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Samsung Microwave Not Working/Heating

I think that most people consider the microwave to be one of the most convenient items they have in their home. When a Samsung microwave is not working, however, it quickly becomes an inconvenience.

The most common reason why a Samsung microwave will not work or heat is because it is in demo mode. This is the mode used by the store so the magnetron does not turn on but all of the buttons and lights work. You can turn off the demo mode in option 6 as setting 2.

Putting food inside the microwave

Samsung microwaves are known for being very reliable, so having one that is not working is unusual. As you look down through the following list of possibilities, you may find that one is more appropriate than another for your issue.

Samsung Microwave Not Working

Man fixing the microwave

The following list of possible issues associated with a microwave oven not working can be checked by most homeowners. You should be cautious, however, when doing any work on the microwave.

Microwaves have high voltage capacitors and they may retain a charge, even after they have been unplugged for quite some time. Coming in contact with one of those capacitors would cause it to unload and could severely shock you.

It is always best to call a technician if any panels need to be removed in the microwave. The following possible fixes, however, can be done by most homeowners.

Demo Mode – It is worth mentioning a second time that the microwave being in demo mode is the most common reason why a Samsung microwave will not work or heat.

The demo mode is used at the store so the microwave can be displayed without activating the magnetron. When the demo mode is activated, the countdown will occur much faster than it typically does.

You can check to see if the demo mode is activated by going into the options menu. There should be a button on your microwave that either says ‘my settings’ or options.

Go to option 6 and make sure that it is on setting 2.

Kitchen Timer – This may seem like a simple fix, but it is one of the most common reasons why people call in and say that their microwave is not working. The kitchen timer is a feature that allows you to set a timer and a countdown clock will begin. The microwave will not run, only the countdown clock.

Low Power Supply – A problem with a low power supply can affect the operation of the microwave oven. Here are a number of things you can check with the power supply.

1. Dedicated Circuit – A microwave oven uses a lot of power so it should be on its own circuit. If it shares a circuit with other appliances in the kitchen, it may not be getting the power that it needs.

2. 20-Amp Breaker – Even if the microwave is on its own circuit, some of the newer microwaves use enough power that they need a 20 amp breaker. Check the breaker box and if it is a 15 amp breaker, contact an electrician for assistance.

3. Tripped Breaker – If the microwave is not responding and none of the lights are on, it may be a problem with the breaker itself. Check in the breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped. You can reset the breaker by turning it fully to the off position and then back on again.

If the breaker has tripped, it is likely to trip again. This typically happens if there is a wiring problem or if there are too many electrical items running on the same circuit.

If the breaker trips continually, try unplugging the microwave oven and all other appliances. If it continues to trip or if you have a rotten egg smell near the breaker box, contact an electrician. The breaker needs replaced.

4. Bad Receptacle – Although receptacles are fairly trustworthy, they do occasionally go bad. You can test the receptacle by plugging in another appliance. Even if only one side of the receptacle is bad, it should be replaced.

5. Extension Cord – Microwave ovens should not be operated on an extension cord. Many extension cords do not carry enough electricity to properly power a microwave. If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is heavy-duty.

6. Surge Protector – It is not recommended that you should plug your microwave oven into a surge protector. Not only might you lose some of the power, surge protectors often have multiple plugs so it might be a temptation to plug in more items.

7. GFI – Samsung does not recommend that you use your microwave oven on a GFI receptacle. Contact an electrician if you have any questions.

8. Power Cord – Visually inspect the power cord and plug attached to the microwave. If it is frayed, damaged, cut, or if the plug looks burnt, it may need to be replaced.

9. Thermal Fuses/Thermo Protectors – There are multiple checks and balances within the microwave oven that help it to work safely and consistently. If the microwave overheats or if other problems are detected, those fuses and protectors will interrupt the flow of electricity.

Do not attempt to repair or replace the thermal fuses or cavity fuses in the microwave. High voltage capacitors hold onto electricity and can shock you, even when the power cord is unplugged.

Is the food getting warm? Even slightly? As long as the food is heating up, even a little, there is not typically any service that needs done to the microwave.

Often, a problem with a microwave oven not heating food enough is traced back to only trying to cook a small amount of food at one time. Microwaves work better when they try to heat more food at one time.

Door Not Shut – There are door switches that do not allow the microwave to operate when the door is open. If the microwave does operate with the door open, you should unplug it and call a technician.

If one of the door switches has gone bad or is broken, the microwave will not think the door is closed. Door switches can be replaced, but a technician may be needed to do it.

Overheating – Microwaves are designed to heat food but if it has been operating a long time and overheats, it will shut down automatically. At times, allowing the microwave to cool for 30 minutes will fix the problem.

Clearance – Your Samsung microwave oven must vent properly. If it doesn’t have enough clearance on all sides, it may not start. A lack of clearance may also cause the microwave not to heat or to have low heat.

Control Board – The main control board is like the computer that operates the microwave. If a problem happens with the main control board, it will keep the microwave from operating.

Unfortunately, control boards are difficult to test. If you have access to it, you could visually inspect it with a magnifying glass to see if there are any burnt areas or cracks.

Typically, it is best if a trained technician works with the control board because of the possibility of electrocution.

Perform a Soft Reset – One thing that you can do to potentially correct problems with a microwave is to perform a soft reset. This is done by unplugging the microwave or turning it off at the breaker box for a few minutes and then turning it back on.

Samsung Microwave Not Heating

Woman checking the microwave

We use our Samsung microwave ovens to heat food and beverages. If it is not heating, it is not working. At that point, it is a little more than a glorified kitchen timer.

Fortunately, there are a few simple fixes that may get your microwave back in service again.

