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Indesit Dryer Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Modern dryer with clothes inside

Whether you have a big family or just a large closet, an Indesit dryer can save you time on what’d be a long job. Unfortunately, the handy item is prone to errors and faults that could render it not working as it should. Some causes of an Indesit dryer not working include: failed heating element, burnt thermostat, defective sensors or switches, worn out belt or pulley, fluffy filter, un-emptied water container, and more.

If your Indesit dryer stopped working, inspect all parts susceptible to errors, faults, the heating element, thermostat, sensors, filters, condensers, and switches. Resetting can solve many of the problems. Hit the reset button, or unplug and plug back after a few minutes.

Most Indesit dryers display a series of flashing lights or error codes indicating a possible fault that could make your dryer malfunction. The most common are:

Flashing Lights

Pre-wash: Points to a proper filling failure — inspect the water supply and hose pipes for possible leaks and blockades.

Spin: Indicates an excessive or unbalanced load that may need to be loaded evenly or redistributed; else, the program will stop.

Wash: Shows an unintended program dial movement and you stop it by moving the dial to its usual position.

End: Specifies that the dryer has finished a wash program. But if the wash, spin, and rinse lights flash simultaneously, this shows a possible hitch in the filter, waste pipe, or drain.

Error Codes

F02: Motor circuit defect- drum only spins occasionally or not at all

F03: Heat-detecting fault- dryer won’t heat

F05:  Pump or pipe blockage- door remains closed or unlocks with water in the drum

F06: Door lock fault- program won’t start even with a locked door

F07: Electronic circuit board problem- dryer stops mid-cycle or won’t heat

Indesit Dryer Not Turning On (Reason/How to Fix)

You wouldn’t want to get yourself an Indesit dryer, and then go back to the hassle of drying your clothes outside because the machine won’t turn on. You better solve the problem sooner than later. Issues with electricity supply like the power socket, fuses, or plug can make your dryer not turn on. It might also be due to issues with the door or door latch system or too heavy a load.

When your Indesit dryer doesn’t turn on, check whether there’s a faulty electricity supply part like the socket, fuses, or plug. Also, use a multimeter to check for a faulty door switch and inspect if any broken parts keep the door from closing properly or if the load is too large.

If the issue is with the door not closing securely, it could be due to a bent hinge, broken latch assembly, or loose latch screws. A broken door switch is unable to communicate to the control panel that the door is closed; thus, the dryer won’t turn on. If you identify a faulty door switch, replace it.

Some modern dryers have a safety mechanism on the door latch system. If the door isn’t well-closed, that presents a safety hazard, and the dryer won’t start. You may also consider a replacement component to ensure the door doesn’t open mid-cycle.

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Indesit Dryer Drum Not Spinning

Modern dryer with clothes inside

If you find that despite your dryer being on, it refuses to tumble, that’s frustrating and a call for alarm. The common issues that cause your dryer to stop spinning are when it’s not well plugged, the drum is malfunctioning, the belt or motor is broken, the thermal fuse isn’t working, or the door switch is faulty.

If your dryer drum isn’t spinning, ensure it’s correctly plugged in. Also, check for any power-related problem like a blown switch or tripped circuit breaker, inspect other parts — the drum, belt, motor, or door switch, for any seizure, malfunction, or breakage, and replace whichever needs to be.

The thermal fuse is attached to the heating chamber of your dryer as a safety mechanism. Should the fuse blow, the main power supply is disrupted, and you end up with a non-spinning and functionless dryer until you replace it.

Try to move the drum manually to check if it’s the drum seizure causing your dryer not to spin. If it’s difficult to rotate, the drum has likely seized. Otherwise, proceed to check the belt and motor. The motor turns the belt that rotates the tumbler. A broken motor or belt simply means the drum won’t turn. A faulty capacitor can also make the drum unable to change direction since it kick-starts the motor.

Indesit Dryer Not Heating/Drying Clothes

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Many factors influence whether your Indesit dryer heats up or dries your clothes. Typical problems can be linked with heating elements or the assembly, including the thermostat. Other non-mechanical causes can include kinked or blocked vent hose or overloading that impairs the performance of your dryer.

