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Maytag Washer Won’t Turn On/Turn Off/Start/Stop Running

Maytag washers are widely considered as one of the most powerful and dependable household appliances on the market. While these washers are designed to last for many years and clean many dirty laundry loads, there will be times when these complex machines do not work as intended.

To fix your Maytag washer that will not turn on or off, ensure that the washer is connected to an electrical power source, and test the washing machine’s water supply lines. You should also check for mechanical failure in the washer and resolve any error codes displayed on the device.

Maytag Washer Won't Turn On/Turn Off/Start/Stop Running

You will also learn the following information about your Maytag washer throughout the entire article:

  • How to repair your Maytag washer if it is not turning on or turning off
  • How to fix your Maytag washer if it will not start or stop running
  • How you can prevent these common problems from occurring to your Maytag washer
  • Solutions to your Maytag washer’s problems

Maytag Washer Power Button Not Working

If the power button on your Maytag washer is not working, it could be due to a power issue. First, check to ensure the washer is properly plugged into the electrical outlet. Confirm that the outlet is functioning by testing it with another device. If the outlet is working but the washer still doesn’t turn on, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to make sure the washer’s circuit hasn’t tripped or blown.

A malfunctioning control board could also be the reason why the power button is not responding. The control board is the brain of the washer, and if it’s defective, it may not respond to the power button’s commands. In this case, the control board may need to be inspected and possibly replaced by a professional.

Another possibility is that the power button itself is faulty or damaged. Over time, the button can wear out or get damaged, preventing it from making proper contact when pressed. If this is the case, the button or the control panel it’s attached to might need to be replaced. This is a more intricate repair that might require professional assistance.

Make Sure the Maytag Washer Can Turn On/Power On

Make Sure the Maytag Washer Can Turn On/Power On

Start by checking if your Maytag washer is connected correctly to the electrical power source. Maytag has several instructions for you to follow on connecting your washer to your power source:

  • Do not remove a ground prong.
  • Plug your Maytag washer into a grounded 3-prong outlet.
  • Do not use an extension cord.
  • Do not use a power adapter.

You should also check if your ground fault circuit interrupter or circuit breaker to see if they have tripped. Check to see if your Maytag washer has blown a fuse if the washer is on a fuse box. You might have to replace it or call an electrician if the problem continues.

You should also check to see if the electrical outlet works. You can conduct a simple test by plugging in another electrical appliance like a lamp. Plug the device into the outlet that you use for the washing machine. If the electrical appliance powers on, then electricity is being supplied to the outlet.

If the outlet is receiving power to turn the appliance on, but the Maytag washer still will not power on, it can be an issue with a defective power cord. In this case, you can use a multimeter to test the power cord for power. A multimeter, also known as a volt-ohm-milliammeter (VOM) or a multitester, is an instrument that measures electrical current, voltage, and resistance. 

If the cable is not receiving any power, it needs to be replaced for the washer to power.

Check the Maytag Washer’s Water Supply

Check the Maytag Washer's Water Supply

If the water valves or faucets for hot and cold water are not fully open or turned on, the washer will not continue or proceed with the cleaning cycle. If you attempt to start the Maytag washer without water, then the machine will stop and display an “F8E1” error code on the console. The water supply needs to connect to the washer before starting the washing cycle. 

This “F8E1” or “LF” error code will also appear if the tub is taking too much time to fill up with water or if the washer is continually filling with water and draining. It also indicates that there is some issue with the water supply filling the washer. 

This issue may occur when the drain hose extends more than 4.5 inches (114 millimeters) into the pipe. The drain hose needs to be attached securely to the drainpipe. Maytag instructs not tape over the drain opening as it can cause the washer to siphon water and may not allow the washer to fill at the appropriate water level for a cleaning cycle. 

Also, ensure that both water inlet hoses are opened and connected with the washer. Some Maytag washer models have sensors that detect connected water supplies. The washing machine requires both hoses to have water flowing from the water valve. 

If the sensor cannot notice that the water supply hoses are open and turned on, the washer senses a water supply issue. The washer’s lid will lock automatically, and the appliance will enter a pump out mode for about 8 minutes.

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Check the Maytag Washer’s Control Lock

Check the Maytag Washer's Control Lock

According to some Maytag top-load and front-load washer models, there is a control lock feature on some units. When this lock feature is activated, there will be a control lock light displayed on the machine. The washer’s controls will not work and will not respond to any commands via touch if you attempt to push any buttons on the washer console. 

In this situation, you might see some error codes displayed, such as “LoC” or “LC”. These codes indicate that the control lock is active on your Maytag washer, and you will need to deactivate this control lock feature to allow control to resume in the machine. 

Some control lock buttons may be a button or is a button with a dual function. You can deactivate this control lock feature by holding the control lock button for about 3 seconds to unlock.

Check the Maytag Washer’s User Control and Display Board

Check the Maytag Washer's User Control and Display Board

Sometimes the display console or user control can malfunction, and the buttons may not work correctly. If some of the buttons work, but other control buttons such as the power button do not work, you might have to replace the washer’s entire control/display board. 

Depending on the washer model, you might have to press and hold down the start button for approximately 3 seconds to start the cleaning cycle. If the display board does not function properly, then the controller may not correctly engage the appliance to operate.

Check the Maytag Washer’s Door/Lid Lock

Check the Maytag Washer's Door/Lid Lock

Often there may be debris or detergent build-up that can stop the lid from closing completely. If you notice any obstructions, use water, mild cleaning soap, and a cloth to clean the area and wash away the debris gently. Your clothes may also prevent the washer’s door or lid from latching shut, so ensure that nothing is blocking the door from closing. 

The Maytag washer’s lid or door needs to be closed and be fully locked for the washer to function and start a cleaning cycle. Other Maytag washer models will not even fill with water if the lid is open. Other models will fill with water if the top is exposed and drain the water if the top continues to stay open. It depends on the model, so you should check your Maytag’s Owner’s Manual to see how the lid of your washer functions.

Cycle Power the Maytag Washer

Cycle Power the Maytag Washer

After checking all these components of your Maytag washer, try cycling power to the appliance. Unplug or disconnect the power for about one minute, and plug the washer back into the outlet. See if the power turns on and start a washing cycle.

Consult a Maytag Repair Professional

Consult a Maytag Repair Professional

If issues with your Maytag washer persists, you might need to consult a Maytag washer appliance specialist to schedule repair services. Maytag has an Owner Support Center where you can sign up, view your warranty, and access your appliance manual. You can also proceed to schedule an appointment with a service provider for any appliance repairs or support.

Final Thoughts

Your Maytag washer will last many years, but these complex household appliances have many different components that can malfunction over time. If you have issues with your washer being unable to power on or off, or problems with your washer not starting a cleaning cycle, then it may be due to defects with the lid/door, control lock, display board, water supply, or the power supply. 

For further issues, you should always consult an authorized technician to service the machine.

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