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What Can You Use To Cut Cultured Marble? (How To)

There may be times when you have a need to cut cultured marble. It may be on a countertop or perhaps a backsplash. What can you use to cut cultured marble and how is it done properly?

The easiest way to cut cultured marble is by using a circular saw. It is best if you use water to help keep the dust down and to save the blade. You should also choose the right blade to cut the material properly.

Man cutting marble

Many people think cultured marble is just another word for the natural stone known as marble, but it is actually something different. Cultured marble is a type of composite material and it may not have any marble in it.

Some of the different materials that can be found in cultured marble include polymer concrete, engineered quartz, and sometimes, marble stone.

As a result of the work that is put into this product, it ends up being more durable and longer-lasting than actual marble. If treated properly, it can be an excellent countertop and it can be used in various areas throughout the home.

What Can You Use To Cut Cultured Marble? (How To)

What are some of the areas where cultured marble could be used?

Countertops – Cultured marble is much stronger than marble countertops and it is a lot more durable. It does require some care but nothing like the type of care that is necessary for real marble.

Vanity – You can use cultured marble in the bathroom for your vanity. It’s an excellent countertop that has the strength and ability to be cleaned properly in that room.

Outdoors – You don’t have to limit your use of cultured marble to the inside of the home. It can be used outdoors and it works quite well. Some options for using it outside include an outdoor kitchen or a serving countertop.

Backsplash – it is not uncommon to use cultured marble as a backsplash. It can be used to match the countertop or vanity but you can also use it to add different colors or styles to an existing countertop or vanity.

Shower – Since cultured marble is both a polymer resin and natural stone, it is able to stand up to moisture nicely. You can use it for the walls of the shower or anywhere in the bathroom and you don’t have to worry about moisture.

Anywhere you can use any natural tile in the home, you can use cultured marble. You will find that it is a very resilient and durable material that works well for the entire family.

It’s also good to consider the benefits of cultured marble. Not only is it long-lasting and durable, but it is also beautiful and affordable, especially when you compare it to the other options, such as a marble countertop.

In this article, we are going to discuss the methods and options available for cutting cultured marble. It’s also a good idea to talk about safety because that is something that should not be skipped for any DIY project.

First of all, cultured marble is manufactured with quartz, which is essentially silica. When you cut silica, it goes airborne and if it gets into your lungs, it doesn’t come out.

Exposure to silica has been linked with a variety of health problems, such as cancer, silicosis, and kidney problems. It is best to prevent breathing any airborne silica if at all possible.

Always wear the appropriate PPE when cutting cultured marble, including a disposable respirator, such as an N95. You should also wear safety glasses or goggles, a face shield, long sleeves, and gloves.

Let’s consider some of the different tools that can be used for cutting cultured marble and a few that should not be used.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using a Circular Saw?

Tools used to cut marbles

A circular saw is a great tool for cutting cultured marble. You can use a masonry blade or a diamond blade for this purpose. A carbide bit blade will also work but it has to be installed backward.

When using a circular saw or any other type of power tool, it is best to use water to keep the dust to a minimum. Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to silica dust.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using an Angle Grinder?

Tools used to cut marbles

An angle grinder is an excellent tool for cutting cultured marble, provided it is equipped with a diamond cutting blade. You can use an angle grinder when working in a difficult to reach space or if you need to work with a piece of cultured marble with finesse.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using a Jigsaw?

Tools used to cut marbles

A jigsaw is capable of cutting through cultured marble. The key to using the jigsaw properly is to use the right blade. This would include a diamond jigsaw blade. It will make a nice straight cut or you can cut odd shapes if necessary.

You can spray the front of the jigsaw blade with water as you are making the cut. Doing so will help to keep dust to a minimum so you aren’t exposed to silica dust.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using Tile Saw?

Tools used to cut marbles

A tile saw is made for cutting hard material, such as cultured marble. As long as you can fit the piece on the tile saw properly, it does a great job of cutting through and doing so without creating a lot of dust in the process.

Most people don’t have a tile saw on hand but it is possible to rent one at a local hardware store. If you are cutting smaller pieces of cultured marble, such as tiles, it’s a great choice.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using Wet Saw?

Tools used to cut marbles

You can use a wet saw to cut through cultured marble easily. It is the tool that was essentially designed for this type of job. Since it uses water as it is cutting, it helps to keep both the cultured marble and the saw blade cool so that they last longer and it doesn’t burn as it is cutting.

Can You Cut Cultured Marble Using Router?

Tools used to cut marbles

A router is one tool that is often overlooked when it comes to cutting cultured marble. It’s a great tool for cutting out areas of the piece of cultured marble, such as for sinks or other openings. It can also make a good straight cut if you are using a straight edge.

It is important to use the proper bit when cutting cultured marble because it is a very hard material. With the right bit, you can cut through cultured marble all day long.

How To Cut Cultured Marble Properly

confused man standing

As is the case with any type of DIY project, there is a right way to cut cultured marble and a wrong way. Here are the steps to cut it properly.

Step 1: Protect – It is important to protect the surrounding area because you will be making a lot of dust and chips from what you are cutting and they may end up in different areas.

It is best if you cover the general area with plastic but it is even better if you can cut outside or in another area where a mess is not to be as big of a problem.

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Step 2: Measure and Mark – Measure the area where you will need the piece of cultured marble and then flip the cultured marble over upside down. Put a piece of painter’s tape on the back of the cultured marble and use it to mark your line.

It is important to do this, not only because it is better to cut from the back of the cultured marble but you can also mark it much easier if you put the tape on first. You can cut through the tape and marble using your tool of choice.

Step 3: Secure – Make sure that the piece of cultured marble you are cutting is secured properly. You could do so with clamps, but you may need to use a rag between the piece and the clamp to keep it from scratching.

Step 4: Cut – Using your saw of choice, cut through the cultured marble. Make sure you are wearing your PPE to protect your lungs, eyes, and ears. You could use a masonry blade or you can use a standard blade on a circular saw that is put on backward. It is best if you use water to keep the dust to a minimum.

Step 5: Smooth – Use sandpaper to smooth the edges where you made the cut. Be careful that you don’t sand too much or you could shorten the piece and it will not fit properly. Otherwise, you’re just making the edge look clean.

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The best tool for cutting cultured marble is a circular saw. Use water to keep the dust down if at all possible. If using a standard carbide-tipped blade, put the blade on backward so it cuts rather than breaking through the piece.

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