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How to Reset a ThinkPad

Black laptop thinkpad

The first ThinkPad was released by IBM in 1992 and the division was then sold to Lenovo in 2005.

Despite the ThinkPad brand’s toughness and dependability, like any other PC laptop, they’ve had their share of issues, particularly with malware.

If your ThinkPad’s operating system has been corrupted by viruses and spyware or is just not performing well, performing a Windows system restore often isn’t enough to fix the problem.

If you want to know how to reset a Lenovo ThinkPad, then read on. But make sure that you create a backup of all your important documents and data first.

To reset a ThinkPad, shut down the laptop and push the power button and wait for the logo to appear. When the logo appears, press the Access ThinkPad key to access the recovery program. Select the ThinkPad Product Recovery Program option and hit enter. Press F11 and follow the onscreen instructions.

It is a good idea to plug in the AC adapter to avoid running out of power before the recovery program has completed its run.

The logo that appears may be the IBM or Lenovo logo but it makes no difference to the steps that you‘ll follow when resetting the ThinkPad. The blue Access ThinkPad key is found right above the top row of keys on the keyboard.

You’ll have to wait a few seconds after pushing the button for the Recover Program to appear on the screen. When it does, you’ll have to scroll down using the arrow keys to reach the ThinkPad Product Recover Program.

How to Reset a ThinkPad to Factory Settings

Black laptop thinkpad

When you reset to factory settings, everything on your hard drive is erased.

To avoid losing important documents, photos, and files, you must make a backup either to the cloud or to an external drive. You can do this by connecting the hard drive to the laptop using a USB cable or you can use a flash drive to store all your information.

If you have any applications that you don’t want to use, then back them up as well. An alternative option is to clone your hard drive so that you have an exact replica of what was on your hard drive, just in case something goes wrong during the reset and you want to recover the original drive data. 

To reset a ThinkPad to factory settings, turn off the laptop and press the Novo button. On seeing the Novo Button menu, scroll down and press Enter on the System Recovery option. The laptop will boot to the recovery partition, allowing you to select the initial backup image created at the factory.

You will be able to identify the Novo button, as the small round button at the top of the keyboard, next to the power button on the left side of the laptop.

You do not have to accept the default backup restore option if you have created your backup previously.

It doesn’t matter if it is on a different partition or even on a separate external hard drive. Just plug in the external drive and select the option to restore the settings from the user’s backup.

You’ll be prompted to select a source image from a drop-down menu. You then have the option to select the partition with your backup on it or you can select the default option followed by hitting “Next”.

To start the restoration process and reset your ThinkPad, click on start. The recovery program will then copy all of your backed-up files as well as reset the operating system. All the drivers, together with the applications, will also return to their original factory settings.

After the reset has finished, you must click Done to restart your laptop.

The restart will prompt you to configure your system in the same way it did when you first received the laptop. You’ll need to select your language options as well as keyboard layout and country.

After accepting the license agreement, giving your laptop a name as well as connecting to a wireless network, you can set the user name and any additional configuration settings.  On logging in, copy any missing files from your backup and reinstall any applications or software that you need.

The whole process will return your ThinkPad laptop operating system to its original, clean state.

How to Reset a ThinkPad Password

Black laptop thinkpad

If you’ve forgotten your password and are unable to access Windows 10 on your Thinkpad laptop, all is not lost.

You can usually recover your laptop by resetting the forgotten password or restoring Windows 10 to factory settings.

Follow along as I show you how to reset a ThinkPad administrator password.

Resetting a ThinkPad password is possible by doing a complete factory reset or by booting your laptop in safe mode. Press Shift when you are on the sign-in screen and select Power and Restart. After the laptop boots, you can select Troubleshoot and then Reset this PC. Then select Remove.

If you want to avoid having to log in using a password in the future, you can change the settings by typing in “netplwiz” in the Windows search bar. Select and run the program that appears in the search results.

You can then select your username and account and de-select the box which sets the option for users to enter their username and password when logging in.

After you select apply, you can reboot your laptop. You won’t be asked to enter a username and password the next time your laptop boots.

To avoid the hassle of resetting passwords using workaround solutions, it is better that you create a Windows reset disk. The reset disk will always work even if you change your password after creating the reset disk.

To create a password reset disk for a local account, log in to Windows and then insert a USB or SD card into the laptop.

In the Windows search box, type in Password Reset. Select the option to reset, and create a reset disk.

After clicking Next, select the drive where your flash drive is and click Next. Enter the password when requested and click Next again and then click Finish.

