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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Working

Hoover’s carpet cleaners work amazingly well. If you’ve been using it for sometime and then it suddenly does work. Or if one of the parts aren’t working such as the scrubbing brushes, or the suction, today I will explain the common problems that can occur with Hoover carpet cleaners and how to fix them.

To troubleshoot your Hoover carpet cleaner that is not working, follow these steps: First, ensure it’s plugged in and turned on. Check for any clogs or blockages in the nozzle or hose. Verify that the dirty water tank is properly seated. Clean or replace the filter if it’s clogged.

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

The thermal fuse protects the motor from damage if the carpet cleaner overheats. It can be triggered if there is a blockage that is overworking the motor making it run hot. If you’ve given it 24 hours and it still won’t turn on I’ve provided some additional steps below you should do, to get it to work again, or find that it needs to go to a hoover service technician to repair it.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Won’t Turn On

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

You can be using your Hoover carpet cleaner and all of sudden it switches off then won’t switch on. Or, you go to switch it on and nothing happens. If you’re having either of these issues, here’s the easiest thing to do first to fix this issue.

There is a thermal fuse that shuts down a Hoover carpet cleaner when the area around it gets too hot. This is a safety feature, and it won’t allow the carpet cleaner to turn on until the thermal fuse has cooled down. Give it 24 hours at the most to be sure that’s not the issue.

If you’ve given it 24 hours here’s the other steps you should try to get it working:

1. Ensure you’re getting power at the wall outlet

The wall outlets that your Hoover carpet cleaners is plugged into may not have power for some reason. Therefore, you should check it is working by plugging another device into it. The easiest is something small like a smartphone charger that does not reset the appliance when you plug and unplug it in. If the wall outlet isn’t working at all I’ve explained the likely cause in the next step and how to fix this issue.

In the meantime a good option is to use an extension cord, or plug it into a different wall outlet provided it reaches where you want to use your carpet cleaner

2. Check your circuit breaker fuse at your fuse box

As you may know there are fuses for different parts of a house or building and for specific appliances at what’s called a switchboard or fuse box. These will switch into the off or neutral position if too much power is drawn, or there is a power surge. This protects any appliances from being damaged by the additional power. For some types of fuses you can just switch them back on. For others, the fuse has blown and you need to get a new one. It’s common that people know how to work with fuse boxes if you don’t yourself know. It’s likely someone in your household knows how to see if this is what has caused the power outlet not to work. And switch it back on or replace it.

3. Visually inspect the on off button and feel if it’s a bit loose or broken

The on off button has a particular feel to it. It has a certain way it springs back and clicks when you turn it on and off. When you press, feel if it’s a bit loose, or doesn’t feel like it’s pressing how it should. It’s possible one of the tabs on its plastic cover has broken or it’s detached from it’s clips and is slightly off position. But, not so much that you notice it visually. If it otherwise presses solidly and feels like it normally does, then it’s likely not an issue. If the on off button feels a bit loose, you should have it repaired by a Hoover technician.

4. Replace the 13 amp fuse on the inside of the plug

There is a fuse inside the plug – the part with the 2 to 3 pins that you plug into a wall outlet. Interestingly, you can remove the cover of the plug and inside are 3 cables and fuse. The fuse can have blown and can be easily replaced. If this sounds a bit too hard for you then it’s best to take it to your nearest Hoover repair technician. The steps involved are using a screwdriver to unscrew it, pop the fuse out, and snap a new fuse in. It’s incredibly easy.

5. Check continuity of the internal parts using a voltmeter/multimeter

Checking for continuity is very easy to do with a voltmeter also called a multimeter. You can get one very cheaply online in the range of about $20. With the carpet cleaner unplugged you can unscrew the parts that need to be removed to inspect the components underneath.

Each of the wires that connect the main components can be checked using a voltmeter to see if they are fully connected. If one of the wires is loose, or a component has failed the voltmeter will tell you where the issue is. It’s a matter of testing each of the components to identify if any of them aren’t getting power.

This will help you narrow down if one of the components has failed and needs to be replaced. But, once you know a component does not have continuity you can also visually inspect around it to see if any of the wires have blown.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Picking Up Water

When your Hoover Carpet Cleaner fails to pick up water, the most common culprit is a clogged nozzle or hose. To resolve this, start by ensuring these components are free from obstructions. Disconnect and clean the nozzle and hose thoroughly. Additionally, check the dirty water tank for proper seating and secure closure. If the problem persists, inspect the suction power and consider cleaning or replacing the filter as it may be clogged.

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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Spinning

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

The brushes on the bottom of a Hoover carpet cleaner spin to scrub the carpet. All of the brushes are part of one component and all the brushes are turned by one connection in the center of the brushes component. This connection can get jammed and needs to be turned using a wrench of drill to loosen it, here’s how to do that.

