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Electrolux Washer Door Lock Problems (How To Fix)

White modern washer with clothes inside

We depend upon our Electrolux washing machines to get the job done each and every day. When they are not working properly, it can be a real problem. What can you do if you have door lock problems with your Electrolux washer?

The most common reason a door lock problem occurs within an Electrolux washer is for the door latch assembly to have gone bad. You can inspect it visually for damage and if any is evident, you should replace the door latch without delay.

The door latch is only one of the many different problems that can occur with your Electrolux washer. At times, it may be a mechanical problem but at other times, it could be an error within the machine.

Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the specific problems that can occur with an Electrolux washer. Each of them may have a different method of correcting, but there may also be some that are very similar to each other.

Electrolux Washer Door Lock Problems

Before we begin to discuss some of the specifics that can occur with your Electrolux washer door lock, let’s look at some of the first things you should do to try to fix the problem.

There may be certain parts of the door lock assembly that may be causing it to stick shut or to stay open. Fortunately, most of these issues are easy to fix.

Check for Mechanical Damage:

Door Lock Motor

This motor is what causes the door to lock in the shut position while the washer is operating. After the door lock motor has engaged, you will not be able to open the machine until the motor has disengaged.

This can be a problem on a number of different levels. It can also just be an inconvenience. For example, if you need to open the machine to add more laundry, you may not be able to do so once the cycle has started.

On the other hand, if the door lock motor is bad and needs to be replaced, it may take a considerable amount of work to fix the problem. It would require that you drain the machine and then manually open the door.

Door Lock

The lock assembly for your Electrolux washer can be visually inspected. If you notice any type of damage, breakage, or if it just doesn’t seem to be working, you can replace it. You generally will not be able to fix a door lock, it must be replaced.

Door Latch

If the latch is defective, it may not allow the door to stay closed or it may close and not open again. You may have to drain the machine and open the latch manually to inspect it.

If you do recognize any signs of damage to the door latch, you will have to replace the latch. It is not a part of your Electrolux washer that can be fixed.

Door Strike

Out of all the different parts on your Electrolux washer, the door strike is likely the one that will break first. It’s a simple piece of plastic that holds the door in place and activates the switch once the door has been shut.

Unfortunately, most people who have Electrolux washers tend to slam the door shut and this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the door strike. You can look at it and see if it shows any sign of breakage. You will have to replace it as it cannot be repaired.


The primary control board is the brain that controls your Electrolux washer. If it is experiencing problems, it may cause the door to lock in the open or closed position.

Unfortunately, you cannot test the main control board but you can remove it and visually inspect it. Look at it under a magnifying glass for any signs of burning, cracks, or other damage.

You cannot fix the main control board but you can buy a new main control board and replace it.

Check for Washer Errors:

There may also be errors that cause your door to stay open or shut. Try the following steps to reset your Electrolux washer and get the door working again:

Step 1: Power Down

Press the power button on your Electrolux washer to shut the machine down. If necessary, hold the power button in for several seconds until it automatically turns off.

Step 2: Disconnect

The washer should be disconnected from power. This is done by either unplugging it from the receptacle or turning off the circuit breaker that powers the washer. Make sure that the washer is actually off by pushing buttons.

Step 3: Wait

You will have to wait a minimum of five minutes with the power turned off to the washer. This is to allow the washer to fully discharge any built-up energy within it. You can also hold down the power button for 30 seconds to ensure that no charge is left.

Step 4: Drain

If there is water in the Electrolux washer, the door is not going to open. You may need to drain the water manually or your model may have a drain hose made specifically for this purpose.

Step 5: Restart

After waiting five minutes, you can restart the Electrolux washer. Allow the washer to fully run through the startup sequence. After it is started, the error is likely to be gone and the door may operate properly.

Check Safety Features:

As you will see, there are many reasons why an Electrolux washer will not operate properly. In many cases, this has to do with safety features that are built into the washer to protect you and your family. Here are a few to consider:


If there is water in your Electrolux washer, the door is not going to open. This is to prevent drowning hazards for children and pets. The door automatically locks when water is present.


The door locking mechanism on your Electrolux washer is heat activated. If the cycle has recently finished and the machine is still hot, the door may not open. Wait a few minutes for the machine to cool down and try again.

You will also appreciate knowing that there is, in many Electrolux washers, a built-in emergency door opening feature. This is not something to take lightly, because you may be risking injury, burns, or damage to your home.

You will have to access a pulldown bar that is typically located in the fluff filler area. You can push the bar down with a screwdriver and doing so will unlatch the door so you can open it.

Do not open the door if there is water in the machine or if the machine is hot or running. Doing so puts you at risk for injury and could damage your home.

Electrolux Washer Door Won’t Open / Jammed Or Stuck

White modern washer with clothes inside

It can be frustrating when you need to get in your Electrolux washer but the door won’t open. If the door is jammed or stuck, what can you do?

A common reason why an Electrolux washer door won’t open is that there is still water in the machine. This is a safety feature that keeps you from flooding your home. Run the machine through a quick spin cycle and wait for the door to unlock.

There may be other issues that can also lead to this problem. You might think that the door is jammed when in reality, it just isn’t opening by design. Here are a few to consider:

No Power

If there is no power to the washing machine, then the door is not going to open. The lock engages and is disengaged electronically, so it requires power. Check the control panel to see if any lights are on. If not, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped.