You can use the reset disk to access your account by booting your laptop and entering the wrong password. Click OK when Windows rejects the password and insert your reset disk into the laptop.

Select Reset Password and click Next. You’ll be given the option to select the reset disk. Enter a new password and confirm it, creating a hint as well and clicking Next and Finish.

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How to Reset a ThinkPad Keyboard

Black laptop thinkpad

  It is unfortunate that the ThinkPad is known for experiencing keyboard issues.

Luckily, due to the high number of queries surrounding the keyboard not working, there are now five different ways you can restore your keyboard to full functionality.

To reset a ThinkPad keyboard, you can either restart your computer, update the drivers, remove the battery and power cable or perform a full system restore. You can also press and hold the lower-left corner and then the top right corner of the keys that are not working.

Follow that up by attempting to restart your laptop first.

If restarting your laptop doesn’t restore the keyboard, then try removing the battery and power cable. Then hold the power key down for about a minute to ensure that all the power is removed from the system.

Then replace the battery and cable and reboot the laptop.

If that fails, then you may have to update the drivers or perform a system restore. To perform the system restore, you must have previously set system restore points. Otherwise, this will not work.

In the Control Panel, select System and then System Protection. Click the System Restore option and then click Next. You’ll then be shown a list of restore points. You need to select one that is dated before you experienced the problem with your keyboard.

Click Finish and then Yes to confirm the operation.

Reboot your laptop and the keyboard problem will hopefully be resolved.

How to Reset a ThinkPad Battery

Black laptop thinkpad

Occasionally, the ThinkPad laptop can develop power problems that require a battery reset.

There are two different methods that you can use to reset the battery in your Thinkpad, depending on whether it has an internal or external, removable battery.

To reset a ThinkPad battery, unplug the AC adapter cable and remove the external battery. Plug in the adapter and power up the laptop. If it turns on, then you can re-attach the battery. For Thinkpads with internal batteries, unplug the AC adapter and press the battery reset button under the laptop.

The emergency reset hole is located in the middle of the bottom cover of your laptop. It disconnects the battery from the motherboard and is activated by pressing on it with a paperclip.

It’s a good idea to check for driver updates if resetting the battery works, as this is a common problem that ThinkPad users encounter.

You should be aware of the possible negative consequences of hard resetting your ThinkPad by removing power from the system board. Under certain circumstances, the operating system files can be corrupted or there may be additional hardware issues that will arise.

How to Reset a ThinkPad BIOS

Black laptop thinkpad

One of the fixes for a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop that will not turn on properly, is to reset the BIOS.

You can either do this by removing the CMOS battery or you can try resetting your BIOS during startup.

To reset a ThinkPad BIOS, you must unscrew the back panel and locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Remove the battery and leave it unplugged for 15-20 minutes. Then plug it in and close the laptop. Press the power button and access the BIOS setup to change the date and time.

To access your BIOS settings, you must either press the Novo button next to the power button or press the F1, F2, or DELETE keys repeatedly while the laptop boots up.

Once you see the BIOS setup utility menu option, you can make the required changes to your BIOS.

On a Windows install, you can enter the BIOS utility from the Sign on screen or the Start menu. Select Power and hold the Shift key while selecting Restart.

How to Reset a Thinkpad BIOS Password

Black laptop thinkpad

If you forget your BIOS password, it can be very difficult to enter the BIOS utility.

Try the following methods, but remember that you can damage your laptop if you don’t know what you are doing.

To reset a ThinkPad BIOS password, you need to remove the CMOS battery. To do this, switch the laptop off and unplug the adapter. Open the case to access the motherboard and locate the CMOS battery. Removing the battery resets the BIOS and returns it to the factory default settings.

It is important that you leave the CMOS battery disconnected for at least an hour before you put it back and close the laptop.

Once you press the power button, repeatedly press the F1 key to access the BIOS settings. You will not have to enter a password as the utility will have reset to its default settings.

If you are struggling to gain access to the BIOS and it locks you out, you can use a backdoor method to obtain the password.

Try to enter the BIOS password until you are locked out. A system-disabled message will appear together with a code.

Copy the code and visit Enter the code into the Get Password box and try to access the BIOS utility using the password. You may have to try multiple passwords before you find one that works for your laptop.

How to Reset a ThinkPad CMOS

Black laptop thinkpad

If your ThinkPad fails to start properly, with the lights coming on and the hard drive turning, then a corrupt CMOS may be the cause of the problem.

