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Maytag Dryer Turns On By Itself (How to Fix)

When a Maytag dryer is functioning properly it won’t turn on all by itself, unless a few specific settings have been enabled. But, it’s also possible for this to happen when there is a fault with your Maytag dryer. Here is how to fix a Maytag dryer when it turns on by itself.

In general, wrinkle prevention is enabled. Wrinkle prevention will start your dryer every 30 minutes or so automatically for a few minutes. It can be turned on and off. If it’s not that, restart your Maytag dryer, and ensure you’re not accidentally enabling delayed start, explained below.

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Wrinkle prevention can be turned on and off, usually using a button labeled ‘wrinkle prevention’. If you can’t locate the button refer to the owners manual for your Maytag make and model. To restart your Maytag dryer, unplug it at the wall, wait about 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.

Doing so will reset the internal computer, which can be causing the issue. Otherwise, refer to your owners manual to ensure you’re setting the cycle correctly. You may be accidentally enabling delayed start.

Delayed start will start the cycle after a set period of time, such as 30 minutes, or 1 hour. Someone in your household may also be tinkering with the control panel when you’re not looking, and they may be enabling a delayed start. Most Maytag dryers have a setting where you can lock the control panel to stop it from happening.

6 Reasons Why Your Maytag Dryer Turns On By Itself

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When a dryer turns on by itself it can be a bit spooky. But there are many reasons why a dryer will turn on by itself, and some of them are part of normal operation. In this article, I will cover all of the reasons why this happens, as well as, how to fix your dryer and/or stop it from happening.

In general, start by ensuring that wrinkle prevention mode is not enabled, and delayed start isn’t accidentally enabled. These cause a dryer to turn on by itself, and is part of normal operation. Otherwise the components below are faulty and need to be inspected, and repaired or replaced.

These are the internal computer, start switch, motor, and the control panel. It’s possible to fix a few of these issues yourself. ell as, how to fix each of these issues.

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General Fix For A Maytag Dryer That Turns On By Itself

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Home appliances such as dryers have quite a few moving parts, as well as various different settings. Each of these has the potential to cause issues. Here are which of these specifically cause a dryer to turn on by itself, and why.

Wrinkle prevention is enabled, you are turning on delayed start by accident, the on/off switch is faulty, the control panel has failed, the internal computer is faulty or has a glitch, or the motor has loose wiring or needs to be repaired or replaced.

Below, I will explain how each of these reasons causes a dryer to turn on by itself, as well as how to fix each of these issues individually.

1. Wrinkle prevention setting is on

Many dryers, such as Whirlpool and Maytag, have a wrinkle prevention mode. When it’s enabled the dryer will start by itself every so often and warm up the clothes to prevent wrinkles. Then shut off again soon after.

It only happens if:

  • Clothes are left in the dryer after the cycle has ended
  • The wrinkle prevention setting is enabled

If you can locate this setting on the control panel ensure it’s turned off. Or, now you are aware this is why it’s happening.

When you can’t locate it, refer to your paper owners manual. Or, the online version of your owners manual to see if your dryer has this setting and how to turn it on and off.

2. Delayed start is accidentally enabled

Most dyers have a delayed start feature. You can set it so that it starts after a certain amount of time, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. If your dryer has a LCD display it will generally have a symbol on the screen to state that a delayed start has been set.

It’s possible you’re pressing the wrong buttons accidentally. Or, someone in your household has been tinkering with your dryer without you knowing. Refer to your owners manual to see how delayed start is enabled, and how to know if delayed start is set.

3. Start switch is faulty – won’t stay in the off position

The start switch is a single component. Over time, it can wear out.

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Or, it can fail due to a manufacturer’s fault. When it does, it can turn itself on randomly.

For this issue and the rest of the reasons why your dryer keeps turning on, a repair technician will need to identify if it’s faulty.

However, you can test it yourself if you are experienced using a voltmeter. It’s possible your dryer is covered under warranty, and performing repairs yourself can void the warranty. So, it’s best to contact your dryer manufacturer first.

4. Control panel is faulty

The control panel is an individual component. It can have a software or hardware problem that causes it to malfunction.

When it does, it can cause your dryer to do random things such as turning on by itself. The control panel can be removed, and swapped out for a new one.

5. Internal computer is faulty

The internal computer has basic software on it. It controls the sequence of things a dryer does during a cycle, and is responsible for turning the individual components on and off. It can have a glitch that can be fixed by restarting your dryer.

To do that unplug your control panel at the wall, then plug it back in again. Then see if the problem recurs. Otherwise, when a repair technician takes a look at your dryer they will inspect the internal computer to see if it’s what is causing it.

6. Motor is faulty

The motor is responsible for rotating the drum on a drier. The motor on a dryer has wiring, or the internal wiring in the motor itself can be a bit loose or faulty. If there is a fault with the motor it can cause your dryer to turn on by itself.

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