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How to Reset Kenmore Washer 

Kenmore is the brand name for appliances sold by Sears. Kenmore washers are well known for their reliability and durability. When a Kenmore washer malfunctions, it can often help to reset it. Read on to learn about the steps to take when you need to reset your Kenmore washer.  

To reset your Kenmore Washer, go ahead and press Stop two times and then press Power. Pick a Wash Cycle such as Normal and then choose a wash option such as Hot and Cold or Cold and Cold. Now press Start which should finish the resetting of your washer. Then restart the washer.

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You can also try to reset the washer by pressing Power and when the washer turns off, unplugging the Kenmore washer from the power source. Then, press on Start/Pause for a period of five seconds. Now, plug the washer back in and see if it has reset.

In addition, if you get the following codes, you can follow the steps outlined in your owner’s manual for a reset. Code 1 indicates that the washer isn’t turned on. Code 2 indicates that the washer is not draining properly. Code 3 indicates that the washer will not spin or agitate normally.

Code 4 shows that the washer is leaking water at some point. Code 5 indicates that there is a problem with the detergent dispenser not dispensing detergent properly. Code 6 indicates that the washer is shaking and moving inappropriately. Code 7 indicates that the washer is noisy, and Code 8 gives an indication that the Kenmore washer is emanating a foul odor.

Is there a Reset Button on Kenmore Washer?

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Kenmore Washers do not have reset buttons but can be easily reset through a series of simple steps. Quick troubleshooting can often lead to a quick resolution of this issue.

To reset your Kenmore washer and, since Kenmore washers do not have a reset button, go ahead and turn the washer off. Disconnect the washer from its power source. Then, wait for about three to five minutes. Now reconnect the washing machine to the power source and turn it on again.  

How to do a Factory Reset for a Kenmore Washer

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Sometimes, the only way to solve the problems you are having with your Kenmore washer is to perform a factory reset. This procedure resets the washer back to the factory default settings.

To reset your Kenmore washer and to do a factory reset, turn the washer off and then plug it in again and you will see the entire control panel lighting up. If you see the Lock Icon and want to unlock the control panel, Press and hold Options and Select for ten seconds.

Then select your options and the control panel should start flashing.

How to Reset Kenmore Washer Lid Lock

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Nothing is more frustrating than to find that your Kenmore Washer’s lid is locked in place and the washer will not turn on. If this is the case,  first check for any obstructions between the lid lock and the lid striker and for any issues with the wire harness connections.

To reset your Kenmore washer and to reset the washer lid lock, check the lid lock for any detergent buildup that is obstructing the lid switch. Check to see if there are any loose connections in the wire harness. Check the Actuator motor for faulty functioning.

How to Reset Kenmore Washer Dryer Combo

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Kenmore washer dryer combos allow for the benefits of reliable Kenmore appliances while having the added benefit of the compactness of a washer dryer combo. These types of washer dryer combos are especially useful for those living in apartments or in small condos. Washer Dryer Combos are also shorter, which allows them to fit in very confined spaces.

To reset a Kenmore washer and to reset a Kenmore washer dryer combo, first press on Stop on the washer two times and then press on Power. Pick the wash cycle that you wish and then choose the wash options as well. Press Start and then restart the washer.

In addition, follow the steps in your owner’s manual to reset the Kenmore dryer.  

How to Reset Kenmore Washer Front Load

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Front Load Washers have high-capacity washer drums and are considered very efficient.  They are also considered to be very durable. Sometimes, if they are malfunctioning, it is necessary to reset them.

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To reset a Kenmore Washers and a Kenmore Washer Front Load, press the Stop button twice on the control panel and then press Power. Choose a wash cycle such as wash. Then, select a Wash Option, like hot or cold. Press Start and then try to restart the washer.

Kenmore front load washers are top of the line, featuring a stainless-steel drum, a large washing capacity and a well-lit display panel. Sometimes, problems develop that require a washer reset.

Another way to reset a Kenmore washer and reset a Kenmore Washer Front Load, is to press on Spin and Drain for 3 seconds to release the child-proof lock if the keypad is locked. Then, press on Pause/Cancel two times to cancel any operating cycle. Now, turn the washing machine off and unplug the washer.

How to Reset Kenmore Washer Top Load

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Kenmore Washer Top Load Washers have many different programs for filling functions and water level settings. Usually, they work without fail. If they develop a problem, a quick reset can solve the issue.

To reset your Kenmore washer and to reset your Kenmore Washer Top Load, press the Stop button two times and then press Power. Now, pick any wash cycle such as Normal and then choose Hot/Cold or Cold/Cold. Press Start which should complete the reset process.

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You can also try unplugging the washer for 60 seconds and then plugging it back in and then lifting the lid up and putting it down six times over twelve seconds. The system allows for thirty seconds to finish lifting and lowering the lid of the washer. Now the motor should have been fully reset and you can test the washer by running a new cycle.

If you have a different brand of washing machine please find your brand in our how to reset your washing machine article.

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