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Can You Put Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home? (How To)

If you have a mobile home, you want it to look its best. Sometimes, this will mean doing upgrades. Is vinyl plank a good option for installation in a mobile home?

Vinyl plank flooring can be installed in a mobile home and it is a good choice if you want to upgrade the flooring. Some types of vinyl plank flooring can even be installed directly over carpeting if desired.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when you’re installing vinyl plank flooring, regardless of whether you are installing it in a mobile home or if you are installing it elsewhere. Some of it has to do with the quality of the floor and others have to do with the quality of the preparation.

Can You Put Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home? (How To)

One of the more important things to think about is the type of flooring you are putting down. If you have selected vinyl plank, you chose something that is both durable and can be quite beautiful.

That being said, there are a few different options available in vinyl plank and you need to make the right choice. Here is what you should consider:

Peel and Stick – If you are looking for something that is inexpensive but will still make a very nice floor, you can choose the peel and stick option. This flooring can be installed quickly and easily on a budget.

Floating – This is the most popular choice in vinyl plank. You simply snap it together in a tongue and groove fashion and the entire floor will float above the subfloor. It is easy to install, easy to fix when necessary, and easy to remove.

Glue Down – One other option to consider is a vinyl plank that glues down to the subfloor. This can be a very attractive option and it is more permanent than the others. That being said, there are also some issues associated with it, which is why it is not as popular as a tongue and groove floor.

Many mobile homes these days are more than just a trailer. They are a starter home and you can even build on them over time, making them larger as years go by.

Most mobile homes come with carpeting or perhaps low-grade flooring. That is why it is sometimes one of the first things that are upgraded in the home and it really can make a difference.

That being said, there are some things to consider that would make the job even better. You need to think about the preparation that is necessary and any factors that could make it difficult for you to install the vinyl.

In the end, it is a personal choice but when you consider the pros and cons below, you can really see that it is a choice that is good to make.

Should You Put Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home?

Mobile Home Exterior

We considered whether you can put vinyl plank in a mobile home. Is it a good choice to do so?

Undoubtedly, there are always going to be some issues involved with installing any type of flooring in a home. That is especially true in a mobile home that may not be built to the standards of a permanent home.

When you consider the following potential issues associated with vinyl plank being installed in a mobile home, they can help you to make a good decision. Just be aware that many of these are also problems in any home.

Warping – Like most types of floors, vinyl plank flooring will expand and contract depending upon the temperature and humidity in the room. This can especially be a problem for trailers, as they may not be built as tight as a home. As long as you plan for it in advance, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Scratching – This is not an issue that is specifically tied to installing vinyl plank in a mobile home but it is one worth considering. If you use vinyl plank in an area of the home that is frequently used, you’re likely to get scratches. Eventually, this can dull the floor and make it less attractive.

Cracking – Although higher-end vinyl plank flooring does a pretty good job of staying together for the long run, if you opt for a less expensive option, you may have a problem with peeling or cracking. As long as you treat it properly, however, it should last a long time.

Mold – Although vinyl plank flooring is made in such a way that it is not going to buckle under water, it can still have problems with mold growing underneath it if you aren’t careful. If there is a lot of moisture in the area and organic material, the fungi can grow and spread.

Those are some of the problems associated with installing vinyl plank in a trailer. As long as you take appropriate precautions and prepare everything in advance, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty. It is also good to consider the positive aspects of installing vinyl plank, which are easy to see once it is in place.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home?

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As is the case with any job, you need to have the tools on hand when you get started installing vinyl plank in a mobile home. It will make the job much easier and in some cases, may even make it a lot more attractive.

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Laminate Cutter – You can use a laminate or vinyl cutter to cut vinyl plank flooring. It is relatively easy to cut in this way.

Utility Knife – If you don’t want to use a vinyl or laminate cutter, you can use a utility knife to score the top and bottom and snap the vinyl plank.

Cleaning products – As you will see, it is important to clean the subfloor before you install vinyl plank. Make sure you clean it thoroughly because anything under the vinyl plank will show up.

Rubber Mallet – You should always have a rubber mallet on hand because it is a very handy tool. Using a non-marring mallet is an even better option.

Measuring Tapes – It is good to have a long measuring tape and a short measuring tape on hand because they each have their place in this installation.

Safety Glasses – Always protect your eyes with safety glasses when you are doing any DIY project.

Gloves – It is also important to wear gloves when you are installing vinyl plank.

Kneepads – Using kneepads is vital to protect both your knees and your back.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home

Mobile Home Exterior

Preparing to install vinyl plank is almost as important as installing it properly. Here are some things that need to be done.

Leveling – If there are any high or low points in the subfloor, they should be fixed before you install the vinyl plank. It will show under the plank and in some cases, it may even cause it to separate.

Tear out – If you are using vinyl plank and installing over title, you may want to tear the tile out in advance. You will be able to see the grout lines through the vinyl plank eventually. You can also float the floor.

Clean – A very important factor to consider is making sure that the floor is perfectly clean. Even the smallest piece of debris or dirt will make a lump in the vinyl plank once it is in place.

How To Install Vinyl Plank In Mobile Home

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Since you have different options when installing vinyl plank floors in the trailer, we will consider two of the most popular.

How to Install GripStrip Vinyl Flooring:

Step 1: Place First Row – Place the first row of flooring along the wall. You should allow for a little expansion. Typically, 1/4 inch is enough for expansion and contraction. As you put the pieces end-to-end, peel off the adhesive strips and press them firmly in place.

Step 2: Continue – Work your way across the room, pressing the adhesive seams together as you go. You should also have a hand roller that will apply pressure to the seam so it sticks together.

Step 3: Finish – Remove any spacers that you have used and reinstall the baseboard. Use a heavy roller to roll the entire floor.

How to Install Tongue and Groove:

Step 1: Trim – Put the first piece of vinyl plank along the wall and trim the tongue from it. Use spacers to allow for a gap and keep the row in place.

Step 2: Additional Rows – Use the tongue and groove to snap together each additional piece to the previous piece. Be careful to stagger the joints so you don’t have any noticeable pattern.

Step 3: Final Row – It may be likely that you will have to cut the final row down to size so it fits properly. You can do this with a utility knife but work carefully and slowly. Leave a gap using spacers.

Step 4: Finish – The final step in the process is to reinstall the baseboards.

You can install vinyl plank in a mobile home. It’s an excellent choice to dress up the trailer and to make it look great. Any type of vinyl plank will work in a mobile home but you may find that a floating floor is the best option.

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