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Can You Put Linoleum On Stairs? (How To)

Linoleum is a versatile and attractive alternative stair covering that is quick to install and relatively cheap to install.

Linoleum flooring is frequently used as a covering for both the stairs and floors. Linoleum is a fantastic material for staircases since it is simple to maintain and non-slip, thus preventing accidents. It is a cost-effective choice with a simple installation procedure.

Brown wooden linoleum stairs

Due to its almost maintenance-free properties, linoleum flooring is a preferred option in many homes and businesses. Most linoleum only requires a little sweeping or mopping once or twice a week to maintain its pristine appearance.

With safety being of prime importance, linoleum is a preferred choice as it is non-slip as well as safer to fall on as it is softer than virtually all other flooring options except for wool carpeting.

Should You Put Linoleum On Stairs?

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With the many different flooring options available, linoleum has several features that make it suitable for use on stairs. However, before making a final decision, be sure to consider the potential pitfalls of installing this earth-friendly alternative.

Installing linoleum on stairs is a good idea as it is easy to install, very comfortable to walk on as well as extremely durable. It is also easy to clean and very low maintenance. But, linoleum does discolor more easily than some other flooring options due to its natural fiber content.

If your stairs are not smooth, the linoleum will have a hard time sticking to the surface. Any surface imperfections will eventually show through to the surface as it compresses over time. It is best to ensure that the stairs are completely smooth by filling any holes or ridges and sanding them to a smooth finish.

Linoleum is not that easy to repair. While you can cut out a worn or damaged section, the repair will stand out. It is usually better to replace the whole piece, otherwise the joins will eventually allow water to enter the fibers, causing the material to rot and stain.

The glue that is used to adhere the linoleum to the floor is usually quite tough to remove. Cleaning the subfloor can take a considerable amount of time if you are trying to repair a section of the stairway.

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What Tools Do You Need To Put Linoleum On Stairs?

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One of the best aspects of using linoleum is its ease of use. It can be cut with a sharp knife and the tools required are quite minimal.

You’ll need a very sharp knife, a putty knife, a scraper, and a screwdriver. It is useful to have a metal straight-edge or ruler as well as a laser-level and some tape. A caulking gun is advisable for applying latex sealant and the use of an applicator will make the result look more professional.

It is easy to cut linoleum with a sharp knife. Using a straight edge or ruler to act as a guide, you can make very accurate cuts. A tape measure is useful to help measure and calculate the exact amount of linoleum you’ll need to complete the job.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Linoleum On Stairs?

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Installing linoleum is usually quick and easy if you have a smooth surface on which to glue it.

However, the surface preparation may take some time if it is very rough. It will require that you fill in any imperfections and sand down any lumps and bumps so that it doesn’t negatively affect the final result.

To install linoleum on stairs, allow for a very small gap between the wall and the linoleum so that it can expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change. Remove any trim as well as any previous coverings on the stairs. Ensure the surface is smooth before gluing the linoleum down.

Remove any nails or previous coverings so that the surface can be inspected for holes or bumps. Fill the holes and sand down any ridges or bumps. Once the surface is smooth and clean, it’s time to glue your linoleum in place.

If the subfloor is too damaged to use as is, you can install a plywood underlay first so that the linoleum has a perfectly smooth and level surface to adhere to.

How To Install Linoleum On Stairs

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Linoleum is very forgiving and can be easily cut to the required size.

However, you should make sure that the material is cut a little over-size so that you can trim it to the exact size and shape once it is in place.

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To install linoleum on stairs, use a template to cut the linoleum to the exact size needed for each tread. Allow some space around the edges and trim it once it is in place. Use good quality glue to attach the linoleum, making sure that the surface is smooth and clean before fitting.

As your stairs are not all of a uniform size, you can use butcher’s paper to make a template of each stair or tread and then trace the shape onto the linoleum. Cut it out using a sharp knife and test-fit it to see that it is a snug fit. Trim off any edges that are in the way before applying glue.

If your linoleum comes with backing paper and a pre-glued surface, peel the backing paper off the linoleum and carefully place the linoleum in place before pressing it down.

If you are using glue, make sure that you leave a little gap around the edges to allow the linoleum to expand a little as the glue penetrates the fibers. Once the linoleum has settled, you can apply glue to the trimmed edges.

Using a heavy roller, press all the air bubbles from the center out to the sides, making sure that the entire surface is in contact with the linoleum. Any glue that squeezes out can be removed with a rag and solvent or left to dry and trimmed with a sharp knife.

If you wish, you can finish the installation by applying a linoleum sealant. This gives the stairs a slightly glossy surface that is easier to keep clean.

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