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Can You Install Deck Tile Over Concrete? (How To)

Deck tiles make a beautiful addition to many outdoor areas. They can even be used indoors, but can you install them over concrete?

You can install deck tile directly over an existing concrete pad. The durable tiles will snap into place and float on top of the concrete, making it an excellent way to dress up an area without having to do a lot of work in advance.

Wooden deck tile outside the house

Although the amount of preparation for installing deck tile over concrete is minimal, you will find that there are some things that have to be done. We will discuss those in this article.

Can You Install Deck Tile Over Concrete? (How To)

We should also discuss the need for safety when installing deck tile. Although you will not be working with concrete dust, as the tile snaps together, you do need to be cautious about the tools you are using.

Always make sure that you wear safety glasses when doing any DIY project and use all-purpose gloves and kneepads when working on the floor.

Ensure that all guards are in place for any saws or power tools you are using and never put your finger somewhere that you can’t see them. Taking a few precautions when doing this or any DIY job will help you to do so successfully and safely.

Should You Install Deck Tile Over Concrete?

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Since deck tile is often considered when a concrete subfloor is in place, it is often a no-brainer to put it down. Then again, there are some considerations as to why you should or should not use it.

The following are some of the benefits you will experience when you install deck tile over concrete. They can be considered to make the decision as to whether you should proceed with the project or not.

1. Maintenance – If you are looking for something that is relatively low in maintenance, deck tile is certainly something to consider. Once they are in place, you won’t have to do much work on them, if any, in the foreseeable future.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to care for them properly. Deck tiles need to be cleaned on occasion and if there are any issues, they must be replaced. Fortunately, that’s covered in the second portion.

2. Replacement – If you need to replace a deck tile, it is very easy to do. Generally speaking, deck styles snap together and they simply float over the concrete subfloor.

If one of the tiles is damaged in any way, you can simply pull it up and replace it with a new one. That is one of the primary benefits of ordering more deck tiles than you need because you will have a replacement that matches.

3. Installation – Compared to installing other types of titles, the installation of deck tiles is very easy. For the most part, you will simply be snapping them together and they float over the concrete subfloor.

When you consider the fact that other types of tile will either need to be put in place with thinset or perhaps with a sand base, the use of deck tiles is truly something to consider.

4. Choices – Although you are limiting yourself as far as the type of tile is concerned, you certainly are not limiting yourself as far as your choices are concerned.

There are many different options available for deck tiles, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some look natural and others will look more modern. In either case, however, they will be a beautiful addition to the home.

Tool Needed To Install Deck Tile Over Concrete

Wooden deck tile outside the house

One important factor for installing deck tile over concrete is to have all of your tools available and ready to go. If you try to grab the tools as you need them, you will appreciate having them within arm’s reach.

Here are some of the tools you will need for the installation of deck tiles.

Sawhorses – This may be an optional choice, but it is one that you will appreciate having if you have it available. You can set up the sawhorses in any position and use them for measuring, cutting, and piecing together deck tiles as you go.

Saw – I’m not going to limit you as far as the type of saw you are using for this job. A circular saw, jigsaw, chop saw, miter saw, or even table saw will work fine.

Square – Have a handy square available so you can easily prepare 90° angles. You can also get an adjustable square for other angles as well.

Tape Measures – For the most part, you will need two different tape measures for this job. One of them will be larger for measuring large distances and the other will be smaller, which you will find convenient for measuring and cutting individual tiles.

Level – You will find a level to be an invaluable part of the process. It can be used to level items or to strike a straight line.

Safety Glasses – Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good pair of safety glasses. Your regular prescription glasses will not protect your eyes.

Knee Pads – This is another important piece of PPE that you should have for the job. Getting up and down off your knees or crawling around on the floor will be a painful process without them.

Gloves – A good pair of all-purpose gloves will help protect your hands. Do not wear gloves if the task you are doing is dangerous as a result of wearing them.

What Preparation Is Needed To Install Deck Tile Over Concrete

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Installing deck tile is a very easy process. The most important part of it is the preparation.

If there is any serious damage to the concrete deck, it should be fixed prior to installing deck tiles. You can use a good seam sealer or you can float the deck if the damage is severe.

There is not too much to do when it comes to preparing the concrete but you have to pay close attention to the necessary steps. Doing so will help the job to be much better in the long run.

Leveling is an important factor to consider. If the concrete is not level, you will have soft spots in the deck tile.

Exactly how much leveling you are going to do is up to you as an individual. Not everybody who installs deck tile is going to want to level it completely by floating the floor. That may be overkill.

Then again, if you have any low spots on the concrete, it will cause a soft spot in the deck tile. Having a level, clean concrete floor that is free of defects will make the best job when it comes to installing tile on top.

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One other factor to consider is the edge of the tile. When you get to the edge, especially if you don’t have a wall available, you will have to have some type of edging the place. You can put down some type of permanent tile for this or you can use flagstone at the edge of the concrete.

Finally, make sure that the concrete is as clean as possible. Washing it with muriatic acid is one way to ensure it is clean. You might also use a strong pressure washer to wash away any unwanted mold and mildew.

How To Install Deck Tile Over Concrete

Wooden deck tile outside the house

It is a relatively straightforward process when you are installing deck tile over concrete.

Step 1: Full Tiles – The first step in the process is to install the first row of full tiles. The tile should be pointing properly so the connectors are all in the same direction. This would allow the tiles to be installed row after row and connected properly.

Step 2: Connect – As you continue to move from one row to the next, you will have to push the notches down and you will hear an audible click. That means that the tile has connected to the adjoining tile properly.

You will continue with this process until the end of the row is reached. It is a good idea to install all of the full tiles in the field before you cut the tiles on the edge of the concrete. Doing so allows you to ensure that the tiles are in position before the edges are installed.

Connecting any adjoining rows is going to be more difficult than working in the first row. Essentially, you will be connecting the tiles on two different sides. It is best if you work from the corner of the tile in an outward direction, lining up both sides and then pushing it into place.

In addition, you will not need to put a lot of pressure on the deck tile to get it to connect properly. It should essentially slide into place but a little pressure may be necessary for it to click into place properly.

Step 3: Partial Tiles – Next, you will cut the partial tiles using the circular saw, jigsaw, or other saws you have available. Make sure that you cut the proper side of the tiles so they can connect to the adjoining tiles that were already installed.

Step 5: Finish – The final step in the process is to finish the tiles. Some people use a sealer and other people finish them in different ways. There are many options available, depending on what you would like to accomplish.

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A concrete pad makes an excellent subfloor for the installation of deck tile. Ensure that the slab is clean, level, and free of any major defects. You can then begin snapping the deck tile together, allowing it to float over the concrete.

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