When your Indesit dryer isn’t heating/drying clothes, test the heating element with a multimeter to see if there’s any break in electricity. Also, check if the door filters are blocked, rinse trapped lint in the condenser box if you haven’t, or empty the water container.

The heat control thermostat regulates heat by persistently opening and closing the heater element circuit. Modern dryers may have two thermostats, whereas the other is a high-limit thermostat responsible for cutting power to the heating element in case there’s overheating. The coil burns out when the heating element gets excessively hot due to high temperatures or insufficient airflow.

Other issues, such as a blocked door filter, can cause glitches with your dryer’s heating since air doesn’t circulate in the dryer. The condenser box may also have trapped lint and needs a thorough and regular rinse, and an un-emptied water container can also leave laundry still wet at the end of a drying cycle.

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Indesit Dryer Keeps Beeping

Woman looking at the clothes beside the dryer

While the beeping noise from your Indesit dryer can be distracting, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. Your dryer might sing a catchy melody because you need to press the start button or when it’s done drying your clothes. It might also beep because something is wrong, like a door left open, a clogged lint filter, too heavy load, overheating, or a blown thermal fuse.

If your Indesit dryer keeps beeping, check if you hit the start button to make it work or if the drying cycle is complete. Look at your dryer door to ensure it’s closed properly, unclog your lint filter, lighten your load, and see if the thermal fuse needs a substitute.

If you’re just starting a drying cycle and your dryer is beeping, hitting the start button could be the easiest way to fix the noise. But if the cycle is on and you hear the beep, head over to the dryer and take a look at your clothes. If the clothes feel dry, the beep was simply trying to let you know that drying is done.

You might also need to check if the dryer door is closed properly. If not, close it tightly until you feel it latch to ensure it’s totally closed. If your dryer is beeping and not starting, it could signify a clogged lint filter. It’s important to change the filter after every load to prevent overheating. 

Your dryer might beep because the load is too heavy. Many machines have a weight limit above, which won’t get going. And finally, if there are error codes to the problem, use your manual or error booklet to figure out the problem and the solution.

Indesit Dryer Keeps Stopping

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Nobody wants to keep moving back and forth to start a dryer that stops every few minutes during a cycle. It’s tiresome, annoying, and will impact an increase in your power bill. Possible causes of your Indesit dryer shutting off now and then include faulty drive belt, overheating motor, worn-out door latch, and defective moisture sensor.

Whenever your Indesit dryer keeps stopping, look if you have a faulty or broken drive belt and change it. Other components that could need a repair or replacement include the motor, door latch, and moisture sensor; inspect them for any possible defect.

The drive belt is placed around the dryer drum, the motor, and the idler pulley, helping your dryer spin when operating. If it’s flawed, the dryer also fails. The other probable cause is if the motor is overheating. Often, before the motor gets completely damaged, you’ll hear a buzzing noise from the motor. If your dryer stops after a moment, allow it to cool for five minutes. The motor is possibly defective if it starts again and must be replaced.

The door latch can also get worn, making the dryer door unlock when turned on. This has to be fixed by changing the door latch. Another component that could be the culprit is the moisture sensor which monitors moisture levels and signals the control board. If it becomes imperfect, it’ll wrongly signal there’s no moisture in your dryer, or your clothes are dry and stop the machine.

Indesit Dryer Keeps Tripping

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Suppose your Indesit dryer was well functioning but has begun to trip power in your house. There are a myriad of possible reasons like issues with electricity supply, tripped circuit breaker, damaged heating element, worn electric wires, faulty motor, blocked drain pipes, or short-circuiting.

If your Indesit dryer keeps tripping, check if your sockets and plugs are connected and in good condition. Check other dryer elements prone to damage, like the heating element, motor, or electric wires, and replace them. Then check if the interference suppressor has swollen and is short-circuiting.

Your socket or plug can melt. You can also test the socket by plugging in a different appliance, and remember that it’s not advisable to plug large machines into multi-socket extension leads.