To solve the problem, you can use the CMOS utility to adjust the settings or reset the CMOS to its default factory settings.

To reset a ThinkPad CMOS, it is best to disconnect the CMOS battery. To access the CMOS battery, disassemble the laptop to gain access to the motherboard. Locate the CMOS battery and remove it. After 10-15 minutes, reinsert the battery and reassemble the laptop.

Copyright protected content owner: and was initially posted on June 1, 2022.

Some ThinkPads have a cover underneath the laptop that provides access to the CMOS battery. In this case, you will not have to take the laptop apart to access the motherboard.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/01/2022. 

How to Reset a Thinkpad Camera

Black laptop thinkpad

When your laptop camera is not functioning properly, there are a few things you can do to get it working properly again.

To reset a ThinkPad camera, press the Function and F8 keys on your keyboard simultaneously. In Lenovo Vantage quick settings, enable the camera if it isn’t enabled already. Alternatively, update the camera drivers and then restart your laptop. You may have to enable the camera in the device manager.

Occasionally, antivirus software may switch the camera off. In this case, you will have to re-enable it in the device manager. But if it continues to be a problem, you’ll have to uninstall the antivirus software or change the settings.

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How to Reset a ThinkPad Docking Station

Black laptop thinkpad

Using a docking station is very convenient, but it can also present frustrating problems when it is not working properly.

To reset a ThinkPad docking station, disconnect the laptop from the docking system and after a few minutes reconnect it. You can also try to change the USB port that is used on the docking station. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the power cable from the dock and the laptop. Then reconnect both.

You may have to check the docking station in the device manager to see that it is operating correctly and that the drivers do not need upgrading.

How to Reset a Thinkpad Secure Hard Drive

Black laptop thinkpad

While the ThinkPad secure hard drive feature is useful, if you forget your password, you’ll struggle to access your hard drive.

To reset a ThinkPad secure hard drive, hold the red key while connecting the hard drive to your laptop. When the indicator turns red, release the red key. Press the green key and the red key plus the “2” key for 10 seconds. The blue and red alternating light will flash, then it will change to green.

If you have performed the final step within five seconds, the indicator light will flash green and blue to let you know that the secure hard drive is reset.

To set up a new administrator password, press the green key and the 9 key. The light will flash slowly while you set up the new administrator password. After confirming the password, you can then initialize and format the secure drive.

How to Reset a ThinkPad Administrator Password

Black laptop thinkpad

You may wish to change the administrator password on your laptop for a variety of reasons.

It is a quick and painless operation that can be accomplished easily.

To change the ThinkPad administrator password, select the Administrator account, leaving the password field empty on the login screen. Select Windows start and navigate to the control panel. Select user accounts and select the account password you wish to reset. Change the password and reboot.

How to Reset WiFi Settings on ThinkPad

Black laptop thinkpad

There are a variety of reasons why your ThinkPad may have problems with its WiFi connection.

Fortunately, the connection can be reset without having to take it in for a technician to look at it.

To reset the Wifi settings on a ThinkPad, check that the wireless icon is visible. If not, the WiFi adapter may not be correctly installed or is switched off in the BIOS. In the BIOS, enable the wireless adapter and then install the latest LAN device drivers for your particular laptop model.

Once you are certain that the wireless adapter is correctly set up and reset, check that the network settings are correct. It is easy to reset the network by entering the Start menu. Scroll to Settings and then select the network and internet option. In the status tab, reset the network by clicking the required option.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/01/2022. 

How to Reset Mouse on ThinkPad  

Black laptop thinkpad

It is common to encounter problems with older ThinkPad mouse pads. To correct the problem, you can reset the mouse in the control panel.

To reset the mouse on a ThinkPad, click Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel. Then select Mouse and Touchpad and select Additional mouse options. Click your device in the properties window and make sure it is enabled. You can also press the function key and F6 to toggle the mouse on and off.

How to Reset Touchpad on Thinkpad

Black laptop thinkpad

If you need to reset a touchpad on your ThinkPad, then you can do it through Windows or an application.

To reset the touchpad on a ThinkPad, go to Windows settings. Press the Windows key plus “I”. This opens the settings application. On the main page, click on devices. Select the touchpad option and scroll down to the reset button. Click the reset button and exit.

If you have additional manufacturer software that controls your mouse, you will have to change the settings there too.

In the devices option, you can scroll down further to additional settings. This will open the manufacturer’s tab and you will have the option to reset the touchpad to its default setting.

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