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How to Reset Computer Monitor

Screen technology has come a long way from the old CRT days. Your monitor is now likely to have a tiny computer mounted inside that connects with your PC or laptop.

And in the same way that your computer requires a reboot every now and then to keep working properly, your monitor needs the same thing.

If you’re having trouble with your screen or just want to go back to your old factory settings, then here is what you should do to reset your monitor.

Press the menu button on the front of your monitor. Using the up or down arrows, find the reset icon and select it. Then press OK. Press the up or down arrows to select the “all reset” or OK option. Finally, press the OK button and then the menu button. Your monitor will now be reset.

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If your monitor is set to enable the menu lock option, then you will be unable to access the reset function. You will have to switch it off by disabling it in the menu.

The menu button can sometimes be hard to find as it blends in with the monitor case. You may have to run your fingers gently along the underside of the monitor to or down one side (usually the right-hand side) of the screen to feel for the indents that identify the buttons.

A simple way to reset your monitor is to turn off the monitor and the computer.

When they are both off, only switch the computer on and leave the monitor switched off.

Just switch the monitor on when the computer has fully rebooted. Doing this can fix many different issues you may have with your monitor.

The buttons on the bottom or side of your monitor are used to select menu items such as the vertical and horizontal orientation of the screen as well as its brightness and resolution.

If resetting the monitor doesn’t have the desired result, you may find that using the menu buttons can help solve the problem you’re having with your monitor.

How to Reset AOC Monitor

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AOC monitors are known for their quality and reliability. However, on some occasions, you may have to recalibrate the monitor to get it to work well.

To reset an AOC monitor, let the monitor warm up to normal operating temperature and then set the display to its native resolution. Select your monitor’s default color settings. Make sure that any alterations are disabled. Select Windows’ calibration tool and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your screen may have a setting for the onscreen display colors which you can adjust before calibrating the monitor.

Using the Windows calibration tool is an excellent way to reset your AOC monitor. It gives you complete control over the quality of your display.

The onscreen sliders offer very precise control over the color saturation and hues. If you are happy using your eyes to make the adjustments, then this is a quick and easy process.

Once you’re finished, you get the option to save your selections or you can discard your adjustments and start again.

To find the tool, type “Color Management” into the windows search bar and you’ll be taken to the color management section in the control panel. You’ll find the calibrate option under the advanced tab.

If you have an Apple product, then the MacOS options appear under the display calibrator assistant option.

Go to your Apple menu and select system preferences. From there, select the displays and then color. Select Calibrate and the various options available for you will be displayed in the Display Calibrator Assistant utility.

If you require a more accurate way of resetting your monitor, you will have to have the display set using a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer.

These USB devices offer the ability to correct the display colors so that your images are accurately reflected.

How to Reset Lenovo Monitor

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If you are planning to reset your Lenovo monitor, then it couldn’t be simpler thanks to their on-screen display.

To reset your Lenovo monitor, use the on-screen display (OSD) to adjust the contrast and brightness. Should your monitor fail to reset correctly, then you can use the on-screen display to reset it to its original factory settings. You’ll find the buttons for the OSD on the front of the monitor.

Lenovo monitors are all designed to offer similar features. This makes it easy to find the buttons and settings as they all follow the same basic design philosophy.

If you want to perform a factory reset, then switch the monitor off.

Then press and hold the menu button while pressing the power button.

The LED will change from green to amber and back again. Release the menu button and your monitor will return to its original factory settings.

How to Reset Viewsonic Monitor

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In keeping with Viewsonic’s design philosophy, all monitors offer customizable viewing options.

You can set the color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and backlight controls to match your personal preferences.

To reset a Viewsonic monitor, you can use button shortcuts and on-screen menus to return the monitor to its original default settings. Turn off the power and then select the plus button. Press and hold the power button and the plus button until a message appears on the screen to show that it has reset.

Once the message appears on the screen informing you that the monitor has reset, you can release both buttons.

To use the on-screen menu, press the enter/menu button. A list of sub-menus will appear in which you must navigate to the “Special” submenu.

Open the submenu by pressing enter and scroll to the reset option. Press “enter” to reset your monitor to its original factory settings.