End of Cycle

After a cycle ends, you have to wait for the door to unlatch. This is done by design to keep you from opening the door too quickly.

The latch to the door is heat activated. Wait at least five minutes after the machine stops running and see if the door will open for you.

Rinse Hold

If you recently ran a rinse and hold cycle, you may not be able to open the machine. This cycle allows water to stay in the machine to keep the laundry wet.

If you need to open the machine after a rinse hold cycle, put it into a cycle that causes it to spin and drain. You will then be able to open the door after waiting for the machine to cool down.


Finally, there may be an error that is causing the machine to stay shut. You can unplug it, wait five minutes, and plug it back in again. After the machine fully restarts, it should be operating and opening.

Electrolux Washer Door Won’t Close/Shut

Male opening washer door

It’s one issue for an Electrolux washer to stay jammed shut. What can you do if the door won’t close in the first place?

A common reason why an Electrolux washer door won’t close is because of damage to the door lock. The door lock assembly must be replaced if damage exists, it can’t be fixed. You can visually inspect it for damage and if any is evident, order a replacement part.

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Another issue that can lead to an Electrolux washer door not closing is for it to be out of line. If the hinges have shifted in some way or another or if the door is bent, it may not close and stay shut.

You might also have issues where the door is not engaging with the door strike. This could be because the door is out of alignment. It might be closed enough that you can get the door to shut but if it isn’t lined up properly, the lock and latch are not going to engage.

Take a close look at the door strike. It is a thin piece of plastic but it is an important part of the Electrolux washer and keeps it operating.

When the door engages with the door strike, it lets the control panel know that the door is closed. This allows the door to lock.

Unfortunately, many people slam the door shut to their Electrolux washer and this can damage the door strike, rendering it unable to engage properly.

Electrolux Washer Will Not Unlock

White modern washer with clothes inside

It can be a real problem when your Electrolux washer will not unlock. Suddenly, you are stuck on the outside trying to get in. What can you do?

A common reason why an Electrolux washer will not unlock is that the load recently stopped. The lock is heat activated so for the machine to unlock automatically, the unit needs to cool down. Wait five minutes and try again.

That is one of the more common reasons but it is by no means the only reason why a washer will not unlock. Understanding some of the further reasons may help you to troubleshoot the issue and get beyond it.

No Power

In order for a washing machine to unlock it has to have power. The control board sends a signal to the lock mechanism and it opens.

If you are having a power outage or if you are having power problems with the Electrolux washer, the open sequence is not going to take place. You can check power by plugging in something else to the same receptacle or push some buttons on the control panel.


Is there water in the machine? One of the safety features of your Electrolux washer keeps it from opening when water is inside.

Run the washer through a spin cycle and that should drain any leftover water. Otherwise, check your manual for the location of an emergency drain hose. Some Electrolux washers have them for this very reason.


If all else fails, unplug the appliance and leave it unplugged for a minimum of five minutes. After you plug it back in, push the power button and allow it to go through the startup sequence. That sometimes fixes all problems.

Electrolux Washer Door Not Locking

White modern washer with clothes inside

An Electrolux washer locks automatically once the cycle starts. It does so to protect you from injury and protect your home from damage. What can you do when the washer door is not locking?

One common reason why an Electrolux washer door is no longer locking is that water is not fully draining out of the machine. This can cause the lock to remain open. If that is the case, secure the door and run through a spin cycle so the water fully drains.

In some cases, the water may not be draining fully, and even running it through a new drain cycle will not fix it. Some Electrolux washers have an emergency drain hose included, but you will have to check your user manual to see if you have one of those options.

Otherwise, you can use a hose and put it down into the drum at the lowest point possible. Siphon the water out into a bucket, being careful that the bucket does not overflow.

After the water has been drained from the machine, wait a few minutes for the machine to reset. At that point, the door should begin locking again but you may need to have the unit checked because it might not be draining properly.

Another reason why an Electrolux washer door may not lock any longer is if the interlock assembly has broken. It may be jammed in the open position, so it will no longer close and lock the unit.

The door interlock assembly can be replaced. You will not be able to repair it.

Electrolux Washer Door Leaking

White modern washer with clothes inside

It can be stressful when we see our Electrolux washer door leaking. In many cases, however, it is a fairly simple thing to fix.

Generally speaking, the door gasket is to blame if you see leaking from the Electrolux washer door. The gasket may have become torn or damaged or it may just not be positioned properly. Visually inspect the gasket and if necessary, adjust or replace it.

The gasket may seem like a relatively small item but in reality, it plays a major role in the operation of your Electrolux washer. If the gasket is damaged in any way, the seal will not be strong enough to keep water from leaking to the outside.

This is not something that can simply be overlooked. A small leak today can quickly turn into a large leak tomorrow.

To check the gasket, look for moisture that may be around the door seal and in particular, on the outside of the door seal. Look at the gasket for any tears or rips. Finally, lift the gasket slightly to make sure that it is still in the proper position.

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Any problems that you may be having with your Electrolux washer door lock are likely due to the door lock assembly or door strike. These two items go together and the door locks automatically. The door strike is a thin piece of plastic that is easy to break but either part could be damaged. Inspect them and if signs of damage exist, replace the parts.

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