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LG TV Browser Not Working/Can’t Play Video/Not Enough Memory

Your LG TV has the ability to access the internet through its own web browser. This is very convenient as you can access most things through this app. However, some people have had issues with the browser not working, specifically not playing videos or crashing due to lack of memory space. This article will focus on these issues and their fixes.

The LG Smart TV browser was not designed to stream videos and therefore does not support some videos on the internet. Disabling ‘Adaptive Streaming’ may help this issue. It also does not have a large memory capacity, causing it to crash if you don’t regularly unplug the TV or empty the cache.

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These issues have been broken down below. You can also find possible fixes that you can try for these issues.

LG TV Browser Not Working

Browser window with cursor on the home button

There are many reasons why your LG TV browser might not be working. Some common issues and their fixes are listed in the table below, and have been explained in more detail throughout this article.



Cannot play videos

Use YouTube app

Disable ‘Adaptive Streaming’

Keeps crashing

Empty browser cache

Turn off TV at wall overnight

Set to browse in ‘Private Mode’

Not enough memory

See above fix

Browser not supported

Update TV firmware

Disable ‘Adaptive Streaming’

LG Smart TV Browser Cannot Play Videos

Browser window with cursor in the URL address window

Some people find that their videos work perfectly in the YouTube app, but not in their TV browser. This is because the web browser is not designed to be used as a streaming service and therefore streaming videos can cause problems, such as filling up the cache. I will explain this in more detail below.

Regardless, some people have had success in streaming videos through their web browser by disabling a feature called ‘Adaptive Streaming Using Javascript’.

Whether it has been enabled in a recent firmware update, or you have enabled it yourself at some stage, it will need to be disabled to help with your playback issues. This feature can be found in your web browser settings.

If this does not help the problem, or your TV does not have this feature, consider checking other possible causes. Below are things that could possibly be affecting your video playback in the LG web browser.

  • Network failure – check connection and restart modem.
  • Firmware bug – update required.
  • Content unavailable in your location – update location in settings or consider a VPN.
  • Unknown issue – factory reset required.

Can’t Find Web Browser on LG Smart TV

Browser window with cursor in the URL address window

The web browser is accessed through your home screen on the LG Smart TV. The web browser app is displayed as a world icon, labelled ‘Internet’ or ‘web browser’. It may also be a circle with ‘www’ on it.

On other LG TVs, it may be located in the menu. In this instance, go to the TV homepage and select the menu (three lines). Here you should be able to click on ‘Web Browser’.

If, for some reason, the app is not there, try a factory reset to return the LG Smart TV to its original settings. This should return this app to your home page. Otherwise, you may need to contact LG directly.

LG Smart TV Web Browser Keeps Crashing

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Unfortunately, the web browser on LG mainly crashes when watching videos because it is not designed to be a streaming service. LG would prefer that you use the designated apps on the home screen for streaming, such as the YouTube app.

Streaming videos will fill up the cache, meaning your TV doesn’t have enough memory to continue browsing. This can affect the function of other apps as well. Below are ways you can clear your cache and keep it from filling up as quickly.

Unplug the TV

One way to work around this is to turn the TV off at the wall at regular intervals. Some have found that unplugging the TV overnight gives them no issues with the web browser. Unplugging the TV is a way of resetting the system, which will clear the cache.

Manually Clear the Cache

You can also manually clear the cache by selecting the ‘Menu’ button (three lines) within the web browser. Here you can select ‘Settings’ and press ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

Browse in Private Mode

Within the web browser settings, you will also notice a ‘Private Browsing’ option. Enable this to help keep your cache clean and therefore prevent more crashes.

What is a Cache?

For those of you who are unsure of what a cache actually is, it is a temporary storage component that remembers previous requests. This memory allows the system to load faster the next time you make that request. Therefore, clearing the cache is a perfectly normal and good thing to do.

LG TV Web Browser Not Enough Memory To Open Webpage

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When an LG TV displays the error “not enough memory to open this webpage,” it usually means that the TV’s internal memory is overwhelmed. To resolve this issue, users should clear the cache and cookies from the TV’s web browser, which will help free up some memory space. This can generally be done through the settings menu in the web browser app on the LG TV.

Secondly, this problem could stem from having too many applications running simultaneously on the TV, consuming a significant portion of the memory. In this case, closing some of the applications that are not in use can free up the necessary memory to open the webpage. To do this, navigate to the recent apps or task manager section on your TV, usually accessible through the home or settings menu, and close the unnecessary applications.

Lastly, the error could be indicative of an outdated firmware version, which might not be managing memory optimally. Updating the TV’s firmware to the latest version could potentially fix this memory issue. To update the firmware, go to the settings menu, find the “About” or “General” section, and select “Check for updates”. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update, which could bring improvements in memory management and overall performance.

How Do I Open Web Browser on LG Smart TV

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The web browser on your LG Smart TV is an in-built app that can be found on the home screen. It is very easy to open, following the steps below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote.

Step 2: Scroll across to find the web browser app.

Step 3: Press ‘Enter’ (central button) on the remote.

The web browser generally looks like a globe or circle and can be called ‘Internet’, ‘Web Browser’ or ‘www’.

How Do I Update LG TV Web Browser

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To update the LG TV web browser, you will need to update the firmware of the TV. This can be found in settings, if you follow the steps below.

Home > Settings > All Settings > General > About This TV

Then click ‘Check for Updates’, or if it has already detected a new update, select ‘Download and Install’. You can also allow automatic updates on this screen so you don’t have to keep coming back to this page. If you have the latest firmware, this area will say ‘No updates found’.

After every update, you will need to restart the TV. Once you have the latest firmware update, you web browser should be completely up to date.

If, after this, you are trying to stream a video and it is telling you that you need to update the browser, this means that the video is not supported. This issue cannot be resolved with an update, but may be fixed by disabling the ‘Adaptive Streaming Using Javascript’ feature mentioned above.

LG TV Web Browser Not Supported

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If your web browser is not supported, first make sure your LG TV is up to date. To check for updates or install a new update, follow the steps above.

If it is specifically videos that are not supported on your web browser, this is because LG only support certain video formats. Updating your firmware will not fix this issue, but you can find out more about how you might fix the issue above, under ‘LG Smart TV Browser Cannot Play Videos’.

Can I Change the Browser on My LG Smart TV

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The LG Smart TV usually uses the Bing search browser. However, on most LG Smart TVs, you can change the default search engine. You will have the option of the following.

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing

To change your default browser, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote.

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Step 2: Navigate across to ‘Web Browser’.

Step 3: Press ‘Enter’ on the remote (central button).

Step 4: Press ‘Menu’ (three lines).

Step 5: Press ‘Settings’.

Step 6: Select your desired search engine under ‘Search Engines’.

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You can also navigate to any search engine by entering the website address in the address bar at the top of the web browser. You can then save this web address to your favourites (star button) to make it easily accessible in the future.

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