When a Samsung microwave doesn’t heat, it’s often due to a failed magnetron, which generates the microwaves. A malfunctioning magnetron, from power surges or wear, means no heat. Replacing the magnetron, usually a job for a technician, can fix this.

Imagine your microwave as a high-performance car with the magnetron as its engine. Just as a car without a working engine won’t move, a microwave without a functional magnetron won’t heat. Another reason for the lack of heat could be a blown fuse, which acts as a safeguard against excessive current. If the fuse is blown, replacing it with one of the correct size and rating is necessary for the microwave to function again.

Additionally, a defective door switch can prevent your microwave from heating. This switch ensures the microwave operates only when the door is securely closed. If damaged, the solution is to replace the switch to regain full functionality, much like fixing a crucial security feature in your home to keep everything running smoothly.

Samsung Microwave Troubleshooting

woman holding a food of plate

There are many things that could go wrong with your Samsung microwave oven. Here is a short list of things to do if you want to troubleshoot microwave problems quickly.

1. Demo Mode – The demo mode is used at the store to allow the microwave to function without the magnetron operating. You can tell your microwave is in demo mode if it is not heating and the countdown timer is running quickly.

Use the options menu under option 6 and make sure that it is set to 2. That will turn off the demo mode in most Samsung microwaves.

2. Kitchen Timer – Samsung microwaves, like most microwaves, have a kitchen timer feature. The kitchen timer is simply a countdown clock that alerts you with a tone when the timer has expired. Make sure you are using the cook option of the microwave and not the kitchen timer option.

3. No Power – If your microwave is not operating and there are no lights or sounds, it may be because the power has been interrupted. Check the breaker box for a tripped breaker, plug something else into the receptacle to make sure it is working, and visually inspect the microwave power cord.

4. Door Not Closed – There are sensors in the door of the microwave oven that detect if the door is not closed properly. It will automatically interrupt the power to the microwave if the door isn’t closed if the sensor is malfunctioning.

At times, debris may build up in the door that could keep it from closing properly. Wipe the seal down around the door using a damp cloth.

5. Clearance – If there is not enough clearance around the microwave after it is installed, it will not vent properly. This is typically a problem with a newly installed microwave oven.

Samsung Microwave Door Not Latching

Woman adjusting the microwave

If the microwave door to your Samsung microwave will not latch, the microwave will not operate. The door also may not stay closed and it could swing open.

The first thing to do if your microwave door is not latching is to clean the latch thoroughly. At times, it may simply buildup on the latch and it is not working as a result.

If the door is still not latching, look carefully for the broken part. You may see a broken piece of plastic in the microwave or you could see a piece of plastic on the latch that is cracked or broken.

When you are able to determine that the latch itself is broken, it can be replaced. The latch is relatively inexpensive but you may need to get a technician to help you in some cases.

The part can be ordered online, but you need to check the model number of your Samsung microwave oven. The model number is located on the inside of the microwave on a plate that is permanently attached to either the door or the side of the microwave.

Samsung Microwave Does Not Turn Off

Pressing the start button of the microwave

If your Samsung microwave is not turning off, this can be a serious problem. There are two different things to consider, however, is it working with the door open or does it stop if the door is open?

Microwave Working with Door Open – This is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. The interlock switch on the door sends a signal and tells the main control board that the microwave should be turned off when the door is open.

Operating your microwave with the door open is hazardous to your health. If your microwave is continuing to run even with the door open, unplug the microwave and call a service technician.

Microwave Not Stopping with the Door Closed – If the microwave is continuously operating but it stops working when the door is open, there may be a number of different problems.

One of the most common reasons why this occurs is because the control board has gone bad. Do not attempt to replace the control board on your own as certain components in a microwave will stay charged, even after the microwave is unplugged.

Samsung Microwave Turntable Not Rotating

Woman putting the food in the microwave

The turntable in your Samsung microwave continually turns to keep the food heated evenly and thoroughly. If it stops operating, the microwave is not going to work as efficiently.

If the plate is not rotating and there is a grinding noise, it is likely due to a dirty track or roller ring. Remove the plate and the roller ring and wash them in warm, soapy water. Replace after you dry them thoroughly.

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Another issue that can keep the microwave turntable from rotating is that the plate is not positioned properly. It needs to be properly centered for the mechanism to continually spin the table. Otherwise, it will simply stay in place.

If the mechanism under the plate that is designed to turn the table is not spinning, you should contact a service technician for assistance.

Samsung Microwave Not Starting

Fixing the microwave

Power problems are the most common issue that results in a Samsung microwave not starting. In many cases, it will not only not start, but it will also have no power to it.

If you have power to the microwave but is not starting when you close the door and set the cooking time, then it may be a problem with the door latch. The door latch signals the control board that the microwave can start.

Another issue associated with the Samsung microwave not starting could be the control board. If the control board has shorted out or has otherwise gone bad, it must be replaced.

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You cannot easily test the control board. At best, you can do a visual inspection but it is not recommended that you open the panel due to the possibility of electrocution.

Samsung Microwave Keeps Shutting Off

Woman adjusting the microwave

If a Samsung microwave is overheating, there are fuses and a thermometer that keeps it from operating. Overheating problems can occur if you have been cooking food for an extended amount of time.

Another issue is the control board, which may malfunction and need to be replaced. The touchpad, which is closely associated with the control board can also experience problems.

The internal components of the microwave can be replaced but it is best if you contact a service technician. Unless you know what you’re doing, you should not try to replace or repair any of the internal components of your microwave on your own.

Generally speaking, a problem with a Samsung microwave not working or heating is traced to the microwave being in demo mode. Go into the options, choose option 6, and make sure it is set to 2. Otherwise, make sure that you are not using the kitchen timer by accident.

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