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GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps (How To Fix)

One of the appliances that we perhaps use more than any other around the home is the washing machine. We want it to keep our clothes clean but what do you do when your GE washer beeps and will not start?

The most common reason a GE washer won’t start and beeps is that the door is not shut. Try shutting the door firmly or, it may be a problem with the sensor that is indicating the door is not shut when it is. You can check the door sensor with a multimeter.

Modern white washer with clothes inside

If you are able to fix the problem by simply shutting the door or fixing the door sensor, that is one of the easiest solutions. As you are about to find out, however, there are many other reasons why you may get a beeping noise from your GE washer and it will not start.

5 Top Reasons GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps

Modern white washer with clothes inside

As you look down through the following problems and solutions, you are likely to find one that works well for you. We have identified five main reasons why this issue can occur and the easiest way to fix them.

You might also find that it is not just one problem but sometimes, there can be multiple problems that occur at the same time. This often takes place when one issue leads to another before the problem manifests itself.

The best thing to do is to look down through the list and see which solution works for you. Work from the top to the bottom, and you will find what helps to get your GE washer back on track again.

The following are possible reasons why your GE Washer Won’t Start and Just Beeps.

GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps Due To The Door Sensor

Modern washer with clothes inside

If the door sensor is not working properly, you will likely get a beeping noise and nothing will work. This is a safety feature that is built into GE washers to keep you from getting injured or from flooding the home.

The problem is, that the door may actually be shut but the sensor is just sending the wrong information to the control board. If the sensor is not working, no matter how hard you close the door, it will not allow the machine to turn on.

Fortunately, the door sensor is a relatively simple item to replace. It can be replaced along with the latch and strike, both of which can also be a problem in some cases.

If you do have the door sensor fixed, it is important that you don’t break it immediately after fixing it. Most people tend to slam the door shut or allow the lid to the washer to drop. This could be a problem.

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The latch for the door is one of the weakest pieces of equipment on the washer. Typically, it is just a small piece of plastic and it is easy to break. When you close the door or drop the lid, do so gently so this issue does not continue to occur.

GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps Due to the Motor Needing Reset

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It is not uncommon for a GE washer to need to be reset. In fact, if you were to contact the tech support department at GE, this would be the first thing they tell you to do.

Resetting a GE washer accomplishes many things. It is important to recognize, however, that there is not a dedicated reset button on your GE washer. It can still be done, but you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Unplug – The first step in the process is to disconnect the GE washer from the power source. This can be done by either unplugging the washing machine or by turning off the breaker that powers the circuit.

After disconnecting power to the washing machine, try pushing a few buttons on the control pad to see if you get any lights or sounds. If so, the power has not really been disconnected.

Step 2: Wait – After you unplug the GE washer or turn off the breaker, you should wait at least one minute before you restore the power again. This gives enough time for any residual energy in the washing machine to dissipate.

Step 3: Lift and Lower – After you reestablish power to the GE washer, you have 30 seconds to begin to lift and lower the lid. You must lift the lid and lower it again six times in 12 seconds.

You don’t have to lift the lid entirely open, you just need to lift it until it is at least 2 inches open. This lets you know for sure that the magnetic seal on the lid is no longer connecting.

You should also ensure that every time you close the lid, it is closed entirely. Do not allow the lid to slam shut because that could damage the sensor.

After you lift and lower the lid six times within 12 seconds, you have reset the motor. This simple exercise should allow the washing machine to begin operating at peak performance once again.

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Anytime you get a small glitch in the washing machine, it is best to reset the machine and the motor. You can follow these simple steps to do so and it will often correct little errors and glitches.

GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps Due To a Software Glitch

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GE washing machines are no longer simply mechanical items, they also have software that runs them in the background. If you are constantly having problems where your washing machine will run and it is beeping, a software glitch can be to blame.

Unfortunately, you can’t download a new operating machine for your GE washer. If there are electrical issues or other problems due to a glitch, you have to reset the machine.

Resetting a GE washing machine for this purpose is not difficult. You need to unplug the machine or turn off the circuit breaker for a few minutes to allow any residual energy to dissipate.

Some people find that it is necessary to allow an hour or more or perhaps even to let the machine unplugged overnight. If the problem is persistent, you may need to try it yourself.

After waiting the appropriate amount of time, plug the machine in again or turn on the circuit breaker and allow the machine to start. After it runs through the startup process, the glitch should be gone.

GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps Due To Lack of Water

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Sometimes the issue that is causing your GE washer to beep and not run is a simple one to fix. That is generally the case if it is beeping due to a lack of water.

Obviously, running a washing machine without water is going to be an exercise in futility. That is why it is important to ensure that the water is flowing properly to the GE washer when it is running.

This may be an issue that is simply caused because you turned off the water and have not turned it back on again. This sometimes happens when we go on vacation and turn the water off for safety reasons. It might also happen if you turned off the water to work on the washer.

Sometimes, the water pressure may be low enough that it doesn’t allow the washer to work properly. Perhaps other people are using the water in the home, taking showers, or perhaps you are doing dishes with a dishwasher.

If the water pressure is not up to standards in your home, you may need to run your washing machine during the time of day when nobody else is using the water system. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call a plumber to see why your water pressure is so low.

GE Washer Won’t Start Just Beeps Due To Control Board Problems

Modern washer with clothes inside

Although rare, it is possible that control Board problems can cause your GE washer to beep and not to run. This is an issue that may be overcome easily or it may take some extensive work on your part to get it running again.

The first thing to try is resetting the washing machine. Doing so will sometimes correct problems with the control board if they are software related.

There is not a dedicated reset button on your GE washer so you will have to reset it by turning off the power, waiting at least one minute, and then turning it back on again.

If you don’t have easy access to the receptacle so you can unplug the machine, you may need to go to the breaker panel and turn off the proper breaker. In either case, make sure that there is no power to the machine by pushing buttons on the control panel and looking for lights or sounds.

After you reestablish the power to the GE washer and allow the startup process to complete, the beeping should have stopped. If not, you may need to replace the control panel.

Make sure that the washing machine is turned off before you remove the control board. Visually inspect the board for any damage, such as burnt circuitry or cracks. If there is any noticeable damage or if the problem is persistent, order a new main board and replace it.

A GE washer may beep and not start for a number of reasons but the most common reason is a faulty door sensor. If the door sensor is failing or broken, it will signal the control board that the door is open and it will not start for safety reasons. You can replace the door sensor along with the latch.

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