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Can You Put Carpet on Asbestos Tile? (How To)

Asbestos isn’t something that you really want in your house, but since it was so commonly used years ago, it’s likely that your home has its fair share of this toxic material. Covering it up is a very good idea for the safety of your family.

You can put carpet on asbestos tile, and it is something that’s fairly easy to do. You won’t need to follow any complicated instructions and can achieve this task with nothing more than your new carpet and flooring adhesive.

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There are three main ways to properly install carpet on asbestos tile and they are equally good. The method you choose will simply depend on your own preferences and whether or not you want padding under the carpet.

Should You Put Carpet on Asbestos Tile?

Man Installing carpet

Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. It’s only natural to wonder if there are any challenges involved with putting carpet on asbestos tiles.

You can put carpet on asbestos tile without any worries about it going wrong or causing problems. And as long as you install the carpet correctly and neatly, you won’t have to worry about it coming loose and resulting in an accident.

You will, however, have to ensure that there are no tiles that are crumbling or broken. If there are, it’s best to remove them and replace them with another type of flooring. If the tiles are still in good condition, though, you can proceed to install carpet on them with no worries or stress.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Carpet on Asbestos Tile?

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Any job is only as easy as the tools you use will allow it to be. Having the right tools nearby will make installing carpets easy and avoid challenges.

You won’t need many tools to install carpet on asbestos tiles. A good flooring adhesive and a utility knife are the bare minimum tools you will need. If you want to add padding underneath the carpet, you’ll need that as well.

If you choose the third option we share here, you’ll also need enough tack strips to keep all of the carpet in place. A hammer will come in useful with these strips as well. A tape measure will come in handy to help you ensure you have enough carpet to cover the area of tiles you want to install it on.

What Preparations Do You Need to Install Carpet on Asbestos Tile?

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Preparing for a carpet installation on asbestos tiles isn’t a complicated or complex matter and will be done quite quickly.

You will have to clean the asbestos tiles in preparation for the installation. It’s also a good idea to measure the area to make sure you have the right-size carpet so you don’t end up with frustrating issues.

How to Install Carpet on Asbestos Tile

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There are three main ways to safely and securely install carpet on asbestos tiles. You can use any of these methods, and they’re all effective, with some just being more lasting.

To install carpet on asbestos tiles, you’ll have to clean the tiles and make sure there aren’t any broken tiles. Then you’ll apply a layer of padding if that’s what you want, and glue the carpet onto the tiles.

Here are detailed  instructions for all three methods of installing carpet on asbestos tiles:

Method One

This method is quite simple and you can use this one if you have asbestos tiles that are smooth and consistent. It’s also the easiest method.

You’ll start by making sure the tiles are nice and clean and that your carpet has been cut into the appropriate size to fit the room perfectly.

Then you’ll apply good flooring adhesive on the tiles, making sure you apply it evenly. Then you’ll place the carpet on top of the floor and make sure it fits securely and neatly.

Let the adhesive dry for anything between 12 and 20 hours. This should give the adhesive enough time to bond and do its job.

This method is as simple as that and you should be able to easily remove the carpet should you feel the need to take it outside for a proper cleaning. You will have to reapply the glue every six months or so to ensure that the carpet stays firmly in place and no dust is allowed to accumulate under it.

Method Two

With this method, you add some height to the tile surface by adding padding before you glue the carpet in place. If you want a softer carpet experience (and help your carpet last longer), this is what you’ll have to do.

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Just keep in mind that removing the carpet afterward is going to be a lot harder if you use this method of installation.

First, clean the floor and then glue the padding in place. You will have to leave the padding to dry for roughly 20 hours. Then you apply the adhesive to the padding and install the carpet. Once again, the drying process will take about 20 hours, depending on the adhesive you use.

Method Three

The third method of installing carpet on asbestos involves tack strips. These strips, which are essentially wooden strips with nails to hold the carpet in place, are really effective at keeping the carpet secure.

First, you have to clean the asbestos tiles, then you’ll install the padding. Remember that the padding is applied with adhesive and will take about 20 hours to dry. Once that is done, you can put your carpet on top and, instead of using adhesive to keep it in place, you will use the tack strips.

This is a fairly easy way to install carpet on asbestos tile and removing the carpet later will be easy as well. Just keep in mind that removal can damage the asbestos.

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If the carpet is installed in a room that sees a lot of foot traffic, the carpet can become dislodged, so keep an eye on that.

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