper rinsing).

Make sure your inlet has the right water pressure. If the issue is outside of the washer and has to do with your water supply, investing in a water pressure stabilizer like Renator M11-0660R can be the solution. On the other hand, if the problem is with inlet pipes (a bend or clogging), you may need to straighten or replace the pipes respectively.

Amana Washer Skips the Rinse Cycle

Amana Washer Skips the Rinse Cycle

While drainage problems can keep the washer from rinsing, a peculiar problem occurs where the washer can execute a complete wash cycle but skips rinsing. Since you can drain the water by opting for drainage, it’s clear that the issue isn’t because of clogging.

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Your washer skips the rinse cycle because of a faulty timer. If you notice the load sitting idly in a pool of water while the timer keeps ticking, you can rest assured that the problem is in the timer. But if the timer works perfectly in other settings yet the machine keeps skipping rinse, the issue can be in the control board as a whole.

How to Fix

Ideally, you should start by replacing the timer when your washer skips rinsing. That’s because replacing the times will cost less than getting a new control board. However, if the timer works perfectly yet the washer refuses to rinse, you have no choice but to get the control board repaired.

Amana Washer Stuck on the Rinse Cycle

Amana Washer Stuck on the Rinse Cycle

There are instances where your washer might get stuck on the rinse cycle and not advance. While drainage issues can be one of the few reasons why this happens, there is a more extensive list of causes to consider. That said, you shouldn’t worry about replacing the washer as the issue is most likely with its smaller components.


If the water inlet on your washer isn’t connected appropriately, your washer will get stuck on the rinse cycle. In fact, pretty much any issue with fast inflow and outflow of water will keep your washer from rinsing. The problems with water flow can occur from one of the following:

  • The drainage pump is malfunctioning.
  • The drainage filter needs replacement.
  • There is a hole in the water inlet.
  • There is a bend in the water inlet pipe.
  • There is a bend in the drainage pipe.
  • The water source does not clog.
  • The machine’s timer needs replacement.

How to Fix

The list of solutions to this problem is as extensive as the possible causes. Start with the lowest-effort and minor cost fixes and proceed to higher ones so that you don’t spend more than is necessary to fix the issue. Here is how you can make sure drainage and inflow issues aren’t keeping your washer from advancing past the spin cycle.

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  • Reduce the laundry load. Even when your washer’s drainage has significant residue, the smaller load allows it enough room to breathe. Try this solution and see whether the washer gets stuck on rinse.
  • Check and regulate water pressure. Remove the inlet pipe and see the water flow rate at the source. If the water comes in at barely a drip, you need a water pressure regulator to fix the problem.
  • Make sure there are no bends. Check both inlet and outlet and see whether there’s a bend slowing down the water flow. If there is any, fix it by hand and restart the machine.
  • Replace the timer. This isn’t the most popular solution, but if the issue is with your washer’s timer, you must replace it to get the rinse function working.
  • Replace the control board. This solution is the most expensive and must be adopted as the last resort. But if the problem isn’t with inflow and outflow of water and reducing the laundry load doesn’t affect the issue at all, the problem is likely in the control board. Replacing the board shall then do the trick.

How to Keep Amana Washer From Malfunctioning

How to Keep Amana Washer From Malfunctioning

Let’s suppose you’ve fixed your current problem. How can you make sure it doesn’t happen again? To avoid clogging your machine, make sure to use only as much detergent as is required. Furthermore, use self-cleaning settings on your washer and run it with only hot water and no laundry every once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Amana washers are cost-effective, but a wrong decision regarding repairs can cost you a lot of money. Whether your washer won’t rise, is stuck on the rise, or keeps skipping it, the problem is likely with water accumulation and flow. Here’s a recap of how to fix it:

  • Make sure the water drainage is working.
  • Check if the inflow is slow. It must be fast enough to rinse.
  • See whether the issue is with the timer.
  • Replace the malfunctioning part and restart the washer.

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