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Electrolux Washer Starting Problems (How To Fix)

Electrolux is well known for making some of the highest quality washing machines. From time to time, however, you may still have problems with your Electrolux washer. What can you do if you are having starting problems?

The most common reason why an Electrolux washer is not starting is due to power not getting to the machine. This could be caused by a bad receptacle or perhaps a tripped circuit breaker. If power is getting to the machine, the thermal fuse may be bad.

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Troubleshooting an Electrolux washer is not difficult but sometimes, it may take a little more work than a visual inspection. You may need to remove parts, but it’s good to follow a very specific pattern if your Electrolux washer is having starting problems.

Electrolux Washer Starting Problems

The first thing to check is the power. Do so in the following way:

1. Receptacle – If the receptacle goes bad, then the washer is not going to get the power it needs. You can test a receptacle by plugging in a lamp. If the lamp works, the receptacle is working.

2. Circuit Breaker – Another common reason why power is not getting to the washer is that a circuit breaker was tripped. Go to the breaker panel and open it. Look for a breaker that is out of line with the other breakers. That is a tripped breaker and you can reset it by turning it off and back on again.

3. Power Cord – Inspect the power cord for any visual damage. Look for cuts, scrapes, or tears in the insulation on the power cord. Inspect the plug for any signs of burning. It’s rare for a power cord to go bad but sometimes, it may get damaged if it gets pinched or scraped as the machine moves.

The next thing to check are the fuses:

1. Line Fuse – The line fuse is a small device that is installed in line and regulates the amount of energy coming from the power source to the working parts of the Electrolux washer. If it detects high levels of power, the fuse stops the flow so the interior electronics are not damaged. You can inspect the line fuse and if it is blown, it can be replaced.

2. Thermal Fuse – The thermal fuse is also a fuse, but rather than detecting energy, it detects temperature. If the thermal fuse detects any temperature that is too high, it will blow and stop the machine from working.

You can test a thermal fuse continuity using a multimeter. If it is blown, a thermal fuse can be replaced.

Sometimes, the doorlock is to blame:

The lock on your Electrolux washer does more than keeping the door closed. It is a safety feature that should never be circumvented.

Once the lock is engaged, particularly on a frontload Electrolux washer, it will remain engaged throughout the entire cycle and even shortly after the cycle has ended.

On the other hand, if the lock is not working, then the control board will not get the signal that the machine is okay to start. This may keep your machine from starting in the first place.

Inspect the door lock mechanism for any type of damage. If you can easily pull the door open when it is closed, particularly when the machine is operating, then the door is not locking properly.

The lock strike may also be to blame. This is a relatively thin piece of plastic that often gets broken because the door to the Electrolux washer is being slammed shut. The lock strike can easily be replaced.

There may also be a sensor that signals the control panel that the door is closed and latched. If the sensor has gone bad, it may also keep your machine from operating.

Finally, check the control board:

The control and display board for your Electrolux washer can go bad at times. Often, this will result in a washer not starting as well as some other problems, including multiple error messages.

It is not possible to repair a control or display board. If there are any problems, you can do a visual inspection and replace them if necessary.

To inspect a control board, you will have to disconnect the power by unplugging the washer and then remove the control board. Be careful that you don’t damage it while removing it.

Visually inspect the control board using a magnifying glass. If you see any evidence of burning or cracks, the control board will have to be replaced.

There is one thing that you can try that will correct many of the errors that may be happening and can get your machine back to working again. It’s known as a soft restart, and it’s something you can do easily.

Perhaps you might be curious why there is not a restart button on your Electrolux washer. It is rare that you will have to perform a reset, so they didn’t want to make it automatic because it should not be done too frequently. If you are having a problem starting your washer and the solution isn’t presenting itself, a soft reset may help.

Follow these steps to perform a soft reset:

1. Power Down – The first thing you should do is to power down the washing machine. Press the power button until it turns off. Allow it to fully shut down.

2. Disconnect – After the machine is fully shut down, you can disconnect it from the power source. The easiest way to do this is by unplugging it but you can also turn off the circuit breaker that powers the receptacle.

3. Dissipate – After disconnecting power, you should wait at least five minutes. This allows the power that may be remaining in the washing machine to dissipate. You can hold down the power button for 30 seconds to help speed things along but still wait the full five minutes.

4. Restart – Plug in the washing machine or turn back on the circuit breaker. Press the power button and allow the Electrolux washer to fully run through the startup process. At this point, the machine should be reset and the starting problem may have disappeared.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific issues that can occur with an Electrolux washer and how to fix them:

Electrolux Washer Not Starting

White modern washer with clothes inside

It can be frustrating when your Electrolux washer is not starting. What can be done to fix the problem?

If you have power to the Electrolux washer but it is not starting, then the door may not be closed properly. When an Electrolux washer door is open or if the sensor is signaling that it is open, the machine will not start for safety reasons.

Of course, if there isn’t any power to the Electrolux washer, then it will not start, regardless of what you do. You need to figure out why there isn’t power and reestablish power.

A common reason why this happens is that the circuit breaker has tripped. The washing machine should be on its own circuit but sometimes, there are other things plugged into the circuit and it can overload.

Go to the breaker panel, open it, and look for a circuit breaker that is out of line with the others. You may also see some red coloring on one side of the circuit breaker. This indicates that the circuit has tripped.

You can safely reestablish power by turning the circuit breaker off and turning it back on again. If the circuit breaker continues to trip, you need to see what else may be draining power from the circuit.

