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GE Washer Hums But Won’t Spin (How To Fix)

It can be stressful when our washing machine isn’t working. Sometimes, it can be a big problem that requires a lot of repairs but at other times, it may just be a simple solution that is needed. That may be the case when your GE washer hums but won’t spin.

A common reason why a GE washer hums and doesn’t spin is if the carbon brushes in the motor are worn out. Those brushes, which are found on the sides of the motor do wear out from time to time, although it does not happen in every machine.

Modern white washer with clothes inside

Fortunately, if the brushes are the problem, it is not an expensive fix. The brushes themselves do not cost much money and you can easily replace them, or hire a professional to do so.

GE Washer Hums But Won’t Spin (How To Fix)

It would be nice to say that there is only one reason why you may experience this problem but honestly, there are many reasons to consider. They include such problems as the washing machine being in a test mode, due to a power failure, or if the cycle wasn’t completed properly.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of hit-and-miss to find out what works and what gets your washing machine back up and running again. That is what this article is designed to do.

Top Reasons GE Washer Hums But Won’t Spin

Modern white washer with clothes inside

In this article, we will go through 7 different reasons why you may have a humming sound coming from your GE washer. If you have that sound along with a lack of spinning motion, then one of these problems is likely to blame.

As you go down through the list, you are likely to see issues that are relatively easy to check. Others may be easy to fix. You may find that you have to test and see which one works for you, as it is often trial and error.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Jammed Drain Pump

Modern washer with clothes inside

A common reason why a GE washer is no longer spinning and may give off a humming sound is if the drain pump is jammed. This may be a simple matter of unclogging it or it may need to be replaced.

When your washing machine is no longer draining, it is going to stop spinning for safety reasons. After all, the last thing you would want is for the washing machine to overflow and flood your home.

If you think that the drain pump may be to blame, you can manually drain the GE washer and remove the drain pump. It can be tested using a multi-meter.

There may be other issues that are also causing the drain pump not to work properly. This could include having something jammed in the pump or perhaps the drain hose is either kinked or blocked.

Once you get the water flowing again, you will find that your GE washer is back up and running as well.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Broken Motor Coupling

Modern washer with clothes inside

Another issue is one that occurs with the motor coupling. The motor coupling exists between the transmission and the motor. When problems occur with the coupling, then the transmission is no longer working and the motor will home but the machine will not spin.

At times, you may need to replace the motor coupling. This will require a little work on your part because you have to remove the entire assembly to replace it. Typically, somebody with some DIY skills will be able to handle the situation.

There may also be times when the motor coupling is doing its job. This occurs when you have the machine overloaded and the coupling stops allowing the transmission to run in order to keep the machine from burning out.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Clogged Inlet Valve

Modern washer with clothes inside

If you don’t have water coming into the washing machine, it is likely to stop spinning. It may also have a humming noise that is associated with it as well.

One common way that this takes place is if the water inlet valve is faulty. This valve is a one-way valve that allows water to enter the washing machine but does not allow water to exit.

If the valve is stuck or no longer working, then the water will not be flowing into the GE washer. When that happens, the washer will not operate because it detects the lack of water and shuts down on purpose.

The water inlet valve can be replaced. If you have the skills to do so yourself, it is a relatively straightforward process. Otherwise, you may need to contact a professional for help.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Locked Motor

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One of the bigger issues that can cause a GE washer to stop spinning is if the motor is locked. This typically means that you will have to replace the motor because it can be replaced but it cannot typically be repaired.

One way that you can tell if this is a problem is if the machine tends to stop during a cycle. It may attempt to spin, which is why it has a humming noise but it will not actually spin.

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The reason why this happens is that the motor is still strong enough to go through the filling cycle and the agitation cycle but the spinning cycle requires too much energy.

If you’re going to check the motor, make sure that you disconnect all power to the machine by either unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker. Be sure that you mark the breaker so that nobody turns it on accidentally while you are working on the washer.

After removing the motor, you can use a multimeter to check it for continuity. If it doesn’t check out, then the motor will have to be replaced.

If you have the skills to remove a motor and test it, then you also have the skills to replace it. Otherwise, you can contact a professional who can change the motor for you easily.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Load Imbalance

Modern washer with clothes inside

Sometimes, the reason why your washing machine is no longer spinning is an easy one to fix. It is also a common issue that most people tend to miss.

When we load our washing machine, it is important to make sure that we load it in a way that equally distributes the load. If the load tends to be on one side, then the imbalance is going to stop the machine from spinning.

Typically, you will recognize this type of issue because the washing machine will start making a loud thumping noise. It will also shake violently because of the imbalance in the load.

If this is a problem, try unloading the washing machine and reloading it again. Make sure that you don’t put too much weight on one side of the machine.

You can also try resetting the motor at this point. Start by unplugging the washer for one minute and plugging it in again.

Within 30 seconds after reestablishing power, begin lifting and lowering the lid. You will have to lift and lower it six times within 12 seconds.

At this point, the motor has been reset and you should be good to go.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To a Bad Lid Switch

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One of the weakest points of any washing machine is the lid switch. It tends to break easily when we slam the lid shut and it can keep the machine from operating.

If the lid is not closed properly, the GE washer will not spin. This is a safety feature that is built into the washing machine to protect you and your family from harm. On the other hand, if the lid is closed but the lid switch is faulty, it will signal to the control board that the lid is open.

Some GE models will fill with water, even if the lid switch is not working. That is why you can fill the washing machine with water when the lid is open.

The issue really occurs when you try to go through a spin cycle with the lid open. The safety feature will not allow it to happen.

The lid switch can be replaced easily. You should also be cautious not to slam the lid shut any longer to allow the switch to last as long as possible.

GE Washer Won’t Spin Due To Interrupted Cycle

Modern washer with clothes inside

Sometimes, we have to interrupt a cycle in order to add clothing or perhaps if the machine is off-balance. This can keep the machine from spinning.

When a pause occurs in a GE washer cycle, the controls will stop working. Perhaps a power failure stopped the machine from operating and when the power came back on, you were stuck in the middle of a cycle.

Regardless of why it happens, it is a relatively easy thing to fix. Sometimes, it is just a matter of waiting for the machine to eventually cycle and release any water that is in it. Doing so may take up to 24 hours.

In the end, you may have to shut off power to the washer by turning off the circuit breaker or unplugging it. Wait a minute and plug it back in again. This should reset the washer and get it back up and running.

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A common reason why a GE washer hums and doesn’t spin is if the carbon brushes are worn out. These brushes are found on the side of the motor and are easy to replace.

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