It is essential to differentiate the kinds of electrical tripping that may occur. If the master circuit breaker trips, there’s a short circuit, or the main circuit is overloaded. But if the tripping is from a differential circuit breaker, there’s a current leak in some electrically powered parts of the dryer.

Indesit Dryer Keeps Saying Empty Water

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If your Indesit dryer clings to the empty water phrase, it’s obvious that the problem is coming from parts of the dryer that have to have water, like the condenser, water container, or pump system.

To solve the problem of an Indesit dryer that keeps saying empty water, check if the water container is full and empty. If that’s not the issue, proceed to check for any jamming in the pump, without forgetting the float system of the pump unit.

When moist air passes above the condenser, water content condenses and falls into a certain container. The empty water light gets on as the container gets full, and your dryer won’t start until you do the emptying. To empty your water container:  Just pull out the container and remove it fully from the dryer, empty all collected water, refit back the container, and ensure it’s fully pushed into position.

Another reason for the empty water light to stay on is a jamming pump — mostly caused by a blockage of fluff or lint, which hinders proper condensation. In another case, the pump unit has a float system with a micro-switch actuated by the float switch while the water level rises. Floats may jam over time as polystyrene defrauds; thus, the float system or the pump unit may need to be substituted.

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Is There a Reset Button on an Indesit Dryer?

Your tumbler dryer consists of many parts, all of which must be corrected for the machine to function. A defect in one part of the dryer can leave you frustrated with your wet clothes as your machine stops working, and a reset button is one important feature that can get you out of the problems. So, does an Indesit dryer have this button?

Most Indesit dryers have a reset button that lets you refresh the machine after a fault or error code has been experienced. Depending on the model you’re using, you can use your user manual to check what reset button your dryer has and where you can locate it.

The reset button is normally positioned beneath the back panel of your dryer, which you’ll have to unscrew and access the button. Other times the switch may be at the back panel; thus, you won’t have to remove it. If you can locate your reset button and can’t get help from the manual, contact the manufacturer to find out about your machine.

How to Reset Indesit Dryer

Modern dryer with clothes inside

Some many whys and wherefores instigate the need to reset your Indesit dryer. These include a power outage and imbalanced loads. The machine won’t start or keeps stopping water supply problems. Resetting is an easy way to eliminate some fault and error codes displayed to indicate an underlying problem and get your machine functional once more.

When it’s time to reset your Indesit dryer, some models have a reset button that you simply press, and the reset is done. Otherwise, you can follow a few steps: Switch off power and unplug your appliance, wait a few minutes, plug it back, and switch it on.

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After the above steps, your machine should fully reset and function normally. If you notice the reset wasn’t successful, you may repeat the procedure. If it fails once more, a fault could be preventing the machine from functioning properly. If you can’t figure out the problem or are not sure how to fix it,  get in touch with a qualified technician to establish the cause and fix the problem.

How to Reset Indesit Dryer Not Heating

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It’s never business as usual if your dryer does not heat. It won’t dry your clothes either, which beats its intended purpose. In most cases, your Indesit dryer stops heating because of a tripped heater fuse or a thermal overload that has cut out. The appliance often has mechanisms that prevent overheating and catching fire, of which you can reset the mechanism yourself.

Resetting an Indesit dryer that’s not heating may simply mean resetting a preventive mechanism to prevent overheating. You can easily do this by pressing a reset button or unplugging your machine, giving it some time, plugging back, and switching it on.

Some dryers, especially older models, have their red reset button on the back panel. For the newer models, the button may be located in the casing under the back panel, and you’ll have to unscrew and take away the casing to access the reset button. After locating the button, press it in and see if it clicks. If it does, the thermal overload cut-out has tripped and requires a reset.

Other dryers aren’t equipped with this reset switch; instead, they have a one-time thermal cut-out that has to be reset by an appliance expert. A professional can reset your machine within no time, and if you’ve got an extended warranty, the process may not cost you a penny

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As we mentioned earlier, other factors can lead to a dryer that’s not heating, such as fluffy filters, a defective thermostat, and condenser problems.