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GE Dishwasher Top Rack Falling Off Track (How to Fix)

If your GE dishwasher is off track regularly, it may be specific to the model.

A common issue causing the GE dishwasher top rack to fall off its track is damaged or loose end caps at the track’s end. These end caps hold the rack within the tracks when pulling it out or pushing it in. Replacing worn or broken end caps with new ones should secure the rack and prevent it from coming off.

Dishwasher in the kitchen

If the top rack continues to come off the track, it may be due to faulty rollers or axles, which can wear out over time or break from strain. Check for damaged components or signs of wear and replace the defective rollers or axles to ensure smooth movement and stability of the rack.

Reasons Why A GE Dishwasher Top Rack Keeps Falling Off Track

Dishwasher in the kitchen

Issues can occur with any part of the dishwasher but one of the more common problems is for the dishwasher top rack to fall off track. What can be done when this happens?

Dishwasher racks will fall off track when the stopper at the end of the rail is broken or missing. These little plastic or rubber pieces hold the rack in place. Without them, the top rack will roll forward and fall off the rail.

This is the most common reason why a dishwasher top rack will fall off track but it is by no means the only reason.


A GE dishwasher not cleaning dishes effectively is often due to blockages in the spray arms, preventing water from reaching all areas. To fix this, detach the spray arms and rinse them under water, using a toothpick to remove any debris from the holes. Ensure they’re completely clear before placing them back in the dishwasher.

Before You Start Troubleshooting Your GE Dishwasher

Dishwasher in the kitchen

If you plan on working on the dishwasher, you should plan on doing so safely. Dishwashers are lightweight and most people feel that they are safe working on them, but looks can be deceiving.

If a dishwasher is not secured in place properly, it can fall forward, causing injury or damage. In addition, if you are working on the top rack, that will make matters worse because it is top-heavy.

Most dishwashers are attached to the countertop with a small L bracket and screw. You will see it when you open the door of the dishwasher and look under the countertop.

Make sure that the bracket is in place because, if it is missing, it is more likely to slide out and fall forward while you are working on it.

Another common problem is regarding electricity. Working on the top rack is not going to be dangerous but if you open any panels or do any electrical work, you should turn off the power first.

Unplugging the dishwasher is the easiest way to accomplish his purpose but in most cases, the plug is behind the dishwasher.

You may have to turn off the breaker that is powering the receptacle from the breaker box. When you do so, find a way to lock people out of the breaker box so they don’t turn on the breaker inadvertently while you’re working on the appliance.

There are also plenty of parts that could easily cut you, especially if they are cracked or broken. It is best if you wear some all-purpose gloves while working on the dishwasher unless you need the dexterity of your fingers.

Safety glasses are another important piece of equipment that should always be worn when doing a DIY project. If you don’t have safety glasses on, you could easily damage your vision permanently.

We will now consider some of the more common reasons why a dishwasher top rack falls off track. Even if it doesn’t fall completely off the tracks, the little shift will keep it from working properly.

Fixing Your GE Dishwasher Top Rack

Dishwasher in the kitchen

The following five reasons are some of the more common why a dishwasher top rack may fall off track. They are also some of the easier to fix.

We will provide you with the issue and the related solution so you can get your dishwasher back in working order quickly and easily.

1. Dirty Top Rail

This is a common problem, especially if you don’t pre-rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. I’m not necessarily saying you should do so, but you should be aware of the possibility that debris could be causing the top rack to jump off the rail.

Fortunately, the fix for this particular problem is easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the railings and tracks, making sure to get in all of the nooks and crannies and both sides of the track. When you do so, you will likely find that your top rack is sliding in and out without falling any longer.

Essentially, you are trying to keep anything from disrupting the free flow of the rollers. The rollers in the dishwasher top rack are not necessarily the most complicated or highest quality item in the appliance. They are the source of many headaches, but if you treat them carefully, they will not likely need to be replaced very often.

2. Roller Alignment

The rollers tend to be self-sufficient but from time to time, they can get out of alignment. This can cause problems because they may not stay on track properly and the top rack may partially fall.

If you are having problems with the top rack falling off track regularly, you should check the rollers for proper alignment. Look on both sides of the dishwasher and if any are out of alignment, they should either be adjusted or replaced.

The easiest way to determine if roller alignment is a problem is to look for rollers that are leaning, cracked, or if they are not down in the track properly.

In some cases, you will not be able to align the rollers and we will discuss that soon.

3. Tighten Railings

If the rollers are not damaged or out of alignment, there may be an issue with the railings. In some dishwashers, it is possible for the railings to be adjusted to make it easier to roll the top rack in and out.

The rails can also be adjusted up and down in some dishwasher models to accommodate taller items. If you find that you are having problems fitting things in the top rack regularly, this type of adjustment may be necessary.

Since there is a lot of vibration going on when the dishes are being cleaned, it can cause the railings to get out of alignment. If that is the case, you may have to loosen the railings, put them back in alignment, and tighten them again.

Essentially, if the wheels are not properly seated in the railing, it is either a problem with the wheels or with the railing itself.

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4. Lubrication

It is not always necessary to lubricate the top rack rails but it helps if they are constantly falling off the track. When they are not lubricated, the friction can cause a vibration when you are moving the top rack in and out and it could jump track.

Lubricating the railing is going to be an ongoing process if you use a water-soluble lubricant. On the other hand, using a heavier lubricant may not be desirable because it could get on the dishes during the cleaning process.

The best way to lubricate the railing is to use a small amount of silicone or dish soap. Put it on a rag and rub it along both sides of the track to lubricate it.

After you lubricate the top rails, the rack will slide in and out smoothly. It will be much less likely to dislodge after this step has been taken.

5. Obstructions

There are also times when a small obstruction can keep the rack from moving properly. It could end up jumping track and dislodging on occasion.

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Obstructions can be small screws that are sticking through the rail, dirt, pieces of food, or broken parts. If you see any issues that need to be addressed, clear the obstructions and then fix any items that are broken.

These are the top reasons why the top rack may be falling off track. You may find that there are some more specific to different manufacturers, as we discussed below.

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