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Can You Put a Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground? (How To)

If you plan on putting a shed in your yard, there are many different options to consider. One of those options has to do with the base, and if you decide on using a plastic base, can it be installed on uneven ground?

You can install a plastic shed base on uneven ground if you prepare the ground properly in advance. This could include digging into the ground to level it out or perhaps building it up with retaining walls and then putting a base of gravel and sand.

Plastic shed in backyard

Plastic shed bases are a very convenient option, especially compared to other choices, such as using a concrete slab or a block foundation. At the same time, they do have some limitations and one of those has to do with uneven ground.

Of course, you would never want to install a shed on uneven ground and regardless of the type of foundation you are considering, it would have to be level. After all, if the base is not level, then the shed is not level.

Can You Put a Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground? (How To)

There are also a number of considerations when you are installing the shed on uneven ground that really need to be thought out in advance. They include:

Steepness – The steepness of the ground needs to be considered because it will make a difference in the type of foundation that you will use for the plastic base. For very steep ground, you may even need to build things up using pilings and then build an area for the plastic base in advance.

Door Location – Depending on why you use the shed, you may need to give careful consideration to the location of the door. After all, if you’re going to be putting equipment in and out of the shed frequently, you would want to have the door on the high side of the shed so you didn’t have to ramp things up to it.

Shed Use – There is also a considerable difference in the way that a shed will be used. If you are only using it to store a few light items, you will not have to worry so much about the base in comparison to using it to store a tractor or something larger.

Approvals – One other thing to consider is any necessary approvals that may be needed to build the shed. If you build a shed without a permit in the wrong area, it could come back to cost you in the end.

Undoubtedly, having a shed on our property is a very convenient option. As long as you level things out in advance, you will find that the plastic shed base provides you with an easy way to get things set up quickly and easily.

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Should You Put a Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground?

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When you prepare things properly, there are very few issues associated with putting a plastic shed base on uneven ground. After all, you will level the ground to meet the base rather than just putting it on the ground and having an uneven shed.

That being said, there are a few potential problems that need to be considered in advance. These may make a difference in whether you decide to use the plastic shed base or go with another option, such as a concrete slab.

Sinking – If you have to build up one side of the shed base to a very high level, this may require the use of pilings or other types of construction that could put a lot of weight on a small area. If you don’t have the foundation set up properly for the pilings, they could sink over time.

Cracking – A plastic base for a shed is very durable but if you don’t have it supported properly, it could crack over time. In most cases, you would build up the base for the plastic foundation so you wouldn’t have this issue.

Shifting – Another consideration is the possibility that things could shift over time. This could cause some real problems, including the possibility that your shed could become unstable.

Admittedly, these issues are not likely to happen. More than likely, you will not have any problems with your shed or the base.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground?

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Having the right tools is a very important part of getting the job done. If you are going to put a plastic shed base on uneven ground, here are the tools you will need.

Shovels – Having some good shovels is an important part of the process because you will likely be digging into the ground to build the base.

Tape Measures – A long tape measure for measuring across the foundation is important. You should also have shorter tape measures for doing any measuring and cutting.

Stakes – Have a supply of guard stakes available so you can mark the area where the foundation is being laid.

String – The string will be run between the guard stakes and you can then use a string level to determine if it is on target.

Tamper – It may be necessary to have a tamper on hand for the gravel and sand that will likely be used in the foundation. You can either use a hand tamper for a small job or rent a larger tamper for a larger job.

General Construction Tools – Having a supply of tools on hand is invaluable. This could include anything from hammers and screwdrivers to rubber mallets, levels, and other common items that are used for that purpose.

More than likely, you will also have some other tools that you will find invaluable for any DIY project. You can include them in the list according to your needs.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground?

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Preparing to install the shed is a very important part of getting the job done. If you are putting the plastic shed base on uneven ground, here are some things you will need to do in advance.

Step 1: Excavate – If you have uneven ground and you would like to bring the high spot down, you can dig it out. This can be done with a pick and shovel or you can use a bobcat or another excavator. Those excavators can be rented at many local hardware stores.

Step 2: Level – If you have a construction level, you can use it to level out the foundation successfully. It can also be used for determining how much would you will need for pilings or other items to build up a very large slope.

Otherwise, you can use some guard stakes and string along with a string level. It works well and will give you the guidance necessary to ensure that everything is set up properly.

Step 3: Construct – Next, you will want to construct the foundation that will be used for the plastic base. This could include building up retaining walls or simply building a box and filling it with gravel. In any case, you want to get the base level prepared so you can use the plastic base properly.

How To Install Plastic Shed Base On Uneven Ground

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Now that you have a good foundation established for the plastic shed base, it’s time to get started on the work of installing the base in place. This is something that is not difficult to do but you do need to do it properly in order for it to work.

One important thing to consider is the weight of the plastic shed base. Plastic is able to hold a considerable amount of weight as a whole but the individual pieces are not going to be as durable. That is why you need the base to work as a unit, rather than working as individual pieces put together.

Use the following steps when installing the plastic shed base so it works properly.

Step 1: Compact – An important part of installing the plastic shed base is to have everything underneath it compacted. More than likely, you have just laid down some gravel and sand, so you need to use a tamper to compact it properly.

We did include this in the preparation phase but it’s important to mention it here as well. After all, you would not want to install the plastic shed base on ground that has not been properly prepared or it would sink over time.

Step 2: Confirm Level – Prior to putting down the plastic shed base, you would want to confirm the fact that it is level. You can do this by using a 2 x 4 and a 4-foot level.

If you notice any high or low points in the foundation area, it is going to cause problems when you put the plastic shed base down. Make sure that you have things leveled out properly so the base won’t wobble or crack.

Step 3: Lay the Base – The plastic base should be laid in place. You can then pin it down if necessary to hold it in place or you can simply begin filling the panels with gravel.

Once you begin to fill the individual panels with gravel, the small pieces of plastic will begin to work as a unit. The gravel will also keep the shed base from moving in any direction.

Step 4: Build the Shed – The final step in the process is to build the shed. You now have a great foundation and a plastic shed base that will hold the shed in place.

An even better option is to buy a prefabricated shed that fits your specifications. In any case, this is the part of the process when you really see the fruition of your work.

It is possible to put a plastic shed base on uneven ground as long as you prepare the ground properly in advance. This typically involves either digging down the high points or building up the low points so you have an even layer for the plastic shed base to be laid.

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