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Sonos Remote Not Working

Sonos is an American-based leader in wireless home sound systems. Whether you are watching a movie or listening to music, Sonos home sound systems deliver crisp, clear sound every time and in every room of the house.

The Sonos remote will not work if multiple remotes are programmed to the sound system. Make sure the Sonos app and TV are on the same network. Remove any objects that could interfere with the Sonos remote signal.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

If you are having problems with your Sonos home sound system remote, this article gives some possible reasons why. So before you throw the remote away, here are some suggestions to troubleshoot and get you back to enjoying your movie or music..

Sonos Remote Won’t Connect

Man holding a remote while pointing at the TV

The beauty of having a remote is the ease of use it provides. We can change stations, adjust the volume, all with the push of a button. A remote that does not work is not only frustrating, but it can also be a signal to us of a bigger issue.

The Sonos remote won’t connect if the system is on a different Wi-Fi network from the Sonos app. Any recent changes to the network name or password can cause the Sonos remote to disconnect from the network. Go into the Sonos app settings and reconnect to the network.

If you are connected to the correct network and the remote continues to not work, make sure you enable new permissions within the app. Once you have done this, here are three more ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Remote Signal

Sonos home sound systems will only work with remotes that have an IR (infrared) signal. Most newer remotes use an RF (radio frequency) or Bluetooth signal. Not sure what kind of remote you have? Here is an easy way to find out.

Turn your Sonos sound system on. Place your hand over the front of the remote and press any button. If the Sonos sound system responds, then you have an RF remote. If the remote used an IR signal, your hand would have blocked the signal and the sound system would not have responded.

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Sonos Sound System Connected Via HDMI-ARC

Most electronic devices that are connected to the TV can be connected via an HDMI cable. These devices are typically compatible with both an IR and RF remote. Make sure the TV has the CEC (consumer electronics control) function enabled so the HDMI-ARC cable can control devices connected to your Sonos audio system.

Sonos System Connected Via Optical

If you are not able to use an HDMI cable to connect your TV to the Sonos sound system, you can use an optical cable. In this case, Sonos products will only be compatible with IR remotes. If you have a remote that uses a RF or Bluetooth signal, the remote will need to be configured.

Turn Off VPN Connection

The VPN connection is what enables you to safely connect to an outside network. This connection, though, has powerful firewalls. If you recently used the VPN connection, it could still be active and is preventing your Sonos app from connecting to your home network.

Incompatible Hardware

This may seem like a shocking statement in today’s technologically advanced age, but it is still very much an issue. The Sonos website provides a detailed list of hardware that is incompatible. Some items do have a workaround available that the company will walk you through.

Sonos Remote Volume Not Working

Man holding a remote while pointing at the TV

The main reason we use the Sonos sound system is for the sound it produces. It can be very frustrating when the remote volume is not working correctly. Before you throw the remote in the trash or wait for an hour on hold with Tech Support, try these suggestions.

The Sonos remote volume will not work if the remote is not programmed correctly. Reprogram the remote by going to the Sonos app on your smart device. Go to Settings > System > Select the room where the sound system is located > Remote Control Setup. Follow the instructions to configure your remote.

Using A LG Magic Remote

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Sonos sound system is only compatible with remotes that use an IR signal. The LG Magic remote uses either RF or Bluetooth. If you connect the speakers using an optical cable, you can configure the remote to work by following these steps:

Step 1: On the remote, press the Home button.

Step 2: Select Device Connector. (If this option is not available, select Universal Control Settings)

Step 3: Select Soundbar and Optical TV Port.

Step 4: Select Sonos.

Step 5: Choose Remote Type 1 and then Next.

Step 6: Select Done.

Step 7: Follow the instructions to program the LG remote.

Refresh TV Settings

If your TV and Sonos sound system is connected via an HDMI cable, make sure the CEC setting is on. This setting allows the HMDI to be controlled by one remote. Powering off the TV will help reestablish this CEC connection.

Install Any Pending Sonos Updates

All electronic devices are dependent on updates to perform at their highest level. The Sonos sound system is no different. If there are any updates pending for the speakers, the remote may not work. Go to the Sonos app and see if any updates are pending.

Use Controls Within the Sonos App

When all else fails, you can control the volume of the sound system through the Sonos app. It is not as convenient as using the remote but at least the volume will work.

Go to Settings in the Sonos app on your smart device. Find the room where the speakers are located and select Speaker Touch Controls and then select Turn Off The Toggle. This will enable the volume to be controlled within the app and not the remote.

Reset The Speakers

Another possibility is that the issue is not with the remote but with the speakers. Unplug the speakers from their power source and wait for 15 seconds. Press and hold either the Join button or the Play/Pause button while plugging the speakers back in.

Continue pressing these buttons until the status light on the speaker’s changes from orange to white. Once the light changes from white to green, the speakers have been reset.

Sonos Remote Control Setup Not Working

Frustrated man holding a remote

Remotes are usually the most neglected of all electronic devices. We drop food on them. We sit on them. The baby chews on them. But remotes do require some positive attention from us.

As a general rule, the Sonos remote control setup will not work if the remote is far away from the sound system. The remote needs to be within at least 15 to 20 feet of the sound system. Reboot the router to refresh the signal strength.

IR Interference

As we discussed earlier in this article, the Sonos remote transmits a signal to the sound system communicating what we want. If that signal is blocked or obstructed, the command will never reach the sound system and then we blame the remote for not working.

Make sure there are no objects between the remote and the Sonos sound system that could block the remote signal. Remove any devices that could interfere with the IR signal, such as other remote controls or IR extenders.

Replace The Batteries

It may seem like something that doesn’t need to be said but it happens. We get busy and we forget to check the simplest of things, such as replacing the batteries.

Separate Sonos and Plasma TV

Plasma TVs can interfere with the Sonos remote IR signal. To see if this is the issue, turn off the TV and try to connect the remote. If the remote works, the TV was the issue. Simply keep the TV and speakers as far apart as you can to prevent any further interference with the signal.

Sonos Remote Update Not Working

Man holding a remote while pointing at the TV

While updates are supposed to make our electronic devices work better and faster, they are not without their glitches. If your Sonos remote was recently updated and is now not working properly, here are some suggestions to resolve the issue.

Refresh Sonos Sound System

Sometimes all that is needed is to refresh the system. Unplug the Sonos sound system for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This will help clear the system of any glitches from the recent update and restore the new updates.

Refresh Router

Updates require a strong Wi-Fi signal. Unplugging the router will refresh the Wi-Fi connection to the Sonos sound system. When the router has rebooted, make sure the Sonos sound system is connected to the correct network.

Reinstall Sonos App

Another way to remove any glitches is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will force any pending updates. You will have to re-enter your credentials and saved information but the remote should be working correctly now.

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If the Sonos remote is not working after updates, reinstall the updates again. Any glitches within the network signal or the updates can cause the remote to not work. Go to the Sonos app Settings and choose Online Updates. The app will automatically install any updates.