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Fire TV Not (Booting/Turning on/Loading)

I’ve had my Fire TV stick for about a year, and it’s worked almost perfectly. But, lately it hasn’t been turning on, and starting up. It took a bit of research to figure out how to fix it, and here’s what I found.

Software glitches or corrupted data in Fire TV can hinder it from turning on, booting, or loading. To resolve this, a power cycle is effective. Unplug the device from its power source for about 60 seconds, then reconnect it. This reset often clears temporary software issues, allowing normal startup.

Another reason for your Fire TV not functioning properly could be due to network connectivity issues. If the device turns on but fails to boot or load content, it might be struggling to connect to the internet.

To fix this, check your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that your internet is working. Try restarting your router and reconnecting your Fire TV to the Wi-Fi network. A stable internet connection is essential for the Fire TV to boot up and load content smoothly.

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In some cases, an outdated or corrupted firmware can cause your Fire TV to malfunction. If the device is not turning on, booting, or loading properly, updating the firmware might resolve these issues.

You can usually update the firmware through the device’s settings. Navigate to ‘Settings’, select ‘My Fire TV’, and choose ‘About’. From there, select ‘Check for Updates’ and follow the instructions to install any available updates. Keeping the firmware up-to-date ensures that your Fire TV operates smoothly and is less prone to such issues.

There are a bunch of different fixes if the remote isn’t causing the issue, and this article will cover everything you need to know about your Fire TV device not booting, turning on/off, and not loading.

Fire TV Not Booting/Starting Up

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Most of the time you can simply press the power button on your Fire TV remote and it will start up and begin loading. But, when nothing happens here’s how to get it working again.

As a whole you should try unplugging your Fire TV device and plugging it back in again. And then check that all the cables are plugged in all the way. Also, make sure the input channel on your TV is set to the correct source for example HDMI1, or HDMI2.

If it’s on HDMI1, but your Fire TV device is plugged into HDMI2, then nothing will display on your TV even if your Fire TV device is turned on.

The remote might have also dropped off from being paired with your Fire TV device. You can pair multiple devices to your Fire TV device such as a remote, or a game controller but you can only have a maximum of 7 devices paired to it at a time.

You can verify what devices are paired to see if your remote is currently connected to your Fire TV device by going to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes (source: link).

However, if your remote isn’t working you need to download the Fire TV app to your smartphone and use your smartphone as the remote.

If your Fire TV remote isn’t listed as one of the connected devices under that menu then your remote has been unpaired and you need to pair it again.

From the screen where it shows all the remotes and controllers connected to your Fire TV stick, if you press and hold the Home button on your Amazon Fire TV remote for 10 seconds it will pair your Fire TV remote to your Fire TV device again. Then it will work to turn your Fire TV on.

Fire TV Not Turning On

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Recently, I decided to catch up on some shows, but my Fire TV just wouldn’t turn on. It was perplexing and a bit frustrating, considering how much I rely on it for my weekend entertainment. Have you ever faced a similar issue where your Fire TV suddenly becomes unresponsive? It’s a common problem, but figuring out the cause and solution can be quite the puzzle.

If your Fire TV is not turning on, one possible reason could be a power supply issue. Ensure that the Fire TV’s power cord is securely plugged into both the device and the power outlet. Sometimes, the power cable can become loose or the outlet may be faulty. Try plugging the device into a different outlet or using a different power cable to determine if the issue is with the power supply.

Another potential reason for a Fire TV not turning on is a problem with the remote control. The remote might be unresponsive due to dead batteries or a lost connection with the device.

Replace the batteries in the remote, and then try resetting it. To reset, press and hold the ‘Left’ and ‘Menu’ buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Afterward, remove the batteries and unplug the Fire TV device for one minute. Replug the device and reinsert the batteries to see if this resolves the issue.

Sometimes, the issue can stem from a software glitch within the Fire TV system. These glitches can cause the device to freeze or not start properly.

Performing a hard reset can often resolve this. Unplug the Fire TV device from the power source, wait for about 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. This process can clear temporary software issues.

If the device still doesn’t turn on, a more extensive reset or software update might be necessary, which can be done through the device settings or the Amazon account associated with the Fire TV.

Fire TV Not Turning Off

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Then, there is the opposite problem where your Fire TV won’t turn off. While the remote can be used to put your Fire TV to sleep, technically, a Fire TV device doesn’t turn off. Here’s why…

As a whole your Fire TV device will always be on, unless you unplug it from the wall socket. The only option similar to turning it off is to put in sleep mode, but it will also put itself into sleep mode if it isn’t used for 20 minutes.

You can access sleep mode by pressing and holding the Home button on your remote for 3 seconds. Then it will bring up some options. Of these you can select ‘Sleep’ to put your Fire TV device to sleep.

The process is identical if you’re using your smartphone or tablet with the Fire TV app as the remote. But, you first select ‘Settings’ and then an option will come up to select ‘Sleep’. To completely turn off your Fire TV all together you should unplug the power by disconnecting the micro USB cable that goes to the power adapter.

Fire TV Won’t Load

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A Fire TV stick starts up really quick, and is even faster at loading up a TV show or movie. But, sometimes it can hang and not load at all. To get it working again here’s what you do.

A Fire TV device that doesn’t load can be fixed by restarting the device, and checking your internet connection. Because your Fire TV stick is ‘always on’ certain apps can freeze or have a fatal error that stops your device from loading. And resetting it will cause it to work again.

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To do that you can unplug the device completely from the power. Wait for a little bit and then plug it in again.

If Fire TV won’t load an app, there are 2 things to try. First, try clearing the cache of the app and relaunch the app and see if it loads. If it doesn’t try the second option which is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Here are the steps for each approach.

1. Clear the cache for the app

The cache is a folder that contains temporary internet files, so that your Fire TV doesn’t need to download them each time. And makes your Fire TV run faster. But, some of the files in the cache can get corrupted or it can have too many files in it that can cause a memory issue.

You can clear the cache for any app by going to the home screen on your Fire TV then choosings settings. From the settings select Applications > Manage Installed Applications > then choose the device that has the issue and select ‘clear cache’.

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Try to open the app again and see if it loads. If it still doesn’t then you should try reinstalling the app.

2. Reinstall the app

Doing a fresh install of the app that’s causing the issue can make it work again. To do that you can simply select the option from the same menu option you used to clear the cache. There will be an option there to uninstall the app.

After it uninstalls the app you need to install it again by searching for it in the Apps part of the Fire TV menu. Once you find it you can just move the cursor over the app and press the enter key to open it. There will be a brief description of the app and then below that will be a button where you can install the app again.

If you try that and you Fire TV or an app on your Fire TV still doesn’t load, then it’s best to contact Amazon customer support about the issue.

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