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Can/Should You Put Peel And Stick Tile Over Laminate Flooring

If you have laminate flooring in your home, you might consider making a change. Is peel and stick tile a good idea?

Using peel and stick tile over laminate flooring is an inexpensive and easy way to make a big difference in the look of your home. Peel and stick tiles are available at most locations and they are one of the simplest types of floor to put down.

Peel and stick tile floor installation

Although there are many reasons why would you want to put peel and stick tile over your laminate floor, it isn’t always the best choice. One thing to consider is the durability of the floor.

Peel and stick tile has been known to last for many years. Some of the higher-quality options can also be quite beautiful.

If you don’t prepare the laminate properly and install the floor carefully, however, it can begin to look bad soon after it is down.

Can You Put Peel And Stick Floor Over Laminate Floor

Handyman kneeling on floor

Not only is it possible to install the peel and stick floor over laminate, but it is also an option that many homeowners should consider. It is budget-friendly and with a little patience, everyone in the family can chip in and help.

That being said, you need to consider both the good and the bad when it comes to installing peel and stick tile. It is cheaper than ceramic tile, hardwood floor, and even new laminate. That low cost does come with a price.

Unless you prepare the floor properly, the job is not likely to last very long. In addition, any small mistakes in the floor during the installation process will compound as you continue to put the floor down.

So, while it certainly is possible to put peel and stick tile over laminate, some careful consideration is in order before putting the tile down. We will examine this next.

Should You Put Peel And Stick Floor Over Laminate Floor

Woman confused which tools to use

The question as to whether you should put down peel and stick tile over laminate is easy to answer. It is an entirely different question, however, when you are considering whether you should do it.

Peel and stick tile over an old laminate floor is a fast and easy way to upgrade the room. It can be done in a day and if it is put down properly, it will last for many years to come. It is important to understand the entire process before starting so the project goes smoothly.

Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of putting down peel and stick tile.


Affordable – When it comes to flooring prices, you are going to have a hard time finding one that is cheaper than peel and stick. The only thing that may be less expensive is painting the laminate.

Easy Prep – Although there is some preparation needed for putting down peel and stick tile over laminate, it is typically easy to do. Often, the prep is just a matter of cleaning things up properly in advance.

Easy Install – When it comes to easy floor installations, peel and stick tile is in a class of its own. There are some laminates that offer a tongue-in-groove installation but they come with their own issues.

Durability – Don’t let the low price fool you. A peel and stick tile floor that is installed properly can be both beautiful and durable.

Beauty – You really can’t overlook the beauty of a quality peel and stick tile floor. Many people consider them to be of poor quality because of the low price but the fact is, when installed properly, a peel and stick floor is beautiful.

Options – You may be limited in options with many types of floors but that is not the case with peel and stick. You will have so many choices in patterns and colors that it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision.


Curb Appeal – Although a peel and stick tile floor is beautiful, it is not going to add much in the way of curb appeal if you are trying to sell your home. It is more of a quick fix in that way to cover over some old floors that would reduce the value of the home.

Lifespan – Some flooring will last for decades or perhaps even for a lifetime. You are not likely to get more than a few years or perhaps a decade out of a peel and stick tile floor, especially in a high-traffic area.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when installing a peel and stick tile floor. With a little thought and knowing your particular circumstances, you can make the right decision for yourself.

How To Put Peel And Stick Floor Over Laminate Floor

Hand peeling backing of tile

One of the main reasons why people choose peel and stick tile for over laminate is because it is easy to install. Even though that is true, there are reasons to know the process ahead of time.

The most important part of putting down a peel and stick tile floor over laminate is the preparation of the existing floor. When you clean things properly and lay out the room, it will make for a beautiful finished job.

Here are the steps for putting down a peel and stick tile floor. Don’t simply jump into the middle of the project. Know what to do in advance.

  1. Prepare the floor – This is really one step that can’t be underestimated. If you don’t prepare the floor, any problems are going to show up in the tile in some way or another.
  2. Sweep – Sweep the floor carefully, being sure to get all of the dust and dirt from the surface. It is also a good idea to vacuum the floor. If any dirt is on the floor, it will keep the tiles from sticking and could result in damaged tiles.
  3. Wash – Carefully wash the floor to remove any additional dirt that may be on the surface. It is also a good idea to scrub the tile to remove any dirt and grime that may have built up on the laminate.
  4. Measure – Some people will try to install the peel and stick tile from one side of the room and work their way to the other side. This will likely cause problems because most rooms are not square.
  5. It is a better idea to measure the wall, split the difference and mark the center of the room. Strike a line using a chalk line. Do the same with the other wall.
  6. Now that you have the center of the room established, measure half of the tile off of each line and strike a new line.
  7. Begin laying the tile on the floor, using the lines as a guide. Lay the tile in each quadrant separately.
  8. Peel and Stick – Peel each tile, one at a time, and put it in place. Press down on the tile to firmly fix it in place
  9. Cut the Tile – When you reach the edge of the room, cut the tile using sheers or scoring it with a blade. Be careful you don’t cut yourself in the process.

One of the nice parts about installing a peel and stick tile floor is the fact that there isn’t much that needs to be done when you are finished. You don’t have to wait for anything to dry and you can begin walking on it right away.

Although the floor is ready for use right away, you should still be careful about dragging any heavy furniture across the floor. If you catch the edge of a tile with furniture, you can tear or crack it.

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Tools Needed

Handyman tool belt

There are very few tools needed for laying peel and stick tile over laminate. Make sure you have them on hand in advance so the job goes smoothly.

Here are some of the tools you may need.

  • Broom/Dustpan
  • Towels – These may be needed during the preparation process.
  • Chalk Line – You will need a chalk line for striking the center of the room
  • Painter’s Tape – This won’t be needed for every job but can help you keep things on track on smaller jobs.
  • Knife/Shears – This is for cutting the tiles when you get to the edge of the room
  • Weight – Pressing down on the floor will typically be enough but sometimes extra weight will help.

Any Special Prep Needed

Tile floor

There isn’t much needed to prepare a floor for peel and stick tile. Taking the time to do any limited preparation will be a big help when it comes to laying the tile.

One of the most important things to do when preparing to lay peel and stick tile over laminate is cleaning the laminate floor. If you don’t clean the subfloor, you will run into problems.

Cleaning involves more than simply dusting the floor with a push broom. You can also clean it with a vinegar solution to remove any grime or oil that would keep the tiles from sticking.

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Installing peel and stick tile over a laminate floor is a quick and easy way to change the look of a room. Prepare the laminate floor by sweeping and washing it and then measure the center of the room. Lay the tiles in quadrants, putting some pressure on them to fix them in place.

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