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Can You Put Vinyl Siding Over Brick? (How To)

Vinyl is an eco-friendly, durable and maintenance-free siding material that has been used for years. Its unmatched beauty makes it an excellent siding option for buildings of all types, whether new or old. If your house is made of brick and you want vinyl as your siding, you are probably wondering, ‘can you put vinyl siding over brick?’

You can put vinyl siding over brick to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, the installation requires a professional because of the hard nature of brick. Smoothen the brick surface first and apply a sheathing layer for the vinyl to stick well on the brick.

Siding of the house

Adding vinyl over brick is a complex process, but it is possible. While many people first replace brick with a stone, you can easily add vinyl on top of brick by following the proper steps.

Shape the edges of the brick surface and sheath it well for the vinyl to stick well. Add furring strips for the sheathing to stick well, and consider waterproofing because vinyl may not be 100% watertight.

When done well, putting vinyl siding over brick can increase the value of your home and significantly cut your energy costs. Keep reading for more details on efficiently putting vinyl siding over brick.

Should You Put Vinyl Siding Over Brick?

Siding of the house

Putting vinyl siding over brick walls is an excellent way of enhancing your house, making it more durable and energy efficient. However, poor vinyl installation may cause problems in the future, so it’s advisable to involve a skilled person. This section discusses the primary issues when installing vinyl siding over brick.

Vinyl may cause potential water damage when you install it without adequate backing. It might crack in a cold climate or show signs of warping in extremely hot temperatures. Poor installation results in bending or overlapping and may affect the overall look of your property.

Vinyl is one of the most durable, water-resistant materials we have when it comes to siding. However, poor installation of this material may leave space which allow water in and cause moisture problems. Avoid this problem by edging the brick surface and ensuring the siding sticks well on every brick wall corner. Apply a waterproof material on top of your siding to avoid moisture problems.

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Cracking is another possible problem to look out for when using vinyl siding over brick. Vinyl is susceptible to temperature changes and often becomes brittle in low temperatures, resulting in cracking. Inspect and patch any siding holes/leaks during warm weather to prevent cracking during winter.

Similarly, vinyl siding may show signs of warping in extremely hot temperatures. Ensure you use the best quality vinyl products to prevent warping in hot seasons.

Overlapping or bending is the last possible problem with vinyl siding caused by poor installation. When vinyl does not stick well on the brick, it starts to bend because there are some spaces beneath, letting air in and pushing the vinyl surface. Work with a professional to keep your vinyl siding in excellent condition and avoid most of the problems.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Vinyl Siding Over Brick?

Tools used for siding

You must have the necessary tools before putting vinyl siding over brick. This section highlights the main tools you need to put vinyl siding over brick.

To put vinyl siding over brick, you will need furring strips, chalk/marker pen, ring shark nails, measuring tape, a power drill and a circular saw. Other tools include a utility knife, carpenters level, insulation, and vinyl siding panels. 

Furring strips provide a smooth surface on the brick so that your vinyl siding can stick well. A marker pen or chalk marks your brick to know the exact places where you will put the furring strips. 

Ring shank nails are used to attach the strips to bricks firmly. You may use ordinary nails, but the ring shark nails are stronger and provide long-lasting results.

A measuring tape helps you accurately measure your brick so that you can know the amount of vigil siding you will need/use. A power drill makes holes in your brick to install the strips, while a circular saw is for sizing the strips.

You need a utility knife to size your vinyl side and smoothen the edges of the brick surface. A carpenter’s level helps you check whether your vinyl panels are on the same level. 

Lastly, you will need the vinyl siding panels which you use to create your siding. Measure the space of your brick wall first to know the size and amount of vinyl panels you will need for the process. You can easily buy or rent these tools from friends or home improvement stores.

What Preparations Do You Need To Put Vinyl Siding Over Brick?

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Putting vinyl siding over the brick is an excellent idea to make your house look newer and more valuable. This section discusses the main preparations to keep in mind before you start the process.

To prepare for vinyl siding over brick, inspect your brick wall first for holes, cracks, and other faults which may need repair. Get the tools you will need and keep them near the site. Clean the tools and get a home improvement license if your state requires it. 

Inspection is the first preparation step to check for any flaws on your brick surface, especially if the house is old. Structural failures like holes, cracks and signs of collapsing can affect the durability of your vinyl siding, so you must work on them before you start the actual process.

Once you are sure the brick surface is in perfect condition, start looking for all the tools you will use and keep them at a nearby place. Ensure the tools are clean because the remains of cement and stones from a previous construction project may affect the results of your vinyl siding. 

Lastly, you may need to acquire a home improvement license from your state if the project is large. Check with state laws to make the necessary arrangements and avoid legal issues.

How To Put Vinyl Siding Over Brick

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Putting vinyl siding over the brick is easy when you have gathered the needed tools and made the other preparations. This section highlights the steps you should take to install your siding successfully.

To put vinyl siding over brick, mark the brick to know where you will install the furring strips. Install sheathing followed by the starter strip. Install the siding panels on brick, J panels around the brick corners, and additional installation. Clean the work site with a soft brush when done.

Here is a simplified step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Use your chalk or marker pen to mark where you will install furring strips on the brick.

Step 2: Nail the strips in the bricks. You can use your masonry level and tape measure for accurate installation.

Step 3: Install sheathing to provide a flat surface for the siding. The sheathing also acts as insulation.

Step 4: Install your vinyl siding

Step 5: This is an optional step where you can get in J channels along the joints and doors to prevent water and future damage.

Step 6: Add surface insulations materials (optional)

Step 7: Clean the surface and work site when you are done.

Vinyl is an excellent siding material that you can consider for your brick property. Ensure the brick surface is clean, attach the furring strips, sheathe, and gently place your vinyl panels. Work with a professional if you don’t have the skills or the tools needed to accomplish the project.

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