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Insignia Soundbar Not Working

An Insignia soundbar enhances the sound quality of your television programming or music. When you go to use your soundbar, and it’s not working, that’s when you have a problem. So, now what do you do?

If your Insignia Soundbar is not working, check and see if all the cables are properly connected to the ports. If the bluetooth isn’t connecting, bring the soundbar closer to the other device. You might need to do a soft or hard reset. Make sure you have the latest firmware update installed.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Insignia Soundbar Not Working

In general, there are several reasons why an Insignia soundbar is not working. You’ll have to try and pinpoint what is causing the problem before you can fix the issue.

If your Insignia soundbar isn’t working, check and see if the TV’s sound is on and working. After that, make sure there’s no damage to the cables and that they’re plugged into the correct ports. You will want to troubleshoot your TV’s settings to make sure it properly connects to the soundbar.

Turn Your Television’s Sound on

One issue that could be causing your soundbar not to work is the volume on your TV.

Even if your soundbar’s volume is turned on, you won’t have sound if you don’t have your TV’s sound on. Make sure it’s at a normal volume for best results.

Check the Sound on Your Television

If your soundbar isn’t working, you should make sure the sound on your television is working when not connected to the soundbar. If it isn’t working, that means the problem lies with your television and not your soundbar.

In this case, read your television’s manual and work on troubleshooting the sound on it, and then try your soundbar again.

Check the Soundbar’s Wiring

Then, you should check your soundbar’s wiring. A pet, a child, or even an adult could have accidentally disconnected the wiring.

If this is your first time installing your device and it isn’t working, you may have connected the wiring improperly. Therefore, you should go back over your work and double check it with the guide the device came with for setup.

Check Your TV’s Audio Mode

Next, you should check the audio mode your television is on. If it’s not on the right mode, your sound won’t play at all.

Go into your audio settings and make sure your soundbar is the main device. You’ll need to reboot your television after you change the audio mode to notice the difference.

Inspect the Wiring for Pet Damage

If that doesn’t help and the problem with your Insignia soundbar not working is persisting, inspect all the wires in the back.

Maybe, you have damage to one of them since a pet could have damaged a wire.

Inspect the Wiring for Human Damage

On the other hand, if they’re routed where they’re not lying properly, it could damage them as well.

With this, the wires are under stress, which could cause them to break down prematurely. If you notice any damaged wires, you should replace them. Once done, you’ll need to restart your television and make sure the TV is on the proper setting.

Insignia Soundbar Not Connecting

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If this is the first time connecting your Insignia soundbar or you’re turning it on after not using it for a while, you might notice that your device isn’t connecting. This issue is usually an easy and quick fix.

To troubleshoot an Insignia soundbar that is not connecting, make sure the cables are properly connected to their designed device plugs. You might need to reset your soundbar. Other than that, check to see if you’re running the latest firmware on both your soundbar and TV.

Make Sure Plugs Are in Properly

Firstly, you should check all your wires, whether you have the soundbar connected through HDMI or AV cables. Make sure they’re securely in their designated plug.

Check the Color Coding

Since the AV wiring is color-coded, make sure the wires are in their proper spots.

Check the Settings on Your TV

Check your audio settings on your TV to make sure the soundbar is on, and you have it set in the proper connection mode. When your soundbar won’t connect, you may want to try using the opposite type of cables, if you have them available.

Perform a Soft Reset

Once you check everything, try powering down your television and soundbar for 30 seconds to complete a soft reset. This will reset both of them. Then, plug them both back in to see if they work.

Check the Firmware of the TV and Soundbar

Sometimes, you can fix this problem by updating your firmware on the TV and soundbar. Sometimes, the manufacturers will create updates to correct common errors, possibly the one you’re having at the moment.

You can find any updated information in the devices’ menus. You could also try online on the manufacturers’ websites. Specifically, Insignia has a support center.

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Download the Latest Firmware

If your device doesn’t have the latest firmware, you should download it to the device. If you can’t download it directly, you should try downloading it to a USB drive and transferring it to your device.

Once you complete the download, unplug the device you downloaded it on for at least 10 seconds. Then, reconnect the device.

Perform a Hard Reset

If your soundbar still isn’t connecting, try doing a hard reset. A hard reset, also known as a full reset, may help you reestablish the connection between the soundbar and the TV.

