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Hotpoint Dryer Won’t Spin (How To Fix)

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When your Hotpoint dryer is not spinning, it may be due to a defective pulley.

There are only a few working parts that allow the dryer drum to spin. They include the motor, the tensioner, belt, and pully.

If the pulley is not working properly, then you will not have sufficient tension on the belt and it may even cause the belt to get stuck.

Open the dryer and inspect the idler pulley. If it is damaged, it should be replaced along with the belt.

When you have a dryer that won’t spin, replace the drive belt. The drive belt can get scratched or otherwise damaged and as a result, it will not be tight on the drum. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the motor.

Why Hotpoint Dryer Won’t Spin

White modern dryer

One of the more frustrating issues we may experience with the dryer is when it won’t spin. Typically, we are using the dryer at the time to stay productive but it is easy to get behind on the laundry when the dryer won’t work.

A broken or stretched drive belt will cause a dryer to stop spinning. If you can reach in and turn the drum manually by hand without feeling resistance, you will have to replace the drive belt because it is probably broken.

That may sound like bad news but in reality, it is actually good news. A dryer is a relatively simple machine and there are very few parts that can break within it.

If you can just get the one issue that is causing the dryer to not spin, you can usually fix it within a short amount of time. The dryers are easily able to be worked on by most weekend warriors and DIY enthusiasts, but some caution needs to be considered.

Even electricians will not work on live electric without thinking about it first. Electrical work is one of the most dangerous things you can do as a DIYer.

That is why it is important to ensure that the electric is fully shut off before you do any work on the dryer. This will either require you to unplug the dryer or to turn off the circuit breakers connected to the dryer.

It isn’t enough to simply disconnect the dryer from power. You must have control over the electrical, which means you either need to have the electrical plug in view or lock out the breaker panel.

You might be thinking that it is going overboard to lock out the panel. Believe me, having the breaker reenergized can happen in an instant and if you have your hands where they don’t belong, the results can be tragic.

Since you are working with a lot of sheet metal parts in sharp objects when working on a dryer, you should also wear appropriate gloves. Cutlass codes are best but even a good pair of all-purpose gloves will save your hands in many cases.

Have you given any thought to wearing safety glasses? It only takes a moment for something to fall in your eye or for you to get poked in the eye and you will lose it for life. You only have two eyes, make sure you protect them.

Now that we have discussed safety, we will look down through some of the different considerations for what could be wrong with your dryer and how to fix the most common issues associated with a dryer not spinning.

Ways To Fix Hotpoint Dryer That Won’t Spin

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We’ve already covered one of the primary reasons why a dryer won’t spin. Now we will expand on that thought along with four other reasons why the issue may occur.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is the primary reason why the problem takes place. You will find that it solves the issue in almost all cases. Otherwise, you may need to contact a technician for assistance.

Drive Belt or Belt Tensioner

The drive belt wraps around the drum and as the belt spins, the drum spins. You can’t see it working because it takes place in the inner workings of your dryer.

The drive belt is similar to any other type of belt, such as the alternator belt on your car. It is flexible and therefore, it is possible to stretch or break it. When that occurs, the dryer either will not spin at all or it will only spin periodically.

You can check the drive belt by spinning the dryer by hand. If it spins with no resistance, then the belt is likely to blame.

A related issue is the belt tensioner. This item maintains the tension on the drive belt so it wraps tightly around the drum and continues spinning.

If that belt tensioner is worn out or broken, the drum may not spin as well. It is not typically something that can be adjusted or repaired, it must be replaced.

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is similar to the belt tensioner but it does serve another purpose. The idler pulley is responsible for guiding the belt while the belt tensioner is responsible for keeping tension on the belt.

If the idler pulley is faulty, then you will not have enough tension on the drive belt and it will not spin the drum. It could be the result of the idler pulley being seized or it may be worn out but in either case, a loose belt is going to result in a drum not spinning.

Like the belt tensioner, the idler pulley is something that cannot be repaired or adjusted. If it is damaged or faulty in some way, it will have to be replaced.

Broken Drum Roller

The drum roller is responsible for supporting the drum as it rotates. There are actually more than one roller and the drum sits on them and they spin along with the drum as it spins.

Drum rollers are one of the more common reasons why a drum may not be spinning. They tend to wear out and if they are abused in any way, due to overloading the dryer or other issues, they can get damaged.

You may notice that the drum is not spinning smoothly any longer or perhaps, it has stopped spinning altogether. In either case, the drum rollers will have to be replaced. We discuss how to replace them in the next section.

