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Tineco Vacuum Not Turning On (How To Fix)

A vacuum cleaner is a relatively simple machine. There may be times, however, when even the best vacuum will not turn on. How do you fix it?

The most common reason why a vacuum will not turn on is that it doesn’t have power. This could be due to a faulty power cord, a bad receptacle, or a tripped breaker. Otherwise, there may be something blocking the airflow that causes the vacuum to shut down automatically.

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Most vacuums have gotten smarter as the years go by. At one time, they would simply continue to run until they no longer would operate, even if there was a problem.

Today, we have a wide variety of smart vacuums that recognize when they are overheating or when things aren’t operating properly. In order to protect the machine and make sure that issues are at a minimum, they will shut down the machine and keep it from operating when problems are detected.

More than likely, you are going to attempt to fix the vacuum on your own. It is likely that you will be able to fix it, but you do need to consider your safety when doing so.

One of the most important things to consider is the possibility of shocking or even electrocuting yourself. This is a possibility if you open up the vacuum cleaner and are exposed to live electrical parts.

Always make sure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged when you start doing work on it. In addition, you should have the plug with you so that it isn’t accidentally plugged in while you are working.

When testing the vacuum cleaner after plugging it in, you should also be cautious. In rare cases, it may be possible that you could electrify metal parts of the vacuum cleaner and that could be a shock hazard.

Of course, these are rare instances and it is not likely going to happen while you are working on a vacuum cleaner but it is important to keep in mind.

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Otherwise, you should be cautious about dust when working on a vacuum cleaner. A lot of the particles that are in the vacuum are toxic, and they are in a concentrated form so if you are exposed to the dust, it can cause issues with your respiratory system.

At a minimum, you should be wearing an N95 mask while working on a vacuum. Any type of mask will do, but the N95 provides you with optimal protection for this type of work.

Other safety factors include wearing safety glasses and gloves. If you work safely while working on your vacuum, you will not only get it working again, you will be in good shape when it does start working.

Things to Try When Tineco Vacuum Not Turning On

Tineco is well-known for providing cordless vacuum cleaners that really get the job done. They also offer other tools, including smart vacuums and carpet cleaners. If you have a Tineco vacuum that is not starting, what can be done?

1. Blocked Suction Mouth – If you are not getting power and it isn’t turning on, check the suction mouth. If it is blocked, you should remove the blockage and it will start working again.

2. Red Blinking Light – If the main body is working but the brush stops, you will likely see a red flashing light. This is due to the brush being blocked.

Unplug the appliance, clean the brush roller and then plug it back in again. This should stop the error and the vacuum should begin operating as expected.

Anytime you are having a problem with a vacuum not turning on, you should check the power. Inspect the power cord and receptacle, and check for a tripped breaker. Otherwise, it could be a blockage or dirty air filter that is causing the problem.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Vacuum Is Not Turning On

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

There are many different reasons why a vacuum may have difficulty turning on. Some of them are specific to the manufacturer and others may be specific to the type of vacuum you are using.

In the following six scenarios, however, you see something that is likely the case with almost any type of vacuum cleaner. Go down through this list and you may find that your vacuum is working before you reach the bottom.

1. Are You Getting Enough Power?

The primary reason why your vacuum may not be turning on is that it isn’t getting sufficient power. Even if it is getting some power, if it is not getting enough power, it will not operate.

You can check the line from the breaker box to the vacuum to ensure that everything is operating. It’s best to start with the power cord, however, because that is the most common reason why this issue occurs.

Check the power cord for any damage, including any kinks, cracks, or cuts. You should also check the plug carefully to make sure that it doesn’t show any signs of burning. If it is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

If you haven’t yet checked the receptacle, go to another part of the home and plug in the vacuum cleaner to see if it works. If it does, it is likely an issue with the receptacle or the breaker.

Check the breaker box and if one of the breakers is out of line with the others, it has likely tripped. This can sometimes occur if you are using your vacuum on a circuit that is already being used by many other devices.

You can also check the receptacle by plugging in another appliance, such as a lamp.

If the breaker continually trips, try plugging the vacuum cleaner into another receptacle on another circuit. Otherwise, you may need to call an electrician to find out what is wrong with the circuit breaker.

2. Is The Bag Full?

There are times when the solution is easier than most of us realize and that is the case when the bag is full. If it is, it should be taken out and discarded and a new bag should be put in.

Not every type of vacuum cleaner has a bag. Typically, upright vacuum cleaners will have a disposable bag but shop vacs and small vacuums will likely just have a container that you can remove and empty.

Modern vacuums are able to detect if the bag is full and sometimes, it will shut the power off to the vacuum if it is full to prevent the vacuum from getting overheated. Keep plenty of bags on hand and change them before it gets to this point.

3. Is Something Blocking The Airflow?

In order for your vacuum to work properly, it must have sufficient airflow through it. This is something that can even stop the vacuum from operating.

As a safety feature, many new vacuum cleaners will shut off if there is not sufficient airflow. This will help to keep the motor from burning out or from internal damage occurring.

It is not always going to be obvious that there is a block in the airflow. Sometimes, you may even feel some suction but there is still a blockage.

You may be able to see the blockage if you look carefully in the auxiliary hose. You should also check any attachments that are attached to the vacuum for blockage as well.

Sometimes, you may need to use some type of snake or perhaps a hanger that has been unbent. This will help you to fish out any blockage that may be occurring.

4. Is The Vacuum Assembled Properly?

If you have a new vacuum and it is not working from the start, it may be that you didn’t have it put together properly. A vacuum needs to be assembled properly for it to work.

This is going to be a no-brainer in many cases but it is still something to be considered. Go back through the assembly instructions carefully and try to see if there are any steps that may have been missed or misunderstood.

5. Is The Motor Burnt Out?

There are times when you may check the vacuum for an issue and you just can’t find out what is wrong with it. If that is the case, it may be an issue with the motor being burnt out.

If you suspect that it may be a problem with the motor then you should check the motor for continuity. After unplugging the vacuum cleaner, disassemble it and remove the motor.

Use a multimeter to check the motor for continuity. If it doesn’t check out, it will have to be replaced. Vacuum cleaner motors can rarely ever be repaired.

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6. Have You Checked The Filter?

One other thing to check is the filter. It is possible that the filter has gotten so clogged that it is not allowing air to pass through.

Unfortunately, there are many times when you may miss the filter and that is very common. There may even be more than one filter, so make sure you check the manual and clean all of the filters in the process.

Some vacuums are going to require special care when it comes to cleaning the filter. There are other vacuum cleaner filters that will not be cleaned but rather, you will be replacing the filter.

Although many people find that it is possible to fix a vacuum cleaner by looking down through the general recommendations, there may be times when more specific recommendations are needed on a brand basis. Here are a few to consider.

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