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Can You Put Bricks On Uneven Ground? (How To)

Using bricks is a very popular way to build a patio. It adds beauty and usability to your outdoor living environment. What can you do if you have uneven ground? Can you still use them?

Brick pavers can be used on uneven ground but you have to prepare the ground properly in advance. This could include leveling the ground underneath or using extra sand on one end to ensure that the brick pavers are not uneven.

It really is going to depend on the type of environment you have and how much of a slope you have. For example, there are going to be differences between putting bricks on the hill in comparison to just putting them in an area where there may be a high point.

If at all possible, it’s beneficial to level out the area. You can do this by digging down the high points or filling in the low points.

Can You Put Bricks On Uneven Ground? (How To)

Something that has been beneficial to many people who put bricks on uneven ground is building a foundation. You may be able to build a retaining wall around the sides and then fill it with gravel and sand to provide the base for the brick that is necessary.

That being said, there are also times when you may have bricks that are put on uneven ground and they are allowed to be uneven. This can be done when the ground is only slightly uneven or maybe you’re dealing with a very slow slope.

The problem with putting bricks on uneven ground without preparing the ground properly in advance is the fact that you are dealing with tripping hazards. As the ground continues to shift and move underneath the bricks, you will end up with various problems and we will discuss them below.

You also need to think about the type of bricks that you are using. Bricks come in many different sizes and if you’re dealing with brick pavers, then it is obviously going to be something different than the brick that is used for building a wall.

Generally speaking, smaller bricks are easier to place on the uneven ground if it is not prepared properly. It is similar to using mosaic tile on an uneven wall.

On the other hand, if you do prepare the ground and have a sand base for the brick, you can use the larger pavers because they will be more durable and more beautiful. In addition, using pavers provides stability and reduces the possibility that you will have areas where you could trip and fall.

In the end, it is really up to you to decide how you will prepare the area and lay the bricks on uneven ground. Level the ground by bringing the ground up to level with walls or even just adding some sand into one area can go a long way in helping you to have a successful project that will improve your living space and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Should You Put Bricks On Uneven Ground?

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The fact that you can put bricks on uneven ground is well-established. You will never have a problem doing so if you prepare it in advance. Another question, however, is if you should do it. Let’s take a look at some of the issues.

Settling – If the ground is uneven and you don’t prepare things properly in advance, you could end up with some settling. The problem is, the ground doesn’t tend to settle all at once and evenly, so you may have high and low points that are forming underneath the brick. This can cause a variety of other issues that we will discuss.

Cracking – As the ground shifts underneath the bricks, you may have a problem with the brick cracking. This is especially a problem for larger brick pavers that are put on uneven ground without the proper preparation in advance. You can avoid a problem with cracking by using gravel and then a layer of sand.

Shifting – We want our brick pavers to look as nice as possible and when we first put them down, they likely are very tight and well organized. Over time, however, the bricks can shift if they are put on uneven ground. This could cause gaps on the surface that are both unsightly and a potential tripping hazard.

Although these issues can exist when putting bricks on uneven ground, they are practically negated when you prepare things properly. Make sure that you do so by using sand to level the ground as much as possible in advance.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Bricks On Uneven Ground?

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You will need to have some tools on hand to put bricks on uneven ground. Many of these tools are similar to what you would use for the installation of any brick patio.

Long Board – You will need a long board to level the sand where you will put the bricks. A 2 x 4 is typically used for this.

Tamper – For smaller patios, you can use a hand tamper but if you are installing a larger patio, you may want to rent a tamper to ensure that everything is tamped down properly.

Shovel – A variety of shovels may be necessary to get the job done right.

Excavator – There are some instances in which you may need to rent an excavator, such as a Bobcat for larger areas.

Level – A long level will help you to ensure that the sand is properly set for the base and that the pavers are set properly as well.

Rubber Mallet – This will be an invaluable tool for use in taping down the individual bricks as you lay them.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Bricks On Uneven Ground?

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As is the case with any project, it is important to prepare well in advance. Here’s how to get that done when installing bricks on uneven ground.

Step 1: Take a Close Look – Prior to doing any work, you should look at the ground very carefully. Are there any high or low points that need to be considered? Are there any rocks that need to be removed or perhaps drainage pipes that will be in the way? These need to be taken into consideration for the overall project.

Step 2: Mark – The next step in the process is to mark the patio area. It is better if you offset the stakes by a foot so you can work inside without disturbing them.

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After marking the stakes, tie a string to one end and use a string level to determine if the string is level to the next stake. You can then use that as a guide for making a level patio.

Step 3: Dig – You will want to dig some ground out before you install the brick pavers. Rather than putting the bricks directly on the ground, you’re actually going to make a foundation out of gravel and then sand.

Step 4: Landscape Fabric – As a final step prior to installing the brick patio, you should put down a layer of landscape fabric. This will go under the gravel base and will keep weeds from growing up through the gravel, sand, and cracks in the brick.

After this, you are ready to begin the installation of your new brick patio. The ground will no longer be uneven but it will be level, thanks to the gravel and sand.

How To Install Bricks On Uneven Ground

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Now that you have done the preparation, it’s time to put down the bricks. Here’s how to do it successfully.

Step 1: Add the Gravel – Add at least 2 inches of gravel to the base of the excavated area. Medium gravel is preferred. After putting down the gravel, you should tamp the area thoroughly and then put down another thin layer and tamp it again.

Step 2: Add the Sand – In this step, you will be putting down a layer of sand. You should use masonry sand for this purpose because it is finer and easier to work with. After putting down a thin layer of sand, run a tamper over it, and then put down another layer. Continue the process until you have a nice, level area made of sand for the pavers.

Step 3: Smooth – Use the 2 x 4 board to run across the top of the sand and smooth it. You may need to shake the board slightly as you do so. Use a level on top of the board to make sure that the base is level.

Step 4: Brick Pavers – Put the brick pavers in the sand according to your design. Make sure to keep them tight and level as you go.

Step 5: Tamp – After installing the brick pavers, put some masonry sand on top of the pavers to fill in any gaps that exist. You should then use a tamper over top of the brick pavers to level them out fully.

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It is possible to put bricks on uneven ground but it is best if you create a level area with a base of gravel and sand. Making a level area or building up part of the area using retaining walls will help the brick to be on even ground, even if the ground itself is not even.

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