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Can/Should You Paint Over Laminate Flooring

Many people consider laminate flooring to be beautiful but there are times when you may be looking for a change. Many families have considered painting over laminate flooring but, is it a good idea?

It is certainly possible to paint over laminate flooring and, for the most part, it is also a good idea. As long as you prepare the floor properly and ensure that it is free of defects, you can expect the paint to last for many years and add beauty to the home.

Painting the floor over the vinyl

Even though it’s possible to paint over laminate flooring, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right choice for every homeowner. In fact, there are many things to consider before you begin putting the paint down.

Perhaps the most difficult part about painting over a laminate floor is the fact that you are in for a very difficult and long project. Many people consider it to be an easy fix but once they get started, they realize that they are in for a multi-day job.

Can You Paint Over Laminate Floor

Painting the floor over the vinyl

There are numerous things that must be considered before you put down paint over a laminate floor. Perhaps the most important thing to consider, however, is the condition of the floor underneath.

Laminate tends to be a very durable floor but over the years, it can also end up with a lot of damage. Any type of damage will show up through the paint without any problem at all. That is why preparation is the key to a successful job.

Perhaps the most important part of the preparation process, however, is getting the floor clean. We may clean our laminate floor on a regular basis but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting it to the point where it is ready for paint.

There may also be a layer on top of the laminate floor that makes it beautiful. That layer, however, is going to be problematic when it comes to putting paint down on the floor.

Sometimes we need to sand the floor in order to get the paint to adhere properly. Without that part of the process, we are going to be in for a world of problems and more than likely, the paint is not going to last very long.

The good news is, painting over a laminate floor is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of the floor itself. If you do it properly, you can typically get a room done for under $100 and it could last for many years!

Should You Paint Over Laminate Floor

Man painting the floor with white

Up until this point, we have been discussing whether it was possible to paint over a laminate floor. The question at this point is, should you do it?

Painting over a laminate floor is a great way to add beauty and durability to the home. It is something that many families have done with success and it can last for many years. As long as you are not planning on going back to the original look of the laminate floor any longer, painting is a quick and easy way to change the look of the floor itself.

Of course, there is always going to be some type of personal decision involved in this type of home remodeling. It’s not a simple matter of putting paint down and if you don’t like it, changing it.

In fact, there is a lot of work that is involved in painting a laminate floor. Even if there isn’t work involved, there is a lot of time involved because you have to wait for each coat of paint (and primer) to dry thoroughly.

Since we tend to walk on our floors regularly, you will find that part of the home is off-limits while it is being done. You will have to work around it in some way or another, and that can be difficult if it is a high-traffic area of the home.

Most people tend to put paint over a laminate floor because it is an inexpensive upgrade option. If you aren’t necessarily doing it because of budget, you might also want to consider some other type of option, such as tile or perhaps another laminate floor.

In the end, it really is a personal decision as to whether you are going to paint over laminate or do something else. It is one that deserves consideration, however, because once the paint is down, it’s a permanent process.

How To Paint Over Laminate Floor

Woman painting the floor

Painting over a laminate floor does not have to be difficult. It is important, however, to follow the process properly.

Do not neglect to prepare the laminate floor before you begin painting it. If you skip this part of the process, the paint is not going to last very long and may even begin peeling within a matter of days or weeks. With the proper preparation, the paint will last on a laminate floor for many years.

Painting a floor is a multi-step process. Whether it is laminate, linoleum, or vinyl, it is important to understand the process and take every step along the way.

Here are the steps that need to be taken if you are painting over laminate:

1. Make your decisions – This is something that really can’t be understated. If you don’t make all of your decisions, including the color and pattern before you begin, you are likely to extend the job a considerable amount of time.

2. Prepare the Floor – This is more than a matter of sweeping the floor, you need to prepare it properly. In fact, there are more steps to the preparation process than there are to the painting process!

The first part of preparing the floor is to clean it. You should sweep up any loose debris and dust or dirt, afterward, you need to wash it thoroughly. In many cases, the laminate may have some grease or grime that has built up over the years. This needs to be removed because it will stop the paint from sticking.

After you have thoroughly cleaned the floor, you need to sand it. The layer on the top of the laminate floor that adds to its beauty is also something that keeps it from adhering to paint. You can sand the floor down using a belt sander or rent an industrial scrubber and get a sanding pad.

If there are any cracks or gaps in the laminate floor, these need to be filled. That is especially true if you are painting over a thin laminate floor that may have many gaps. They will show up through the paint so if that is a problem, you can use some caulking to fill them in.

You can also fill in small tears or other issues with caulking or some type of filler that will last for years. Make sure that you get it smooth before you begin priming.

3. Prime the Floor – You can use Kilz or some other type of primer to prepare the floor even further for paint. If you don’t prime the floor, the paint is not going to stick. In addition, it will take extra coats before the floor is fully covered.

4. Paint the Floor – Although you can use any type of paint over laminate flooring, it is important to use something that is going to be both durable and beautiful. Rather than using wall paint, which will likely scratch and damage easily, you can use porch paint or driveway paint.

Both porch and driveway paint are high-quality paints that provide the color you need. They are also durable, but you will likely have to put some type of sealer over the paint in order to lock it in. Make sure you choose a low VOC sealer to keep fumes to a minimum.

Tools Needed

Tools to point for the floor

Make sure you gather all the tools you need before you begin the painting process. Having the tools on hand will make it convenient for you to get started and to move through every step.

Here are some of the tools you will want to have on hand:

Primer – You can use Kilz or another high-quality primer. Choose low VOC to keep fumes to a minimum.

Paint – Either driveway or porch paint will be suitable for this job. You also need a low VOC sealer on top of the paint.

Painters Tape – This is important to keep the paint from getting on the baseboards. You also need painter’s tape if you are going to paint any type of pattern.

Paintbrushes and Rollers – Don’t buy the cheapest brush and roller. Higher-quality brushes and rollers will make for a much nicer job.

Caulk – This can be used to fix any tiny holes or rips as well as to fill in some of the smaller caps that would show up through the paint.

Rags – Don’t forget to have plenty of rags on hand so that you can wipe up any drips that may occur.

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Sandpaper – Sanding the laminate floor is important before you put down primer, otherwise it will not adhere properly.

Any Special Prep Needed

Tools use for the floor

As with any job, the key to success is preparation. Here are some special things to keep in mind when painting over laminate.

Cleaning the floor properly is the most important step for painting over laminate. You need to do more than sweep, you have to clean up any dirt or grime that has built up over the years. You will also need to scuff the surface with sandpaper so the primer adheres properly.

You really can’t underestimate the need to prepare for this job. If you skip any part of the preparation process, the paint is likely to only last for a matter of weeks or months.

For the most part, expect to spend a lot more time prepping the project than doing the actual painting. It may seem like you are spending too much time doing so, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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You can paint over a laminate floor without any problem if you prepare the floor properly. Many homeowners have been living on a painted laminate floor for many years and the paint will continue to last for years longer.

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