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What Can You Use to Cut Ceiling Tile?

You’ve seen how ceiling tiles protect and improve the overall outlook of ceilings in homes, offices, and buildings and want one for your space. However, to proceed with installing ceiling tile in your home you may first wonder what to cut it with?

To cut your ceiling tile, you can use a table saw, a router, a bandsaw or even a jigsaw. However, first define where the cut needs to be, by measuring and marking the tile before cutting.

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When cutting wall tiles, the tools or technique you choose is crucial. This is why, in this article, we discuss everything you should know before, during and after cutting ceiling tile.

What Can You Use to Cut Ceiling Tile?

Although there is a variety of tools you can use to cut ceiling tile we have found that the best tool for the job is

Can You Use Table Saw to Cut Ceiling Tile?

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The table saw works well for cutting ceiling tile, as its effectiveness in feeding the tile to the blade delivers a smooth finish to the tile. Use a blade like the diamond blade, that has diamond-tipped teeth designed for cutting ceiling tile.

How To Use a Table Saw to Cut Ceiling Tile

Here is a step-by-step guide to properly use a table saw to cut ceiling tiles:

Step 1. Ensure you have your protective gear on (safety goggles and hand gloves).

Step 2. Check the composition of your ceiling tile and select the correct blade designed for your tile type. Using the appropriate blade would make cutting less strenuous and ensure you have a clean cut.

Step 3. Mount your blade on your table saw.

Step 4. Measure and mark the point you wish to begin the cut.

Step 5. Place the blade on the mark.

Step 6. Begin your cut by slowly pushing the tile through the table saw.

Step 7. Don’t stop mid-cut. Ensure you cut entirely through the tile to maintain a straight cut.

Step 8. Use a filing tool if necessary to smoothen out the sharp edges.

Can You Use Router to Cut Ceiling Tile?

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You can use the router tool to cut ceiling tiles because its routing function delivers the required power to cut ceiling tiles. However this tool is not the most common choice for the job because of its unique electric motor spindle feature which is designed for replicating patterns, cutouts and sharp edges.

How To Use Router to Cut Ceiling Tile

Here is a step-by-step guide to properly operate a router to cut a ceiling tile:

Step 1. Prepare your tools by ensuring all safety measures are in place; refer to the router owner manual for attachments and more instructions on assembling the tool bits.

Step 2. Measure and mark the line or shape you wish to cut and where the cut needs to be.

Step 3. Always ensure you safely secure your tile in position before you start. Loose tiles can move and may harm both you and the material.

Step 4. Carefully select your router blade and ensure it is sharp and ready to use.

Step 5. Start routing through the tile by following your mark lines.

Step 6. Use slight pressure and never force the router through the tile.

Can You Use Band Saw to Cut Ceiling Tile?

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You can use a band saw to cut ceiling tiles since it is a power tool with the ability to cut diverse materials like metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass and tiles.

There are three types of blades used for band saws:

  • Carbon steel
  • Carbide
  • Bi-metal

The Bi-metal is the blade most recommended for cutting ceiling tiles due to its flexible alloy steel combined with its steel tooth tip. The Bi-metal is strong enough to cut through steel, and its ability to cut unique and irregularly shaped materials makes it stand out from other cutting tools. Hence, making it a suitable tool for cutting ceiling tiles.

How To Use Band Saw to Cut Wall Tile

Step 1. The guides should be adjusted, and the blade must be correctly tensioned. For appropriate adjustment, adhere to the user’s instructions that come with the tool upon purchase.

Step 2. Measure and mark your cut points, cut lines, or shapes.

Step 3. Set the tile at the center of the wheel with the tension adjusted for the blade’s width. The broader the blade, the more pressure is needed. However, the blade will snap if the pressure is too high.

Step 4. To check if the blade is aligned correctly, slowly turn one wheel while the guard is open and the machine is off and unplugged. Lock the guard and start the unit to check that the blade is working perfectly.

Step 5. Always keep your fingers at a safe distance away from the blade’s path.

Step 6. Proceed with the cut by slowly pushing the tile across the blade in a straight line.

Can You Use Jigsaw to Cut Ceiling Tile?

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You can use a jigsaw to cut ceiling tiles as they have the ability to make straight and shaped cuts on a range of different materials. Depending on the type of ceiling tiles you intend to use, you need a jigsaw equipped with a special abrasive carbide edge blade or diamond-tipped.

Diamond jigsaw blades are available at most tile suppliers.

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How To Use Jigsaw to Cut Wall Tile

The following are steps to using a jigsaw to cut a ceiling tile.

Step 1. Measure and mark your cut point or line with a marker or charcoal pencil.

Step 2. Secure your tile properly on your cutting surface.

Step 3. Line up the mark on your tile with the blade of your jigsaw.

Step 4. After lining up the tile, proceed with the cut.

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Step 5. Cool and lubricate the blade with water every now and then as you make the cuts. You can use a sprint bottle or your hand to sprinkle water on the blade.

How To Cut Ceiling Tile

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The process of cutting a ceiling tile entails precision and proper caution, and you don’t want to do a messy job or sustain any injury from not doing it properly.

So here is a step-by-step guide on how to cut a ceiling tile:

Step 1. Start with any cutting tool of your choice.

Step 2. Select the correct blade best suited for cutting through the tile.

Step 3. Read and adhere to the user manual’s safety instructions and tool assembling guide.

Step 4. Measure and mark your cut point, desired length, and shale.

Step 5. Ensure to place your tile in a horizontal and stable position.

Step 6. Commence the cut when correct, and protective measures are in place.

Step 7. Cool off the cutting tool when the need arises. This way, your tool wouldn’t stop working prematurely.

Step 8. If the cut comes out sharp, squared, and rough, use a filing tool to smoothen the edges.

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