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How To Repair Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice in many homes. It is inexpensive and easy to install but unfortunately, it is also prone to problems.

You can repair laminate flooring by using a wide variety of repair products that are made specifically for that purpose. Each product has a particular type of issue that is easily repaired. Otherwise, you can remove the damaged part of the laminate floor and replace it with a new piece.

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The biggest problem with repairing a laminate floor is the fact that there are so many different problems that can happen with it. In some cases, it is just a minor chip or dent that is the issue.

Of course, if there is a small scratch or other minor problem along the edge of the floor or somewhere out of sight, it is not going to be a big issue. Even a small problem in a highly trafficked area, however, is going to be very visible.

In this article, you will learn a variety of different techniques that can be used to repair laminate flooring. It is always best to familiarize yourself with the techniques in advance because that will make the finished job much better.

You will also learn that there are often multiple options available for the repair of a laminate floor. Some options may be preferred, and they may even be easier so most homeowners will take that route.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice because it is inexpensive, yet it can be a beautiful choice for the home. Since it is on the less expensive side, it is also something that can be easily damaged.

In some cases, the damage may be light and easy to repair. In other cases, it can be a problem that is easily detectible from across the room. Learning how to repair the floor is not difficult but it isn’t something that should be rushed.

Many homeowners will start the repair process and will then get impatient when the project is almost finished. When you are repairing a laminate floor, it is important to stick with the process and not to rush it. Any little mistake will end up showing in the end.

You also need to decide if you are going to repair the floor or if it may be better left alone. In some cases, damaged floors can be covered by carpet or a piece of furniture. There may also be times when the damage is not in the middle of the room.

Since it is going to be difficult to fully cover any damage to the floor and come out with a flawless finish, you need to decide if you would be better to let it alone and try to pull the attention away from the damage in some way or another.

Of course, not all types of damage are going to be fixed in the same way. There are some specific types of damage that require specific methods for repair. We will cover many of those options below for your convenience. Using one or more of the methods will surely get your laminate floor back up and looking great again.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Water Damage

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There are some types of floors that can take a lot of water before they get damaged. A laminate floor is prone to water damage and it happens quickly. Here is how to fix it.

When you have water damage to your laminate floor, you will not be able to repair it but you can replace it. If the damage is only on the surface, you can cut out a piece of the laminate finish and replace it. Otherwise, you will have to cut out one of the boards and replace it with a new board.

When you first installed the laminate floor, you likely had some overage. It is generally recommended that you have at least 10% more floor than you need, and now is when you are going to need it.

In order to replace the laminate floor, you will have to first remove the damaged boards without further damaging the boards on either side of it. This will take some time but the finished job will look great.

In most cases, there are a limited number of patterns on the boards for the floor. You will have to find the specific board with the same pattern in order for this to work.

If you don’t have the extra boards available, you will have to buy some of the same style floor boards. This isn’t always easy because some of the laminate floor styles are discontinued on occasion. If that is true for your floor, try looking on eBay.

Once you have the same piece of floor with the same pattern, you will need to remove the old piece. The easiest way to do this is to pull up the baseboards and find the side of the room where the floor groove is located. The opposite side of the room will show the tongue.

Begin pulling the boards back one by one until you reach the damaged section. Remove the damaged boards and replace them with new boards. If you don’t have the exact same style, make sure you aren’t creating an awkward pattern with the floor you do have.

Next, snap the floorboards back in place until you have replaced the entire floor. At that point, you can replace the baseboard and the repair is complete.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Scratches

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If you have a laminate floor with scratches, you can fix them easily. There are multiple products available to help you get the floor looking great again.

Minor scratches in laminate flooring can be repaired by using a wax pencil. You should choose a pencil that closely matches the existing floor color. After filling in the scratch with wax from the pencil, buff the area with a clean cloth to help blend the color and smooth the surface.

Using a wax pencil is the easiest way to fix a laminate floor that has been scratched. It is by no means the only method for doing so. In fact, you might be surprised with the number of laminate floor repair kits that are available once you start looking.

Although there are various pencils, caulking, pens, and other repair options, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the color is matched as closely as possible. If you don’t get the color right, the scratch may be gone but it is going to look worse than being scratched.

Sometimes, it may take multiple tries before you get it right. The wax tends to come back out of the scratch easily but don’t try to do it too often. If you continually remove the wax to change the color, you will probably expand the scratch in the process.

Something else to keep in mind is the depth of the scratch. If it is just a surface scratch, you can easily fill it. If it is deeper, it may be necessary to do more of a repair or perhaps even replace the board that is damaged.

A Laminate floor does not scratch easily but it is not scratch-proof. If you take care of the floor and are careful in how you live on it, it is unlikely that you will have this problem. Fortunately, it is something that is easy to fix.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Chip

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Do you have a chip in your laminate floor? You might be able to fix it without doing any heavy cutting.

You can repair a chip in laminate flooring with a laminate floor repair kit. The kit will include putty that can be used to fix a large chip or to cover over a small chip. Essentially, you are filling the chip with a type of wax, so it will form to the gap and you can buff it smooth to the surface. As long as you select the right color, it will blend flawlessly.