Otherwise, it could be a problem with the circuit breaker itself. Contact an electrician if it continues to happen because the breaker may need to be replaced.

Electrolux Washer Start Button Blinking

White modern washer with clothes inside

The start button lights up when the power is on your Electrolux washer. What is the problem when the start button light is blinking?

The start button on your Electrolux washer may start blinking if the door to the washer is not closed properly. Try opening and closing the door again to see if the button stops blinking. Otherwise, you may need to fix the door latch assembly or an associated item.

The door lock is a relatively simple item. On an Electrolux washer, the lock engages when you close the door and start the machine. It’s a safety feature that keeps you from getting injured or keeps your home from getting damaged.

The lock itself engages with an item known as the lock strike. That little piece of plastic engages with the lock itself and when it does so, the control board is signaled that the door is closed.

Unfortunately, the door strike is a relatively thin piece of plastic that breaks easily. Many people tend to slam the door to their Electrolux washer shut and this can cause the plastic to break.

Inspect the lock, door strike, and other associated parts. If you notice that there is any breakage or if they are damaged in any way, you should order replacement parts and replace them.

Electrolux Washer Starts Then Stops

White modern washer with clothes inside

Have you ever gone back to your Electrolux washer and seen that it has not finished the cycle? What can you do when your washer starts and stops?

A common reason why an Electrolux washer starts and stops in the middle of the cycle is that the door latch is broken. If the washing machine detects that the door is open, it will stop the cycle and drain the water immediately.

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This safety feature is one that works silently in the background. That is why you cannot simply pull open the door to your Electrolux washer in the middle of the cycle.

Then again, if the door lock is broken or the sensor is not working, it may be signaling the control board that the door is open. This can happen in the middle of a cycle when pressure is put against the inside of the door.

The door lock is a mechanical device that is also electrically controlled. If the electronics are not working, the lock is not working. Then again, if the lock assembly or door strike is broken, it will not work as well.

One way to test this is by starting a new cycle. As the machine is filling up but before it gets too much water in it, gently pull on the door to see if it will open.

If the door opens without too much effort, the door lock is no longer engaging properly. You should unplug the machine, order a replacement part and have it fixed as soon as possible. Do not use it until the parts are replaced.

Electrolux Washer Start Button Not Working

White modern washer with clothes inside

Are you having problems with your Electrolux washer start button? When the start button is not working, how can you get it working again?

A common reason why an Electrolux start button is not working is that the washer is not getting power. This could be due to a bad receptacle, a tripped breaker, or a damaged power cord. If you don’t have power to the washer, none of the lights will light up. Fix the power and the start button should be repaired.

If you have a brand-new Electrolux washer, this may also be a relatively common problem. It is likely only to happen one time, but it can also happen if you move an Electrolux washer from one place to another.

While the washer is being transported, there is an eco-ball in the hose that can move out of position. It may move up into the hose, blocking it, and doesn’t fall back down again.

Essentially, this creates a vacuum that keeps the washing machine from working. In order to fix the problem, try shaking the machine gently to move the ball back into place again. Otherwise, it may move as you continue to try to start a cycle.

There is another issue that can also occur with a new Electrolux washer. It may not be warmed up and until it is warm, it will not work.

Some people have found that turning on all of the hot water faucets in the home to flood the pipes with hot water will help to speed along this process. If the machine is not detecting hot water during a hot water cycle, it may not work until that happens.

Finally, it may be necessary to do a soft restart in order to get the start button working.

Power down the machine, unplug it and wait five minutes. After waiting five minutes, plug the machine back in again, press the power button, and allow the machine to fully restart. The start button should be working at that time.

Electrolux Washer Starts On Its Own

White modern washer with clothes inside

Do you have an Electrolux washer that starts on its own? How do you fix this issue?

The primary reason why an Electrolux washer starts on its own is that the main control board has gone bad. Unplug the washer, remove the control board, and inspect it for any damage, such as burnt circuitry or cracks. Replace the main control board if necessary.

One other issue is that you were in the middle of a cycle that stopped unexpectedly and didn’t realize it. It may start at a later time without any interaction on your part. Allow it to run through the cycle to completion.

How To Delay Start Your Electrolux Washer

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The delayed start on your Electrolux washer is a convenient option. How do you use it?

You can delay starting an Electrolux washer for anywhere from 30 minutes up to 23 hours. In order to take advantage of delay start, you need to program the options, press the delay start button and then press the start button.

When you begin the delay start sequence, it will walk you through the process of all of the required options. This would include the amount of time until it begins running, as well as the specific cycle that you plan on running.

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After you press the start button, the hourly countdown will begin until the time has expired. At that point, the machine will start.

You can use the delay start on most cycles with the exception of spin, delicate spin, or drain.

How To Cancel Delay Start On Electrolux Washer

White modern washer with clothes inside

Do you need to cancel a delayed start on your Electrolux washer? It’s very easy to do.

To cancel the delay start press the start button. This will engage the unit and begin the process. Press the start button again and hold it in the down position until you see a zero displayed on the control panel. Finish the cancellation of the delay start by pressing the start button a third time.

Another option if this is not working is to perform a soft reset. Power down the Electrolux washer, unplug it and then plug it back in after five minutes. Verify that the delay start countdown has stopped.

When you have Electrolux washer starting problems, it is likely an issue with the power. Check the receptacle and make sure that the circuit breakers have not tripped. Otherwise, it could be a line fuse or thermal fuse that is keeping the washer from starting.

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