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Can You Put Hardwood Floor On Ceiling? (How To)

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common materials dominating the flooring industry today. Homeowners prefer solid wood to any other material because of its versatility, durability, and ability to blend well with your home. But, can you put hardwood floor on ceiling?

You can install hardwood floor on ceiling to give your house a beautiful rustic look. A well-done hardwood floor on ceiling creates a warm atmosphere and adds elegance. Clean the old ceiling surface, treat the hardwood ceiling before installation and work with an expert for the best results.

Wooden ceiling with chandelier

Solid hardwood is a beautiful choice for your home and a healthy one that improves your room’s overall air quality. However, you should be keen on choosing the right hardwood to install on your ceiling. The main hardwoods are mahogany, oak, maple, beech, and walnut, and they can all fit well in your ceiling.

For the best results in installing hardwood floors on the ceiling, treat the timber first and let it rest in your house for a week as you monitor its changes in your compound. You should decide the installation design based on the design elements of your home. Depending on your desired results, you can arrange hardwood on the ceiling vertically, horizontally, or in tile form. 

The work requires at least two people. Gather the right tools, and follow online videos if you have little skills. However, the work will be easier when working with an expert.

Should You Put Hardwood Floor On Ceiling?

Different wooden ceiling

Hardwood has been one of the strongest materials used in the construction industry for years. It has many applications, like making floors and ceilings, and fits well in both places. However, there are some considerations to remember during the installation to ensure problems do not arise shortly or later after the installation.

Hardwood expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature. Failure to leave expansion joints can weaken the ceiling. Other problems are not using the right wood, failure to prepare the ceiling surface, and painting the hardwood immediately after installation.

Failure to leave an expansion joint is the main problem to look out for when installing hardwood flooring on ceiling. Usually, wood contracts or expands depending on temperature changes. Leave a small space between the woods to allow enough room for expansion.

Also, check the moisture levels of each wood before installation. For instance, wood installed in winter will already be in a state of contraction. In summer, the wood will start expanding to regain its original shape, and it may crack if you haven’t left enough expansion joints or checked the moisture levels.

The type of wood you use in your ceiling has a significant impact on the longevity of your ceiling. If your home’s location experiences extreme temperature changes, choose cypress or any other hardwood that can withstand high humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Failure to prepare the old ceiling surface is another thing to avoid. You should inspect the old ceiling surface, clean it and repair any flaws that might affect your new hardwood ceiling installation.

Lastly, don’t paint or stain your new hardwood ceiling immediately when you install it. The wood will not have settled well and could expose the unfinished sessions of the ceiling. Allow one week or more for the hardwood ceiling to rest, and then paint the color of your choice.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Hardwood Floor on Ceiling?

Tools for for home remodel

You will need a few tools to succeed in your home improvement project. This section highlights the main tools you must have to install hardwood floor on ceiling.

The tools you need to install a hardwood floor on ceiling include enough hardwood planks to cover the ceiling, tape measure, chalk/pencil, saw, and spacers. Other tools include your protective gear, nail set, fasteners, and a brush. All tools should be in excellent condition.

You will require hardwood planks, which should be enough to fit on the ceiling surface. Get a tape measure for accurate measurements on the surface to get the correct quantity of hardwood planks. You need chalk or a pencil to mark where to install the planks.

A saw comes in handy when cutting the planks to fit well, while the spacer creates the right expansion joints. Protective gear includes safety goggles and hand gloves which keep you safe throughout the process. In addition, you will require a nail set with all sizes of nails, fasteners, and a brush which you will use to clean your ceiling when done.

What Preparations Do You Need To Put Hardwood Floor on Ceiling?

Man installing wooden ceiling

Installing hardwood floor on ceiling is a complex process that requires adequate preparations. This section highlights the main preparations to keep in mind before installing your hardwood floor on ceiling.

To prepare for hardwood floor-on-ceiling installation, inspect the current condition of the sub-ceiling for any bumps, cracks, and irregularities. Check for damages, remove unwanted coverings, and ensure the surface is dry. Gather the tools you will use and check your local building codes.

Inspecting the old ceiling surface is the first preparation step before installing a new one. How is the surface? Are there existing cracks, holes visible damages that need repair? If yes, repair them first because they could trap moisture and reduce the longevity of your new hardwood floor on ceiling.

You can also remove unwanted coverings like wallpapers before installing the hardwood ceiling. You may not entirely remove the light fixtures, but you can reduce the wires on your ceiling. If the old ceiling has mold, treat it first and allow the surface to dry for at least one week before installing the hardwood ceiling.

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Gathering the right tools is the next preparation step to observe. What will you need for installation? Ensure the tools are clean and keep them near the house to avoid unnecessary movement on the installation day of the hardwood ceiling.

Lastly, check the local building codes in your state. Every state has laws regarding home improvement projects, and some may require homeowners to get a license. Find out the requirements to avoid legal problems.

How to Put Hardwood Floor on Ceiling

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Installing hardwood floor on ceiling is easy when you have the right tools and have made the preparations.

To put hardwood floor on the ceiling, measure the hardwood planks and cut them into the required size. Gently install the planks while leaving the expansion joints and cut around for light fixtures. Fill in the nail holes and come down to check if you have perfectly installed the hardwood.

Here are simplified steps for the process.

Step 1: Measure the hardwood planks and size them well to fit the space on your ceiling.

Step 2: Start installing the planks on your well-prepared ceiling surface. You can arrange the wood in any style/design of your choice.

Step 3: Shut off the electricity and cut the planks for light fixtures. Be sure to draw the ceiling first for accurate cutting.

Step 4: Fill the nail holes to ensure the new hardwood ceiling is sturdy.

Step 5: Inspect if everything is perfectly done and clean the room.

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Installing hardwood floor on the ceiling often requires an expert, but you can do it if you have the tools and some skills. Clean the surface first, get the right hardwood planks and gently fix them on the ceiling. Inspect your work when done for any flaws and correct them.

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