Pull out the component that holds all the brushes, underneath is a hole in the center of where the brushes are. See what tool you need to insert into the hole, it can be a hex or square shape. Insert a tool that will stay solid and turn it using a wrench or drill to loosen it.

You can also apply some WD40 or lube that you can easily spray into it to try to loosen it first.

Once you’ve got something that will allow you to turn the mechanism with a lot of force such as a wrench or a drill bit. Turn it just enough to loosen it and so it will spin freely. But, don’t go crazy and turn it more than that. Then put the brushes back into place, and it should be completely fixed. If not, then it’s best to take it to a Hoover technician to have them repair it for you.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Spraying Water

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

One of the main functions of a Hoover carpet cleaner is that it will spray water onto the carpet. Without it, a Hoover carpet cleaner can only be used as a vacuum. It is possible to spray detergent onto the carpet using a spray bottle but here’s generally why it doesn’t work and how to fix it.

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The clean water tank or detergent container are empty. Turn off your Hoover Carpet Cleaner and fill the clean water tank and/or the detergent container. Then turn it back on and it should begin spraying again. If not, an internal component can be clogged or broken, and you should get it serviced.

There are generally many Hoover service partners who are qualified to repair your Hoover carpet cleaner. And be sure to check if it’s still under warranty. This page on the Hoover website can be used to find your nearest Hoover store, if you get in touch with them they’ll be able to advise of the next best step to take to repair it.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Suctioning/Picking up Water

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

The main advantage of a carpet cleaner is that it will suck up the dirty water that is in the carpet after it has been scrubbed. This draws out all the dirt and debris in the carpet as well as dried stains that have now been turned into a liquid. If your Hoover carpet cleaner is not providing suction here’s the causes and the troubleshooting steps you should do to get it working again.

The dirty water tank can be full, there can be a blockage in the hose, the dirty water tank lid can not be on properly, the filter in the dirty water tank can be clogged, the base of the carpet cleaner can be blocked, and the dirty water tank can not be clicked into place.

For this issue each of the solutions listed above have the potential to fix the suction not being strong, or not working much at all. Here’s a brief summary of how to perform each step

1. Water tank can be full and needs to emptied

There’s a sensor in the dirty water tank that will register that the tank is full. When it registers that the tank is full it won’t allow the suction to work. This is a safety feature so that the tank doesn’t overflow. Simply take the take out and empty it.

2. Blockage in the hose that needs to be cleared

Each Hoover carpet cleaner is a bit different but the Hoover owners manual says that there can be a blockage in the hose. If your Hoover carpet cleaner has one the hose can typically be disconnected then soaked in soapy water.

After it has been soaked in soapy water, put a broom handle through it to clear the blockages. If a broom hand can’t get through you should use a coat hanger shaped into a small hook to pull out the blockage a little bit at a time

3. The dirty water tank lid is not on properly

If the dirty water tank is not closed properly the sensor on it won’t allow the suction on your carpet cleaner to start. It’s very easy to accidentally not close it all the way until you get a reassuring click. Open and close the lid to ensure it’s completely closed.

4. The dirty water tank filter is full of debris

There is a filter that sits behind the dirty water tank. When it’s completely full of debris it creates a poor suction. On most models you can wash out the dirty water tank filter. Or use a soft brush or your fingers to remove the accumulation of debris. If the debris cannot be removed, then order a replacement one via the official Hoover website.

5. There is a blockage at the base of your carpet cleaner

The base of most Hoover carpet cleaners is where the suction occurs. There is a long narrow opening where the water is drawn out of the carpet. This area can get clogged and reduces the amount of suction. It can be cleared using a coat hanger shaped into a small hook. This can be used to pull out the debris until it’s completely clear.

6. The dirty water tank is not clicked into place

Both the clean water tank and the empty water tank give a reassuring click when they’re locked into place. This click is from the latch that holds the tank in place. The tank can require a moderately firm press to get it to click. Or, you may need to adjust it slightly inplace so that it clicks into place

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Not Drying

Woman cleaning the carpet using Hoover

Most of the water needs to be sucked out of the carpet so that it dries in a reasonable amount of time. It also sucks out the dirty water removing the dirt and grime from the carpet. The suction can not draw up as much water as it needs to, here’s the cause.

Generally, this is because the path from the base of the carpet cleaner to the dirty water tank has accumulated some gunk. It can be cleared using an old coat hanger and pulling out the gunk. The dirty water tank can also be full. Otherwise the suction motor needs to be repaired or replaced.

You can check how much gunk is in the path from the base of your carpet cleaner to the dirty water tank using a flashlight. There are also generally a few components that need to first be unscrewed and removed to give you much easier access.

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First check if the repair/service is covered by the warranty by contacting your nearest Hoover dealer. If it’s not there are a few checks you can do yourself. These are to check it’s getting power at the wall outlet, the filters or pipes are clogged, or the tanks are full or not clicked into place.