Faulty Drum Glides

The drum roller and drum glides are similar to each other. The drum glides provide a surface where the drum can spin smoothly as it rotates.

When the drum glides wear out or if they are damaged, the drum may not spin and it could get stuck in position. They are relatively easy to replace, but you will have to tear the dryer apart to get to them.

Faulty Motor

One other issue that can keep the drum from spinning is if the motor is not working properly. This is not a common problem, but it is something that happens on occasion.

We discussed how to test and replace the motor in further detail in the next section. More than likely, the motor will have given you signs that it is wearing out, as you may hear a humming or buzzing that indicates a problem.

Faulty motors are not able to be fixed. They are replaceable, but most people are not able to fix them and they should be replaced rather than repaired.

Considerations When Fixing Hotpoint Dryer

White modern dryer

There are a number of solutions that can get your dryer spinning when it is no longer spinning. These will be different from one job to another, but you will find that the following three options work in most cases.

Replace the Drive Belt

Follow the following steps to inspect and replace the drive belt and your dryer.

Step 1. Disconnect

Always disconnect the dryer prior to doing any work that requires opening the panels. You can unplug the dryer or turn off the circuit breaker.

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Step 2. Access: There may be different steps necessary for accessing the belt, depending upon the dryer model. In most cases, you will have to either open the front or rear panel and you should see the belt wrapped around the outside of the drum, provided it is not broken.

Step 3. Inspect: Visually look for signs of damage to the belt. It could be worn, stretched, or frayed. If you see indications that the drive belt is damaged, it should be replaced.

Step 4. Belt Removal: If the belt is broken, it can typically be pulled from the dryer. Otherwise, you may need to adjust the belt tensioners or motor to remove it. Be cautious when removing the belt so you don’t cause any damage to the pulley system or other parts.

Step 5. Installation: After the belt has been removed, you can check for any damage to the parts and then install the new belt. The belt should be wrapped around the drum but make sure it is in the same place as the old belt. After looping the belt around the motor pulley, use the tensioner to restore the tension.

Step 6. Testing: As a final step in the process, plug the dryer in and run it through a brief cycle. Make sure that the drum is spinning as expected. You can then reassemble the dryer.

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Testing and Replacing the Motor

The motor is not something that can be repaired. You will have to replace it if it is faulty. Take the following steps to do so.

Step 1. Disconnection: The dryer should be disconnected from the electrical source and you should maintain control of the electricity to ensure it is not plugged in again.

Step 2. Accessing The Motor: There may be different positioning for the motor, depending upon the model of dryer you own. More than likely, you will be removing either the front or rear panel to gain access to it. You can download the manufacturer’s instructions online or look at your manual.

Step 3. Testing the Motor: A multimeter can be used to test the motor windings. You should have continuity between certain motor terminals, but you will need to look at a diagram to ensure you are testing the right parts. If you don’t have the proper readings for continuity, you probably have a defective motor.

Step 4. Replacing the Motor: If you do not get continuity on the motor or if it is obviously faulty, you will have to replace it. Remove mounting screws and disconnect the wiring harness before putting the new motor in place. Simply reverse the order of operations to install the new motor.

Step 5. Testing: Reassemble the dryer and reestablish power. You can then run a test cycle to ensure that the motor is operating as expected. The drum should be spinning at this point.

Replacing the Drum Rollers

The drum rollers serve a number of purposes that support the drum as it rotates. Aside from providing the physical support, they also allow the rotation to take place freely. If they are not working as expected, the drum may get stuck and not spin.

Take the following steps to replace the drum rollers:

Step 1. Disconnect: As is the case with any work you are doing internally, you should disconnect the dryer by either unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker.

Step 2. Access the Area: The drum rollers are typically deep within the dryer, so you will have to remove the panels and the drum in some cases. You can find information about how to handle your specific model by looking at the manual online.

Step 3. Inspection: The drum rollers can be visually inspected for any signs that they are damaged. They may have flat spots or could be cracked. Check for signs that they have too much play.

If the drum rollers are damaged or show any signs of wear and tear, they should be replaced. Replace all of the drum rollers at this time.

Step 4. Removal: Drum rollers can be removed by removing screws or clips from the shaft or bracket that holds them in place.

PRO TIP: Take a picture of the roller position so you can install the new rollers in place properly. If you install them backwards, they will not work.

Step 5. Installation: The installation process from the new rollers is the reverse of the removal process. Make sure they are properly secured in place and then spin them to ensure smooth rotation.

Step 6. Testing: The final step in the process is to put the drum in place and spin it manually. It should spin freely without any sign of stopping or slowing. It should also be relatively quiet.

You can now reassemble the dryer.

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