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Can You Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors? (How To)

It doesn’t matter if you are installing new cabinets or moving into a home where cabinets are already up, there is a problem you’re likely to experience. It’s a gap that occurs between cabinet doors. Is there a way to fix it?

The gap between cabinet doors is not all that uncommon and in some cases, it’s not undesirable. If the gap gets too large and you want to tighten things up, you can use the adjustment screws on the hinges to move the doors left and right, in and out, and up and down.

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Most hinges have this option, and it isn’t all that difficult to begin adjusting the doors. What is difficult, however, is to keep everything in line so that when you are making the adjustments you don’t overdo it.

When you get the doors too close to each other and completely remove the gap, you can cause more problems than when there is a gap. The doors can actually rub against each other or perhaps may bump when they are closing, not allowing one or the other to close.

Of course, this is an issue that is relatively easy to correct as well but in the meantime, you may be causing damage to the finish of the cabinet that is not so easy to repair. Make sure that you make the adjustments necessary and only those that are necessary.

Can You Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors? (How To)

One question that is not often asked is if there should be a gap between cabinet doors. The reason why most people expect that they should be tight is that they expect everything to line up perfectly.

In reality, there is a gap that should be between the two doors as far as them moving left and right. This gap should be small, but it should also be uniform.

For the most part, you wouldn’t worry about a gap of 1/8 inch between the pairs of doors that are covering a single opening. As long as the gap is uniform from the top to the bottom, it can even look good when the doors are closed.

Then again, if the gap goes askew or if it gets too wide, you can see inside of the cabinets and it becomes an eyesore. You can correct this issue by adjusting the screws on the hinges or even by adding washers to the hinges in some cases.

The biggest problem is that most people tend to allow the gap to occur between the cabinet doors until it is too large. At that point, it becomes an eyesore and there can even be other problems that are associated with it as well.

As always you pay attention to the gap and don’t allow it to get too large or uneven. When the gap is managed, it can be a usable and workable part of the kitchen cabinets themselves.

Why You Should Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors

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Adjusting the cabinet doors to get rid of the gap is not all that difficult. This leads many people to ask, however, why should the gap be fixed in the first place?

There are actually quite a few different reasons why a gap should be fixed but it depends upon the cabinets and the person that is looking at them. Here are some possible issues to consider:

Doors Bumping: If the gap between the cabinet doors is not properly situated, you may have the doors bumping into each other or scraping as you are opening and closing them.

This can cause a real problem because the doors can actually be damaged and if the finish gets damaged, it is not an easy thing to fix. In addition, it doesn’t sound right when you are closing or opening the doors and it can be nerve-racking.

Aesthetics: Obviously, we want our kitchen to look as good as it possibly can so if there is an uneven or large gap in the cabinet doors, it is something that should be fixed. It can be a real eyesore, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore for long.

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What Is Causing The Gap Between Cabinet Doors?

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When you understand what may cause the gap between cabinet doors, it could be possible to correct the problem and perhaps even avoid having it happen in the first place.

One of the reasons why a gap may appear in the cabinet doors is because the hinges are wearing. As you open and close the doors and as downward pressure is put on the hinges, they can shift and adjust over time.

This isn’t typically something that happens overnight but rather, it is something that happens over time and may not even be noticed at first. Be aware that it can happen, however, so you can correct the problem before it gets too bad.

Another reason why there may be a gap in the cabinet doors is that the doors themselves are swelling and are shrinking. This can also be a problem, especially in older homes where humidity is an issue.

Most modern cabinets are not going to experience this problem to the extent that a gap is going to form. On the other hand, older cabinets may experience this problem over time.

How To Prevent Gaps From Forming Between Cabinet Doors

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Rather than allowing the gap to occur between cabinet doors, you may be able to do some things that will prevent it from happening in the first place. These are not things that are commonly thought of by most homeowners, but they can make a difference.

Adjust Regularly: If you have something that you do every six months or once every year, such as changing the batteries in the smoke detector, it’s also a good idea to adjust the hinges at that point.

The hinges are not going to see any major differences but if you make small adjustments and fix the gap so that it is uniform between the doors, you won’t have an issue occur where it gets unsightly or could damage the doors.

Tight Screws: If the cabinet doors experience a gap because the screws are not tight, this is also something that can be corrected in advance. When you are adjusting the hinges on a scheduled basis, make sure that you check the screws to ensure that they aren’t loosening.

A little adjustment can go a long way in helping your cabinets to look their best.

3 Ideas To Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors

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1. How To Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors (Adjustment Screws)

The most obvious way to fix the gap between cabinet doors is to use the screws that were intended for that purpose.

Use the mounting screws and adjust them accordingly to keep the gap uniform and to ensure that it is not getting too large or too small. These doors typically adjust with a Phillips screwdriver and you can make a quick difference with just a turn or two in one of those adjustment screws.

When you install the cabinets, the screws are going to be used to get rid of any gaps and to keep the small gap uniform so the doors don’t rub. You can continue to use them over time to make any adjustments necessary if the gap should appear.

2. How To Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors (Gap Filler)

Another option that you may want to consider is to hide the gap if you aren’t able to adjust things appropriately. How is this done?

You can use something known as a gap filler for your kitchen cabinets and it will effectively get rid of the gap by hiding it. It doesn’t actually remove the gap or change the positioning of the doors but it can work to ensure that you are not seeing into the cabinets and that everything looks as good as possible.

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These types of gap fillers are sometimes used when two cabinet doors close and one of them closes before the other. The gap filler is put in place to hold the second door and to keep it from going in too far so that the cabinets line up properly.

At the same time, however, gap fillers can be used on any cupboard when the gap is getting too large. It takes a little bit of time to make the adjustments necessary on the gap filler but once it is in place, you will find that your kitchen cabinets look nice.

3. How To Fix The Gap Between Cabinet Doors (Mounting Screws)

Finally, consider the mounting screws and what can be done if you keep them tight.

The mounting screws on your kitchen cabinet doors are going to loosen over time due to the downward pressure being put on them, especially when the door is open. By adjusting the mounting screws and tightening them regularly, you can adjust the gap and keep it from occurring.

The mounting screws offer two possibilities; adjusting the gap that has already occurred and keeping the gap from occurring in the first place. Don’t overlook this possibility of keeping your kitchen cabinets looking their best.

It is possible to fix the gap between cabinet doors by using the adjustment screws on the hinges. Various adjustments can be made to move the doors up and down, left and right, and even in and out. It can close a gap and keep it uniform from the top to the bottom.

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