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Shark Vacuum Brush Won’t Turn/Spin

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Shark came into the sharp focus when it upstaged Dyson to take the top spot in the U.S. vacuum cleaner market starting from 2013. The thing is, these vacuums can really clean, and they are very durable. However, sometimes, there are snags like when the brush won’t turn or spin even when it’s powered on.

If your Shark vacuum brush won’t turn or spin, it might be on the wrong setting, or there is a problem with a broken belt or a disengaged nozzle. If it starts spinning but stops midway, it may be because of clogged parts leading to overheating.

Learn more about the reasons why your Shark vacuum brush won’t turn or spin. More importantly, let’s figure out how to fix the problem as you read on.

Shark Vacuum Brush Roller Not Spinning or Starts Spinning but Stops: Causes and How To Fix

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When your roller brush is not spinning at all, check to see if the power button is set to position II. In models like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away, this setting turns the roller brush on, and if you don’t set it to position II, the brush will not spin. You will need to set your Shark vacuum to Power and Brushroll mode or in carpet mode to make the brush roll spin in some models.

When the settings are correct, yet the brush roller still won’t spin, you may need to replace the power button or the brush roll itself. The good news is that Shark vacuums can be disassembled, but it may take some time to replace some parts.

Broken Belt

The belt is used to make the roller brush spin. If it’s broken, then there is no way that the roller brush will work.

You will need to replace a broken belt with a new one. Fortunately, replacement belts are inexpensive and easy to replace. We’d talk about how to do that later on.

Disengaged Nozzle or Blockage on the Brush Roll

Another reason for the brush roller not spinning is that the nozzle is disengaged. Make sure that the nozzle is completely attached by pressing down on the handle.

If it still won’t start, unplug your Shark vacuum and check the nozzle for blockage. Clear out any debris and make sure that everything is clean. Re-attach the nozzle to your vacuum and turn it on again. In some Shark models, you don’t have to guess. There’s a brush roll indicator LED that lights up if there’s a possible blockage.

Shark Vacuum Brush Roller Indicator Light Flashing: Causes and How To Fix

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Because Shark vacuums have a fail-safe mechanism, once a particular part is blocked, the vacuum will shut down in a few seconds. So, if the appliance shuts down while you’re cleaning, a blockage will be the main culprit.

Aside from clogged brush rolls, you should also check the:

  • Dust bin: Empty out the dust bin to make sure that nothing is clogging it.
  • Hose: Stepping on the quick release foot pedal, you can easily remove the hose. If the hose is not blocked, you can easily see through the tube from one end to another. If you can’t see through the hose, drop a coin through the hose to see if it falls quickly to the other side.
  • Hair on the brush roll: Sometimes, a little hair on the brush roll is enough to snag it. Use a stitch picker like these Seam Thread Removers to take the tangled hair out of the brush bristles.

This video will demonstrate how you can clear up blockages and clogs from your Shark vacuum:

Where Is the Brush Bar Reset Button on My Shark Vacuum?

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When your Shark vacuum gets clogged, it tends to overheat. As we mentioned, these vacuums have a failsafe mechanism in the form of a protective thermostat.

Unlike some Dyson vacuum cleaners, Shark doesn’t have a dedicated reset button. You can reset the motor thermostat by moving the power button to the off position and then unplugging the vacuum.

Once you have taken care of the clogging, you will need to let your Shark vacuum rest for a bit. How long should you let your Shark vacuum rest? It’s recommended to rest your vacuum for 45 minutes. Turn on your Shark vacuum to see if it works. If it doesn’t, call the customer care hotline for repair.

How To Fix, Remove, and Replace the Roller Brush on a Shark Vacuum

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If you have an older model Shark vacuum, you don’t need any special tools to disassemble the brush roll plate. You only need a Phillips screwdriver. However, in newer models, you will need a security bit star tool to take off some of the security bits that Shark uses.

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So, how do you replace the brush roll, motor, or circuit board on your Shark vacuum? Here are the steps:

  1. Unscrew everything and take off the top cover.
  2. Once the cover is off, you can easily lift out the brush roll and replace it. You can buy replacement brush rolls like this LANMU Replacement Brush Roll.
  3. You can also replace the brush roll belt with products such as this one: LANMU Vacuum Belts Replacement.
  4. If you need to replace the brush motor and the control board, you can also do that. Buy something like the Shark Navigator Nozzle Floor Brush Motor & Control Board.

Here’s a video that will show you just how to disassemble the brush head and replace everything inside:

How To Clean Roller Brush on Shark Rocket Vacuum

Vacuum brush roller that is clogged with hair

If you have been using your Shark vacuum for quite some time, you might need to clean out the roller brush. The good news is that the roller brush itself is effortless to clean.

As you can guess, hair, debris, and dust will wrap themselves around the roller brush. You can get a pair of scissors and use it to cut away all that wrapped around hair and fibers from the roller brush with a bit of patience.

You should also expect some degree of discoloration on the roller brush. You need a microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol, and wipe the roller brush clean. If there is hair or dust on the bristles, you can use the seam rippers to pry the dust off the little hairs.

Prevention is also a lot better. After every session with the vacuum cleaner, you can just turn the nozzle over and clean as thoroughly as you can without having to disassemble anything, instead of waiting for your Shark vacuum to lose some of its suction power or fail to turn on altogether.

What’s more, disassembling your Shark vacuum can be quite a pain. The nozzle head, which you have to take apart to access the brush roll, has seven to eight screws that you need to take apart.

Here is a video that shows you how to give your Shark vacuum a thorough clean, including how to clean the different types of filters it uses, the hose, and the roller brush:

How to Prevent Shark Vacuum Brush From Getting Stuck

Preventing the Shark vacuum brush from getting stuck or stop spinning is crucial to maintaining its performance. One way to prevent this issue is to regularly clean the brush roll and remove any hair or debris that may get tangled. Another way is to avoid vacuuming large objects or debris that may damage the brush roll or cause it to stop spinning. Additionally, it is important to use the appropriate settings for your specific flooring type, as using the wrong setting can cause the brush roll to get stuck or stop spinning. It is also recommended to replace the brush roll and belts as needed, as worn-out parts can cause issues with the brush roll. By following these preventative measures, you can ensure that your Shark vacuum continues to perform at its best and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Final Thoughts

Shark vacuums may have problems with their brush roller not spinning at times, but these can be easily fixed by unclogging the vacuum or replacing some worn out parts. Both processes are easy to do and mend.

As such, you don’t have to worry about investing in a new Shark vacuum and enjoy the one you already have for a long time without having to deal with performance issues.

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