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Lenovo Monitor Screen Issues 

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One of the most common issues that Lenovo monitors, or just about any brand of computer monitor, has is flickering. While this issue is an annoying one, it isn’t something to be too concerned with and doesn’t mean that your monitor will be giving out anytime soon. In fact, you can typically fix the problem by simply changing the Lenovo monitor’s refresh rate.

If your Lenovo monitor screen is having issues, such as flickering, try to refresh its rate by right mouse clicking on your desktop. Click on Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties > Monitor. Here you will find the refresh rate. Switch this rate to one that your monitor supports.

If you’re still having Lenovo monitor screen issues, consider referring to the owner’s manual for your monitor. In most cases, there are some troubleshooting tips to fix issues most commonly experienced with Lenovo monitors. 

Lenovo Monitor Too Bright Cause And How To Troubleshoot

Modern black monitor on the desk

The brightness of your screen can make working on the computer unbearable if it is too bright. Not only is it hard to look out, but when a computer monitor screen brightness is set too high, it can cause extra eye strain and headaches. The good news is that Lenovo monitors give you the ability to adjust the brightness setting of the screen, and the process of changing the brightness is a rather simple one.

Adjust the brightness of a Lenovo monitor that is too bright by searching for Display in your computer’s search bar. Click on Display Settings from the search results. There is a slider that you can manually adjust to control the brightness of the monitor.

Moving the slider back will reduce the screen’s brightness, while moving the slider up will make the monitor screen become even brighter.

Some computers have a shortcut key that allows you to adjust the brightness without searching. For example, pressing the Fn and Home buttons together will increase the brightness, while pressing the Fn and End buttons together will decrease the brightness. Depending on your computer make and model, you may also be able to adjust the brightness by pressing F5 to decrease it or F6 to increase the monitor’s brightness.

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If you have tried adjusting the brightness without avail, the next troubleshooting step would be to update the display driver. Search for Device Manager in your Window’s search bar. Once the Device Manager tab is open, find the Monitors option and then right mouse click on PnP Monitor > Update Driver. You will then have to click on Browse My Computer For Driver Software > Let Me Pick From A List. You should see two driver’s, Generic PnP and PnP. Click on Generic PnP Monitor and select Next. This will complete the installation process.

Lenovo Monitor Too Dark Causes And How To Fix

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As with the Monitor being too bright, a Lenovo monitor that is too dark can make it difficult to read or watch what is on your computer screen. It can also put undue strain on your eyes. Fixing this problem is done in the same manner as resolving the too bright issue that can sometimes occur. 

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When a Lenovo monitor is too dark, the problem is usually with the brightness setting placed too low. To fix this issue, increase the screen’s brightness by either searching for Display in the search bar or by clicking on one of the shortcuts on your keyboard. 

Another option is to check to make sure that the adaptive brightness feature is turned off. This feature works by automatically adjusting the brightness of your monitor screen, but it doesn’t always work as intended. To turn this feature off, click on Start button > Control Panel > System and Security > Power Option > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Display. You will see a toggle button to turn the Adaptive Brightness on and off. 

If your monitor is still too dark, the problem may be a faulty backlight or too low voltage at the screen’s LCD inverter. Reach out to Lenovo’s customer support for assistance with possibly fixing the problem. 

Lenovo Monitor Keeps Flickering On And Off Cause And How To Troubleshoot

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No one wants their Lenovo monitor to keep flicking on and off. Not only is it an annoying thing to experience, but it can make your entire time working on your computer frustrating. The most common culprit that leads to a monitor flicking on and off is out-of-date drivers or using the incorrect device drivers.

When your Lenovo monitor keeps flicking on and off, try either manually or automatically updating the drivers for your chipset and video card. To manually update the driver, search the official Lenovo website for the most recent and correct drivers, and then download and install them.

Make sure to only download and install the drivers that are compatible with your computer’s Windows operating system. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to know your Lenovo monitor’s model number in order to download the correct drivers. This information can typically be found on the back of the monitor as well as in its owner’s manual. 

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Lenovo Monitor Flashing Colors Cause And How To Fix

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When your Lenovo monitor goes into standby mode or sleep mode, the screen will typically turn black. This isn’t anything to be concerned with. With that said, however, if the screen begins to flash alternating colors, such as green, blue, red, there is a potential serious problem with the monitor that will need addressed ASAP.

To reset the monitor to factory default, open the onscreen display and click on factory reset located within the advanced menu section. Confirm the reset by selecting Yes. The monitor will reset back to factory settings and that should correct the flashing colors.

If, however, you are still experiencing Lenovo monitor screen issues, the problem may be an internal one that needs addressed by a repair technician. Reach out to Lenovo customer support for further assistance. They can assist in determining if the problem is one that can be repaired, or if the monitor is a lost cause and will need to be replaced. 

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Lenovo Monitor Brightness Greyed Out/Locked Cause And How To Troubleshoot

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One of the great things about Lenovo monitors is that you can adjust their brightness to match your surroundings at any time. When this brightness is greyed out/locked, however, you are left without the ability to customize and change how bright or dark the screen is. Thankfully, the issue is typically caused by the adaptive brightness feature being turned on. 

When the Lenovo monitor brightness is grayed out/locked, try disabling the adaptive brightness feature. The adaptive brightness automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast levels of your screen, while saving power and battery life.

While it can be great when it works properly, the sudden change in brightness can be distracting. To turn off this feature, click on the Start button > Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options. Locate the Change Plan Settings and then click on Change Advanced Power Settings. Select Display > Enable Adaptive Brightness. From here you will have the option to turn the feature off and on when the computer is running on battery or is plugged in.

Lenovo Monitor Blurry Cause And How To Fix

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The first thing to check when your Lenovo monitor is blurry is the connections running from your monitor to your computer tower. In many cases, the cause of the blurry screen is caused by a cable that isn’t properly connected to the monitor or computer.

If your Lenovo monitor is blurry, make sure the connections going from the monitor to the computer are securely in place. When you’re checking the connections, make sure to unplug and replug each cord to ensure they are properly connected.

If you’re still having issues with a blurry screen, consider letting your Windows operating system try to correct the problem. Press both the Windows key and the I key on your keyboard at the same time. This will bring up the Windows Setting box. Click on the System link > Advanced Scaling Settings. Toggle the button under “Let Windows Try To Fix Apps So They’re Not Blurry” to the ON position and then restart the computer.

When you have tried all the above and your monitor is still blurry, your next course of action is to change the DPI scale settings. Bring the Windows Setting panel up by clicking on the Windows key and the I at the same time. Select the System link. In the Display panel, find the Scale and Layout section and make sure it is set to 100%. If it isn’t, use the drop down box to switch the size to 100%. You shouldn’t have to restart the computer for the chances to take effect.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/21/2022

If, after all that, you are still left with a blurry monitor, the issue may be one that is better left for Lenovo customer support. Depending on whether or not the monitor is still under warranty, you may be required to pay for the cost of repair or need to purchase a whole new monitor. 

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