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How To Clean Brick House

Not only are bricks an ideal material for building houses, but they also are aesthetically pleasing to look at. However, if you do not properly maintain your brick structure, it will begin to lose its luster over time as dust and mold settle in the pores of the brick. So how do you make sure your brick walls remain in the best possible condition?

Man cleaning the brick house using washing tool

You can use natural, household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, or your favorite dish detergent to effectively clean your brick house. In case you’re faced with extremely stubborn stains you want to remove, you can also resort to bleach or muriatic acid.

Generally, brick structures do not require much maintenance. However, if you do occasionally clean your brick walls, it will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the structure. Just make sure you’re using the correct cleaning techniques to avoid doing more harm than good.

Things You Need To Do Before Cleaning Your Brick House

Man cleaning the brick house using washing tool

Make sure you have the proper cleaning strategy before you go in with any aggressive cleaning solutions. A proper cleaning strategy is important if you want to effectively clean dirt and stains without damaging any properties of the bricked surface.

Check The Weather Forecast

Whichever day you decide upon cleaning your brick house, make sure the temperature is not too hot. The ideal temperature to clean brick is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too hot, the cleaning solution that you use on the brick will dry up very quickly, leaving behind residue stains on the brick, which will definitely not look good.

Protect The Surroundings

There is a chance that the cleaning solution you decide to use to clean your bricks might end up damaging other surfaces, such as metals or woods. That is why you must use a tarp or any other covering to make sure that the cleaning solution does not come into contact with any other surrounding surfaces that may not be able to withstand the strength of the brick-cleaning solution.

Prepare The Bricks

If the cleaning solution is applied straight onto dry bricks, the bricked surface will end up absorbing the solution due to its porosity. To create a barrier, spray the brick surface with just enough water to dampen the surface. Spraying with water will also remove any loose dirt on the bricks.

Create The Cleaning Solvent

Brick surfaces usually do not require specific chemicals or professional help to be perfectly cleaned. In fact, some of the most effective cleaning solutions can be made from common household supplies and can be quite cost-friendly as well. Before you dive in with a cleaning solution, determine what kind of cleaning your bricks require.

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Basic/Interior Brick House Cleaning

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If you intend to do a basic clean-up of the interior brick structure of your home, a simple cleaning solution will most likely do the job. If you have some very stubborn stains that you want to get rid of, in that case, you can opt for a stronger cleaning solution.

Using Dish Soap To Clean A Brick House

Dish soap is one of the easiest yet effective methods to clean pretty much anything, including brick walls. If you’re cleaning interior brick walls, a simple dish soap solution could be your best option.

How To Use Dish Soap?

If you follow a few simple steps, you can use dish soap to effectively clean your interior brick surfaces.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is mix some dish soap in a large bucket of warm water. Stir well to make sure that none of the soap sinks to the bottom.

Step 2: Now pour the solution over the surface you wish to clean and scrub it well with a clean stiff-bristle brush.

Step 3: Finally, rinse the bricks with fresh water to remove the residual solution to prevent any stains.

Using Vinegar To Clean A Brick House

To deal with more stubborn stains while maintaining the integrity of your bricked surface, a vinegar and water solution can do the job for you. The acidity of the vinegar is ideal for breaking down stains or dirt layers that may have accumulated over time. Moreover, vinegar is readily available in most households and is quite easy on the bank.

How to use vinegar?

I have prepared a step-by-step guide to explain everything you need to know about using vinegar to clean your patio.

Step 1: Begin by mixing equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water. It is recommended to use white vinegar for cleaning purposes as the colored version can cause stains to appear on your brick.

Step 2: Fill a spray bottle with the solution you’ve made and spray it all over the brick surface. Make sure to let this solution sit for 10-15 minutes before you start scrubbing.

Step 3: Scrub the surface with a washcloth to get rid of all the dirt and stains. If stains are not coming off, use a stiff nylon brush for scrubbing.

Step 4: Once you have cleaned all the stains, rinse the surface with an adequate amount of fresh water to remove any lingering vinegar smell.

Cleaning the Exterior Brick Walls

Man cleaning the brick using washing tool

You can always use the aforementioned mild solutions to clean your exterior brick walls as well. However, exterior walls may require a stronger approach to cleaning them as they accumulate more dirt and stains than interior walls.

Damp surroundings and little sunlight can cause moss or mold growth on your brick walls. Moreover, hardened soil or mortar can cause stubborn stains that might be hard to remove with natural solutions. That is why, to assist you, we’ve put forward some options you can use to eliminate these unpleasant stains from your brick house.

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Using Bleach

Bleach is quite a strong acid that cuts through plant growth and kills it within minutes. This makes it ideal to get rid of any unwanted moss and mold growth on brick surfaces. Moreover, the acidity of bleach makes it incredibly effective at dissolving stubborn stains and dirt layers.

How To Use Bleach?

It is important to take extra care while handling bleach as skin contact can cause severe burns. Wear gloves and eye protection at all times. Here are a few simple steps to effectively clean your brick house with bleach

Step 1: Start by adding one tbsp of bleach into a bucket of warm water. Stir well to ensure the solution is well-made and no particles settle at the bottom.

Step 2: To make the process less messy, soak a sponge with the bleach solution and apply that to the bricks. Remember to wear gloves!

Step 3: Now scrub the area well with the sponge or a stiff-bristled brush.

Step 4: Lastly, wash the area properly with a good amount of clean water. If any bleach remains and dries down, it might lift the color of the bricks.

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Using Muriatic acid

If your bricked surfaces require a much stronger compound to properly remove all the grime, muriatic acid is an excellent option. It is an industrial-grade chemical that is excellent at removing stubborn stains. It is also quite strong which is why you must make sure to wear the proper precautionary gear such as rubber gloves, safety goggles, and a mask.

How To Use Muriatic Acid?

Muriatic acid can be easily found at hardware stores. Once you’ve acquired the acid, you can start the cleaning process following the steps I have laid out for you.

Step 1: First, fill a large bucket with warm water. It is important to add the water first as adding the acid first might cause a reaction with the material of the bucket.

Step 2: Next, add 1 ½ cups of muriatic acid to the water and mix well to create a solution.

Step 3: Use a brush to apply the solution to the bricks and scrub well. Be careful not to let the acid touch your skin.

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Step 4: Finally, use plenty of clean water to thoroughly wash the acid off the bricked surface, or else it might cause damage.

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