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Why Kindle Stuck/Frozen on Waking up Screen?

The Kindle has changed how we read and it has never been so convenient before. These devices are awesome for reading your favorite books while also searching the web if there are words you don’t understand (we’ve all been there!). However, they’re not made to be invulnerable, so problems can pop up occasionally. A Kindle freezing on the waking up screen is not uncommon.

Your Kindle could be stuck on the waking up screen because of a faulty battery, corrupt files, hardware issues, or even overheating. You can address the problems by doing a soft or factory reset or simply making sure you let the Kindle cool down.

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So why do Kindle devices get stuck on this screen? Stick around as we discuss the different reasons as well as the many solutions that should help you get back to reading your favorite books really quickly.

9 Reasons Why Kindle Stuck or Frozen on Waking up Screen

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There are few things as frustrating as getting comfortable and starting up your Kindle just to see it remain stuck on the waking up screen. Naturally, you’d want to fix the problem and use the device for what it’s intended—having fun reading!

Kindle devices freeze up and fail to respond when they’re not properly charged, the software is outdated, or the battery is faulty. Fortunately, charging the device or deleting the corrupt files can sort out your problems.

Here are nine reasons why your Kindle could be frozen or stuck:

Overworked Processor

Since Kindle devices are made mainly to read books, they don’t come with impressive processors like smartphones these days. As a result, their processing power is limited and they can easily be overloaded. This can happen if you’ve been using your Kindle to visit websites quite often.

Memory Problems

Kindles don’t have a lot of memory either, so it’s not rare for them to freeze up a bit every now and then. Using the device to browse the web a lot will lead to freezing that can be traced back to the memory.

Low Battery

If your Kindle’s battery is low, the amount of power that reaches the processor is limited and reduced, which can cause the Kindle to freeze. We’ve all been guilty of not charging our devices as we should, so don’t feel bad if that’s why your device froze up.

Faulty Battery

Although your Kindle may come with a long-lasting battery, it will run out of power eventually, and simply charging it won’t be the solution. A faulty battery will cause frequent glitches, and freezing on the waking up screen is one of them. 

Faulty Charging Outlet

You may think that your Kindle device is charging, but it’s possible that the charging outlet is faulty and no charging is actually happening. You should double-check that the charging outlet is in good working order.

Corrupt Files

If a Kindle device is regularly freezing up, it is likely that there are corrupted files, causing issues. You may have downloaded a corrupt file. 

Outdated Software

If your Kindle is running on outdated software, you can expect it to freeze quite often. Although many people aren’t aware of this, it’s important that you regularly check for updates on your device so it’s working as it should.

Hardware Issue

If corrupt files or a low battery isn’t the cause of your Kindle freezing, it’s possible that there is a hardware issue related to the CPU or the power supply. You will have to contact Amazon for assistance as this isn’t something you can fix on your own.


Excessive usage can lead to overheating, and this can lead to your Kindle device freezing on the waking up screen or the lock screen. If you notice that your device is feeling very hot to the touch, you should react immediately.

How to Fix Kindle Stuck on Waking up Screen

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It can be annoying to have your Kindle device stuck on the waking up screen, but if you want to use it instead of throwing it against the nearest wall, you’ll have to find a way to fix whatever is causing this problem.

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To fix your Kindle device that’s stuck on the waking up screen, you will have to restart it, make sure it is fully charged, or update the firmware. These solutions will see you reading on your device again in no time!

Here’s how to unfreeze a Kindle that is frozen on the waking up screen:

Restart the Kindle

One of the best ways to fix a frozen Kindle is simply restarting the device. Press and hold your device’s power button until you see the screen flash, then release the power button. This will cause the Kindle to restart and it should be okay now and you can start reading again.

Charge Your Kindle

If you suspect that your Kindle’s low battery is to blame for its freezing on the waking up screen, you will have to get it plugged into a charger. Although you may want to use the device immediately, you may have to give it a little while to charge before reading again.

If a faulty battery is the problem instead of a low battery, you may have to replace it.

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Update the Firmware/Software

If your Kindle is freezing up on the waking up screen regularly, you may have outdated firmware. You’ll find the latest software on Amazon’s Kindle software update page. Simply download what you need on your PC and connect the device using a USB cable.

Drag the update file(s) to the Kindle and disconnect it from the PC. Head to your device’s menu and enter Settings. There, you’ll have to choose the Update Your Kindle option.

Factory Reset Your Kindle

If nothing seems to solve the issue of your Kindle getting stuck on the waking up screen, you may have to consider a factory reset. This will wipe everything that is on the device and will get rid of whatever is causing the problem.

You will have to redownload all your books once the reset is done, but you should no longer have trouble with your Kindle device.


Using your Kindle a lot, it might overheat and you’ll have to turn it off. Leave the device off for half an hour to an hour so it can cool down properly. After that, you can restart it and hopefully continue reading.

Corrupt Files

If you think that corrupt files are to blame for your difficulties with your Kindle, you will have to delete all the eBooks you have. Connect the device to your PC and manually delete it all. Once you’re done, you can use your internet connection to sync all your eBooks again. This should sort out your problems.

Contact Amazon

If you have done everything on this list and you still experience your Kindle freezing on the waking up screen, you may be better off contacting Amazon for assistance. Instead of continuing to struggle, reach out to their customer service team. They will be much better at diagnosing the cause of the problem and helping you fix it. You may be eligible for free repairs or even a replacement.

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