One of the biggest problems with a chipped laminate floor is not the way it looks. It’s in the design of a laminate floor and how easily the floor will continue to damage.

The surface of the laminate floor has some waterproof properties that help to protect the floor from water damage. When the surface of the floor gets damaged, however, it exposes the pressed board underneath and if any water gets in the area, the damage will expand.

If you are going to fix the chip using some wax from a repair kit, here are some tips to help things to well. You will be amazed with how the finished product looks.

Remove Some Floor – The damage to the surface of the floor may need to be expanded to a certain extent. If there is a chip and some of the laminate floor finish is no longer attached, it will need to be removed.

The damaged portion of the floor can be removed with the edge of a putty knife or a sharp Exacto knife. Do not remove more of the floor than is needed.

Soften the Wax – The wax that comes with the repair kits is not the easiest to work with. If you soften the wax by setting it next to a heater or putting it on a sunny windowsill, it will be much easier to work with.

Force the Wax – It is important that there are no voids in the wax when you fill a chip in the floor. Continue to work with the wax, using a plastic putty knife. The knife will likely be included in the repair kit.

Heat the Wax Again – Use a hairdryer to warm up the wax and make it easier to get the finished look you are after. Do not use a heat gun or you can burn the floor.

Save the Wax – If you do things properly, the chip will practically disappear. Sooner or later, however, it will show up again when the wax eventually comes out. Save the wax kit for that occasion so you can fix it again.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Bubble

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Laminate flooring is prone to a number of issues, including the possibility of bubbling. If you have a laminate floor bubble, here is how to repair it.

A problem with minor laminate floor bubbles can be fixed by popping the bubble and gluing the laminate finish. Begin by making a slit in the bubble itself and then force the glue under the laminate finish through the slit. Press the bubble down and wipe away the excess glue. Put something heavy on the area to keep the laminate down while the glue dries.

Bubbling is something that can occur on the laminate floor and it can practically ruin the floor in some cases. A minor laminate bubble can be fixed as described above but if the bubbles are extensive, then other measures must be taken.

A problem with laminate floor bubbles occurs as a result of moisture in the room. Perhaps the floor got wet or the humidity in the room has been high for an extended amount of time.

If there is extensive bubbling throughout the room, it may be possible to reverse the issue to a certain extent. More than likely, there will continue to be some residual damage but many of the bubbles may shrink or even disappear.

The first step in the process is to remove as much of the moisture from the room as possible. If there is standing water on the floor, it has likely damaged it beyond repair but if the moisture is in the air, it can be removed by using a dehumidifier.

This is not a process that is going to happen instantly. You may need to dry the room out for an extended amount of time before the bubbles begin to disappear.

Even after the room has been dried out and the problem is better, you will still need to run the dehumidifiers in the area. There may be times when the room needs a dehumidifier on an ongoing basis.

If the floor is still showing signs of bubbling or if the problem has caused any permanent damage, then the damage will need to be removed.

Either cut out the damaged portion of the floor or pull the floor up starting on the ‘groove side’ of the room and replace the damaged boards.

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Dent

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Quality laminate flooring is somewhat resistant to dents but it can happen. If you have a dent in your laminate floor, it can be removed easily.

You can remove a dent from laminate flooring by heating up the floor and working the area with the wide edge of a putty knife. The floor can be heated with a hairdryer or a heat gun and as you continue to work the floor with the putty knife, the dent will slowly disappear. Otherwise, you can use a laminate floor repair kit.

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Have you ever seen someone fix a vinyl car bumper with a heat gun? Your floor can be fixed in much the same way but you have to be careful you don’t burn the floor in the process.

A laminate floor is manufactured to be a flat surface. If a dent occurs, it is not natural and the floor will want to be back to its original shape. Heating the floor helps to move it in that direction and using the flat edge of the putty knife encourages it to move in that direction as well.

If the dent is minor or is in a part of the room that is not heavily trafficked, you might also consider leaving it alone. Small dents are not easily seen so if it is not in the main thoroughfare, then it might not be a problem

How To Repair Laminate Flooring Buckling

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It is not uncommon for a laminate floor to buckle. It typically happens when moisture fluctuations occur in the room. Fortunately, it is also a problem that can be fixed.

When laminate flooring warps or buckles, it is ruined and must be replaced. This is done by pulling up the floor until the damaged part of the floor is removed. Replace the laminate flooring with the same style, being cautious not to set up an awkward pattern in the floor design.

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Since you are dealing with a tongue and groove floor in most cases, you should pull up the baseboard and identify the groove side of the room. Gently pull up the boards from that side of the room, as it will allow you to put them back in place again.

Be careful that you don’t mix up your boards as you are removing and replacing them. There are a limited number of patterns in most laminate flooring and you don’t want the same pattern to be put side by side or end to end with each other.

You can repair damaged laminate flooring by using a laminate floor repair kit. It will contain pens, markers, and wax for both minor and major repairs. The kit will also include some basic tools needed for the job. If you can’t repair the floor with a kit, you can remove the damaged pieces of flooring and replace them.

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