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What Can You Use to Cut Flagstone?

The hottest trend in DIY projects is using flagstone to upgrade the home. However, this forces homeowners to learn how to cut flagstone.

Not surprisingly, there are several different techniques for cutting flagstone. Each method brings its own style and look to the setting. If you choose the right cut, you can create a beautiful design for your home.

Cutting and fitting pieces of flagstone are much like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The only difference is each piece weighs approximately 20 pounds or more. Often, the pieces will not fit perfectly and must be cut and shaped for a more appealing look.

Before beginning your DIY project, you need to choose and learn how to use saws (grinder, circular saw, angle grinder, chisel, hammer, concrete saw, tile saw and wet saw to cut the flagstone.

Can You Use Grinder to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

Newcomers to those homeowners using flagstone as the centerpiece of their DIY project are unsure how to cut the stone into attractive pieces. Their main concern is how to navigate a grinder on a hardened surface.

Experienced landscapers believe a grinder is the perfect tool to cut flagstone into shape. But even in the right environment, you must prepare the stone before cutting into the surface with a grinder.

Part of flagstone’s versatility is that the surface is flat and not too thick to cut apart. These characteristics come in handy when small, precise cuts with a grinder are needed. 

The most effective tool to cut flagstone is a grinder with a four-inch blade as the motor is powerful enough to cut through most stones. Usually, each grinder comes with multiple cutting wheel blades, which are interchangeable depending on the thickness of the flagstone.

Let the circular wheel blade run a bit before attempting to cut the stone with your grinder. Those few minutes will confirm if the blade is stable to perform the task. Using a defective circular saw could result in injuries to yourself and damage the flagstone’s surface.

Can You Use a Circular Saw to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

If you’re getting ready to engage in a DIY home project, you know it can become a stressful situation. One of the first decisions is whether a circular saw is the right tool to cut flagstone.

Often, homeowners brainstorm ways to redo their outdoor patio setting. But the project comes with many tough decisions on what tools to use for the project. The best tool to cut flagstone is a circular saw.

Flagstone consists of quartz, silica and feldspar. It comes in all shapes and sizes, which makes flagstone an ideal centerpiece for most outdoor settings.

If you’re looking to make a symmetrical or precise cut into the flagstone, using a circular saw will accomplish this task and provide a more uniform look. First, secure the stone in place before measuring and marking where you want to make cuts. Do not apply pressure on the circular saw as the weight of the blade will glide through the flagstone. Also, keep the stone moist at all times.

Can You Use a Chisel to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

New homeowners are very cautious about using a chisel to cut flagstone. They feel the tool will take too long to complete the task.

Before deciding how to cut flagstone, you must determine the size and design of the cut needed for your DIY project. Your best course might be to chip away at the flagstone with a chisel. It is the best tool if the accuracy of the cut is not that important.

A chisel is the best tool for DIY projects that require cutting flagstone into small steps for an outdoor garden. First, mark the stone with a bold line as a marking point for you to chip away. Continue chipping away along the drawn line until you see a crack or break in the flagstone.

Afterward, you may want to use a circular saw to make a more distinct shape of the flagstone cut.

Can Use Hammer to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

What tool is needed to cut flagstone is the most asked question among new homeowners planning a DIY project. A hammer might be the best choice if you want to take a few inches off the flagstone. 

If you are attempting to take a bit off the top of the flagstone, the hammer is the perfect tool to chip away until you get the desired look.

Experienced landscapers believe the best approach is to hit the flagstone at an angle with a hammer. It will help to control how much stone is cut off but do not strike the surface too hard. Most stone sculptors will use a hammer to trim off the top without the fear of cracking the flagstone.

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Can You Use Angle Grinder to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

Homeowners love flagstone to be the centerpiece of their patio, wall or backyard setting. However, problems occur if you are unfamiliar with how to use an angle grinder to cut through flagstone correctly. 

An angle grinder is a great tool to cut and shape flagstone into ideal shapes and sizes. It comes with different wheel disc blades that cut concrete and stone depending on the thickness. 

A power tool like an angle grinder is designed to cut through materials like flagstone. It comes in a variety of sizes. The circular cutting blade wheel is ideal for cuts of this nature. However, if you use an incorrect blade, it could result in severe damage to the surface of the flagstone and possible injury to yourself. 

It is wise to moisten the surface before beginning the cutting process. The flagstone is flat but can be thick, which produces dust when cutting through with other saws. The grinder’s blade will eliminate the dust and cool down the stone with added airflow.

Can You Use Concrete Saw to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

Flagstone is an attractive stone that makes the perfect walkway for a home’s patio. New homeowners are unsure if concrete saws are the right tool to cut flagstone. 

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Cutting flagstone with a concrete saw is that hard of a task. It is the ideal tool if you’re looking for a precise cut.

Remember, a concrete saw is stationary, so you must moisten the diamond blade before beginning the cutting process. First, measure and mark a cut line with chalk on the flagstone before using the concrete saw. Next, slowly move the flagstone toward the circular saw’s blade. Upon impact, let the saw set the pace of the stone heading towards the blade. It will guarantee an accurate, precision cut.

Can You Use a Tile Saw to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

A DIY project can be delayed if you’re unsure how to cut flagstone into decorative shapes. It may take conversing with experienced professionals before learning that a tile saw is the perfect tool to cut flagstone.

If you’re looking to cut decorative designs into flagstone, then a tile saw is the right tool choice. You may have to learn the correct technique, but that depends on the size and length of the cut. 

A hand-held tile saw offers the blade size needed to make faster, more precise cuts. It is designed to cut through rough materials, so you can cut multiple pieces of flagstone in one day. Keep in mind, hand-held tile saw blades wear out faster because of the friction.

Can You Use Wet Saw to Cut Flagstone?

Tools to cut Flagstone

Taking on a DIY project that requires you to cut flagstone is not a simple task. To be successful, you will need to learn how to use a wet saw.  

A wet saw comes in different sizes with various blade sizes, which is key to providing a finished look to a flagstone cut.

A wet saw offers more exact fit cuts than any other industrial saw. The reason is the tabletop design offers deeper cuts because of the size of the blade. Tabletop wet saws have a guardrail that keeps the flagstone locked in place.

How to Cut Flagstone Properly With Best Tool

confused man standing

The goal of all homeowners with a DIY project involving flagstone is to have as few scratches on its surface during the cutting process. But how to achieve this?

Flagstone is an attractive stone for an outdoor patio space. But to make the cutting process as easy as possible, you need to use a grinder to make precise cuts on the flagstone.  

A complex DIY project becomes much easier if a grinder is used to cut flagstone properly. The tool is versatile for making tough angle cuts that most saws could not attempt. 

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