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Kenmore Stove Not Working

Kenmore stoves are well known for their reliability. One of the most frustrating things that can happen is to begin to prepare to cook a meal for your family, and then you are shocked to find out that your stovetop is not working. Before you begin to panic, start off by trying some simple troubleshooting steps to try to locate the problem which can then be addressed and rapidly fixed.

If your Kenmore stove is not working, check if all of the stovetop’s elements are heating up normally. If one of them is not working, the problem could be due to either an individual defective heating element or to a defective terminal block that is affecting all the stovetop’s heating elements.

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The terminal block is the spot where all the electrical elements of your Kenmore Stove connect to the electrical power. Lift the defective element and take it off from the terminal. Try plugging in one of the good elements in its spot and if it does not work then the problem is with a poorly working terminal block. If it does work then you only need to replace the original element.

Kenmore Stove Not Working

Another common reason for your Kenmore Stove not working could be due to a problem with the surface element board. The surface element board has relays that control the transmission of power to the burners. If it is failing then none of the surface heating elements will work.

When a Kenmore stove is not working, the problem probably is with a failure of one or more of the surface element board relays. If only one of the surface elements is not working, test it with a multimeter to make sure the heating element has electrical continuity.

Also, check out the surface element switch which actually transmits voltage to the surface element coils. If there is a problem with the surface element switch to a specific surface element, that surface element will not work. You can switch out the different surface elements to see if the problem is with the individual surface element or with the surface element switch. If it is a surface element switch problem you will need to replace it.

Kenmore Stove Not Turning On

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Everyone loves the elegant and sleek-looking look of a Kenmore Electric Stove Top Range with the burners set under classy heat-resistant glass. Kenmore Stove Tops are usually very easy to maintain and clean and are usually not prone to failure. If your Kenmore Stove is not turning on it is essential to find out what is going wrong and to fix it quickly.

If your Kenmore stove is not turning on, check for visible damage to the infinite switches. The infinite switches should also be checked with a multimeter to make sure there is electric continuity along the entire switch.

You can access the infinite switches by first taking off the rear panel of your Kenmore stove. You should first set the infinite switches to a high level and then use an ohmmeter to check for electrical continuity. If it is necessary, you can relatively easily take off all wires from the switch terminals and install a new switch as required.

Kenmore Stove Burner Not Working

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If your Kenmore Stove burner is not working it could be from a problem with one of the heating elements or a problem with the surface element board which supplies power to the burners. It could be a problem specific to a particular burner or a general problem requiring the replacement of one of the electronic components.

If your Kenmore stove burner is not working, check out the spark module that sends power to each of the burner’s spark electrodes. If it does not create a strong spark, it is probably defective and should be replaced. Prior to replacing, make sure the spark wire and spark electrodes are not faulty.

You should also evaluate if there is simply a faulty burner connection within the burner socket. These are prone to burning out and if so will be unable to supply the necessary amount of power. You can also check to see if any of the prongs or any parts of the socket look charred out or burned.

Kenmore Stove Igniter Not Clicking

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When you normally turn on your Kenmore Stove top you will hear a clicking sound. Not hearing this sound can be concerning. This cause of this failure can be easily diagnosed and corrected.

After you turn on the burner of your Kenmore Stove, the igniter switch transmits electricity which leads to a spark. This is indicated by a clicking sound. If it is defective no spark will be produced, and you will not hear an audible click. A bad igniter should be immediately replaced.

You can also check to see if the igniter is clogged up with either residual grease or with food particles. You can use a small piece of wire to try to clean out the igniter porthole. Once you complete this, try turning on the burner again to check for a normal clicking sound.

Kenmore Stove Clock Not Working

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It is very disconcerting to have a stove clock that is not working. It is not only disorienting as to the time, but it also makes timing different aspects of cooking your dishes impossible, This of course can badly impact your entire meal.

If your Kenmore stove clock is not working, go ahead and press and hold down on the clock keypad. You will see the time appear, and then it will disappear. Then the time will appear again and there will be a beeping sound. Now release the keypad and the time should display normally.

You can also try to reset the oven clock by using the same method you used when initially activating the oven. Press the number 7 button on the keypad and hold it for 6 seconds or more, and then you will hear one beep. Finally, hit the start button to reset the oven to the default settings.

Kenmore Stove Digital Display Not Working

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If your entire digital display on your Kenmore Stove has gone black this can really throw everything concerning your pending meal preparation entirely off. After common causes for this like a power problem or a blown fuse are eliminated, you need to evaluate if you could have a problem with either the oven lock or the electronic control board.

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If your Kenmore stove digital display is not working, be sure to check that the oven control is not in a lock out mode. If this is the issue, try pushing and then holding the stop/clear button for about 3 or 4 seconds. Otherwise, you have a faulty electronic control board that needs to be replaced.