You’ll need to check your soundbar’s instructions to determine how to reset it this way. Usually, you hit buttons in a certain pattern. When you perform this type of reset, you tend to lose all your settings. It may also take a few minutes for your TV’s lineup to reappear.

Insignia Soundbar Not Connecting to TV

Sometimes, you’ll notice that the problem with an Insignia soundbar not working is a lack of connection between your television and the Insignia soundbar. You will have to troubleshoot the connection. The best way to do this is to try all three audio source ports on the back of the source device.

To fix an Insignia soundbar that is not connecting to a TV, test out each of the audio OUT ports on the source device (TV) to see if the connection to the soundbar works. Do it using the optical cable, the 3.5 mm audio cable, and the RCA cable. Go with the connection method that works.

Verify the Connections Are Correct

With this issue, you should first check all your connections. You should also make sure your television is working properly without the soundbar.

If you are using a digital optical cable (not included in purchase), make sure the cable is connected to the digital output port in the source device (TV or DVD/Blu-ray player) and to the Digital Optical Output port in the soundbar. The optical cable is the most fragile of the cables you can use. Any kinks or bends can damage the cable.

If you are using a 3.5 mm connection, make sure the 3.5 mm audio cable is connected properly to the Audio output port on the source device as well as to the back of the soundbar.

If you are using an RCA connection, make sure the cable is connected securely to the source device and also to the back of the soundbar. Double check the color ends match the color ports.

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Try Unplugging and Reconnecting Everything

If you’re still having issues, try to unplug all your connections and reconnect them.

Check Compatibility

If this is your first time connecting your soundbar and television, make sure they’re compatible. Your TV may only work with certain types of soundbars, and if your Insignia one isn’t one of those, they won’t connect with one another.

Insignia Soundbar Blinking Blue

If your Insignia Soundbar is blinking blue, it might indicate a pairing issue with your remote control. To resolve this, try re-pairing the remote by holding down the Bluetooth button on the remote for a few seconds until the blue light stops blinking, then release the button. This should re-establish the connection and stop the blinking.

A common reason for the Insignia Soundbar blinking blue is a remote control pairing problem. To fix this, hold down the Bluetooth button on the remote for several seconds until the blue light stops blinking, indicating successful re-pairing with the soundbar.

The blinking blue light on your Insignia Soundbar may indicate a Bluetooth connection issue with your mobile device or other audio source. To resolve this, ensure your audio source’s Bluetooth is enabled, and try to reconnect it to the soundbar. Also, check for any interference from other nearby devices that might disrupt the Bluetooth signal, and move them away from the soundbar if necessary to stabilize the connection.

Insignia Soundbar Not Connecting to Bluetooth

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If your problem is between your soundbar and Bluetooth, you should check all the wiring and make sure it’s correct. However, you may need to further troubleshoot the problem.

The most common reason your Insignia soundbar is not connecting to Bluetooth is because it is being paired to another device. Remove or reset the device pairings and have them make a new connection. Also, try shortening the distance between the two connected Bluetooth devices.

Check Your Bluetooth Connection Status

Your soundbar may have lost its Bluetooth connection. To solve this problem, reconnect the Bluetooth, so it’s paired with the proper device.

Reduce the Distance Between Devices

There may be too great of a distance between devices for the connection to reach. Try moving the soundbar, so it’s closer to the device. Then, try connecting again.

Insignia Soundbar Not Turning On

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You may worry that you have a serious problem with your soundbar when it won’t turn on. However, troubleshooting may correct the problem.

When you find your Insignia soundbar is not turning on, make sure the power cord is properly connected to both the soundbar and the wall outlet. You can try a couple of different wall outlets to troubleshoot the source. Then reset the soundbar.

Reset the Device

If the Insignia soundbar isn’t turning on, you should try unplugging it. At that point, you should hold down the soundbar’s power button for five seconds.

Next, plug the soundbar back in and try turning it on.

Check the Power Cord

Look at the power light. If it’s not on, check the power cord in the back to see if it’s plugged in.

Check the Outlet

It could be an issue with the outlet. So, if none of this works, try plugging another device into the outlet to see if it works. You could also test this by plugging your soundbar into another outlet.

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If your Insignia soundbar isn’t working, take into consideration what isn’t working. Then, you need to perform the proper troubleshooting according to the problem, which should be able to correct the issue and get your high-quality sound back.