How to Reset Benq Monitor

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Benq is well known for the quality of its LCD monitors. However, despite the advanced technology behind its high-resolution images, these monitors do sometimes cause problems.

To reset a Benq monitor, ensure the power cord is securely attached at both ends. Press the  “menu” button and select the “picture” option. Then scroll to the “color” option and then select “reset color.” Press the yes option in the caution box and you are finished.

If your monitor is still displaying blurred images or the colors are not to your liking, you can use the settings within the Windows control panel to adjust them.

Within the display options, move the display resolution slider to the highest value. This will ensure that you get the best quality display available.

Once the settings have been selected, confirm your selections and exit the control panel. Switch off your computer and monitor. Wait for 30-60 seconds before switching the computer and monitor on again to see that the settings are correct.

How to Reset Philips Monitor

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Philips LCD monitors are a reliable and budget-friendly option but can often also cause problems.

To resolve problems you may be experiencing with your Philips monitor, you can easily reset it.

To reset a Philips monitor, press the menu button at the bottom of the monitor. Then turn the monitor on with the power button. Open the on-screen display by pressing the menu button. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the extra selection option and then select the factory service mode.

You can then select the reset option to restore the factory settings.

If you don’t wish to change back to the factory settings, you can switch off the monitor and wait for a few minutes. Then switch on the computer and wait for it to fully boot up before switching on the monitor.

Once the monitor is on, you can check the display and make any adjustments that may be required in the display settings under the control panel options.

How to Reset Sceptre Monitor

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Sceptre is well-known and respected for its gaming monitors.

The crisp resolution and dynamic color range make them a popular addition to any gaming rig, but what happens when things go wrong with the monitor?

To reset your Sceptre monitor, use a soft reset. Switch the monitor off and then unplug it at the wall socket. Wait for at least a minute before plugging the power back in. Power up the PC and wait for it to boot fully. Then switch on the monitor and your monitor will have reset itself.

If your monitor is still operating correctly, then you can do a full factory reset.

Go to the settings menu in the on-screen display and select device preferences. Then select Reset and then scroll to the factory data reset option.

Press enter and your monitor will reset to the original factory settings.

How to Reset MSI Monitor

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MSI monitors are stylish and chock full of the latest technology.

But, as with all things techie, they do sometimes require a reset.

To reset an MSI Monitor, press the red button at the back of the monitor. The on-screen display will appear. Scroll to settings, press the right button once, and then scroll down to the reset menu item. Press the right button and select yes. This resets the monitor to the factory default settings.

You can also reset your monitor via the Windows control panel.

To access the display settings, right-click on your desktop and a dialogue box will appear with the display settings option at the bottom of the menu list. Click the display settings and the control panel display settings options will appear.

You can then adjust the monitor settings and set up the display to your liking.

If you are still experiencing problems with your monitor after you have reset it, then check the cables.

Both the power cable and the data cable should be securely connected and free of wear and tear. If the cables are in bad condition, then it is best to replace them as they can negatively affect the quality of your display.

How to Reset Alienware Monitor

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The Dell Alienware monitors are a desirable addition for anyone who needs a high-quality display.

To reset your Alienware monitor, press the second last button on the bottom of the screen twice. This brings up the on-screen display. Scroll down to the “other” option and use the right arrow button to move to the second menu. Scroll to the factory reset option and press the tick button.

Before the factory reset happens, a box will appear that confirms that you wish to factory reset the monitor. Select yes by using the down arrow button and then confirm by pressing the tick button.

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The monitor will then reset to the original factory settings.

There are various problems that occur with Dell Alienware monitors that can be sorted out by resetting the monitor.

You may need to troubleshoot some common monitor issues before attempting a factory reset.

You may have a blank or black screen, faded color, or a blurry or stretched image. There may be a geometric distortion effect or a series of horizontal or vertical lines.

To resolve these issues, you may have to update your device drivers, BIOS drivers, or GPU video card drivers.

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The most common cause of these distortions is a damaged video cable. It is best to check the monitor with another cable before making changes to your monitor or display settings.

With the advances in monitor manufacturing, you may find that older operating systems cannot keep up with the display technology. In this case, you may have to upgrade your operating system.

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