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Can You Put Brick Over Drywall? (How To)

Brick is a long-lasting construction material with a high resilience to harsh environmental conditions. It’s fireproof and comes in flexible designs to suit your project style. Can you put a brick over drywall?

You can install thick brick over drywall, just like you would do with tiles. Mix large and small bricks to create a traditional look, or use same-size brick veneers to have a uniform modern look. Ensure the drywall is clean before installation and seal brick veneers well for durability.

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Brick is one of the most inexpensive materials with an excellent finish if well installed. However, you should clean the drywall surface well to remove contaminants and particles that might interfere with the finish. Also, the drywall needs to be smooth at the edge because imperfections might make your brick veneer not adhere well.

The results of brick veneer over drywall heavily rely on the quality of the brick and installation expertise. Work with a brick installation expert, choose the best quality bricks, and pick a color that matches your house’s other elements.

Should You Put Brick Over Drywall?

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Brick is a beautiful material with many colors and designs to choose from. You can put it over drywall, provided you choose the best quality brick and work with an expert. However, you may face a few challenges when installing brick over drywall. This section discusses the main challenges and how you can prevent them for a smooth process.

You may face problems installing brick over drywall, including shifting, moisture damage, poor-quality brick and missing flashing. Level the drywall well, clean and allow it to dry before the installation. You can allow a professional to work on the installation to avoid these problems.

Poor installation of brick over drywall can result in shifting. Take the correct measurements, ensure the surface is clean, and firmly install the brick to avoid shifting.

Moisture damage is another common challenge with installing brick over drywall. This issue arises when you don’t leave an air gap between the drywall and the brick veneer. The airflow dries any moisture inside the brick and drains it out. Leave a one-inch air gap and completely dry the drywall before installing the bricks.

Another concern that might increase water penetration to the brick veneers is missing flashing. Install flashing material near the windows or doors to prevent water leaks from penetrating beneath the brick and causing moisture damage.

Poor brick quality can also cause issues when installing brick over drywall. The best quality brick should give a more extended service, so you should conduct a water weight test when choosing your bricks. This test identifies the absorption rate of brick to water.

A good quality brick will not increase its weight by 15% or more when dipped in water. Unless you are skilled, involve a brick installation expert to avoid most challenges of installing bring-over drywall.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Brick Over Drywall?

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Installing brick over drywall may give your house a fresh and beautiful look. However, you should have the right tools to facilitate the process and get your desired look. Most of the needed tools are easy to find in online stores and physical shops, and you may even have them at home because they are multipurpose.

To put brick over drywall, you will need personal protective gear, pencil/chalk, tape measure, masonry trowel, sealant, soft-bristled brush, and wet saw. You will also need a broom, paint rollers, and tarps. Buy or rent the tools from your nearest supplies shop.

Before starting the brick installation process, you will need a broom or soft brush to clean the drywall surface. Personal protective gear includes gloves, ear protection, and safety glasses to keep you safe.

A pencil/chalk will help you mark your drywall surface to improve accuracy when installing bricks. A tape measure is for accurate measurements, while a masonry trowel is for spreading mortar before installing the bricks.

A sealant is a must-have tool to prevent fluids and other substances from paving through the joints and damaging your newly installed brick. A wet saw is vital for cutting your bricks to their desired sizes, shapes, and designs. You need tarps to prevent debris and other harmful contaminants from escaping, mainly when the weather is windy.

Lastly, a paint roller helps you to apply paint perfectly after installing bricks (although this is optional). Keep all the required tools ready before the project to save time and avoid inconveniences.

What Preparations Do You Need To Put Brick Over Drywall?

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Installing brick over drywall can be a valuable investment that also becomes a disaster with poor installation. For this reason, you should observe the proper preparations before you engage in the project. This section discusses the main preparations before finally installing brick veneers on drywall.

When putting brick over drywall, acquire the needed tools and clean them. Clean the drywall surface and smoothen it to rid of any imperfections that may damage the bricklayer. Get high-quality brick and keep it near the construction site a day before installation.

When installing brick over drywall, gather all the necessary tools and keep them on the construction site. Ensure they are clean because particles, mud, and debris from a past project may affect the success of your new home improvement project.

Inspect the drywall for cracks, sharp edges, and damages that may need repair before installing brick. If repairs are necessary, leave the areas for at least 24 hours before you install brick to keep off moisture.

Lastly, gather the bricks you will use and confirm they are of the best quality. Keep them near the construction site to save time and labor carrying them on the construction day.

How to Put Brick Over Drywall

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Putting brick over drywall is a delicate process that requires a professional’s input. However, you can still do the work yourself if you have the right tools and know the procedure. Here is a step-by-step process for putting brick over drywall.

To put brick over drywall, wear your protective gear, measure the room and sketch the correct dimensions on your drywall. Protect your flooring with a tarp, clean the bricks and apply adhesive. Gently place the brick on your drywall, and use a sealant. Clean the site when done.

Here are simplified steps for the process:

Step 1: Put on your protective gear

Step 2: Measure the room with your tape measure and use your chalk to mark the dimensions

Step 3: Use your tarp to protect the flooring and the construction site. The tarp prevents contaminants and debris from hurting you or your crew.

Step 4: Clean bricks to remove unwanted debris and apply adhesive. Adhesive ensures the bricks stick well on each other and on the drywall.

Step 5: Place the bricks on your drywall and align them according to your desired style.

Step 6: Apply a sealant on the bricks to protect them and remove unwanted particles.

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Step 7: Clean the construction site when done.

You can put brick over drywall if you have the right tools and observe the proper preparations. Clean the drywall wall and repair any imperfections. Apply adhesive on the bricks and gently arrange them on the drywall. Clean the surface when done.

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