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What Can You Use To Cut Hardwood Flooring (How To)

Are you installing hardwood flooring? There are a number of options on how to cut it.

The best way to cut hardwood flooring is to use a power saw, such as a table saw, circular saw or miter saw. Make sure that the blade is sharp and you can cut through hardwood flooring just like you would cut any other type of wood.

Man using cutting tools for the hardwood

If you’re going to be doing any type of fine-tuning or cutting any odd shapes, there are some options to help you do so. For example, to cut a hole in the hardwood floor for pipe, you can use a hole saw.

What Can You Use To Cut Hardwood Flooring (How To)

If you need to cut around an obstacle, you can use a portable jigsaw. You can also use a specialty tool, such as an oscillating tool or even a Dremel.

If you are looking for the best all-around tool for cutting hardwood flooring, it would be a miter saw. A miter saw allows you to cut both at an angle horizontally as well as to undercut vertically.

If you don’t have a saw available to cut hardwood flooring, you can typically rent one from a local hardware store and take care of the job. It’s well worth the money to have a good saw when you are cutting hardwood floor.

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With A Circular Saw?

Man using cutting tools for the hardwood

Although you have many options for cutting the hardwood floor, a circular saw could be the most convenient choice.

A circular saw provides a convenient way for you to cut almost any type of wood floor. You can use it to cut across the wood as well as to do long rip cuts when you reach the edge of the room.

When using a circular saw, it is typically best if you only cut the pieces that are going to be hidden under the baseboard at the edge of the room. If you have to have an exposed cut from a circular saw, it’s best if you use a miter saw for a more precise cut.

In addition, you can use a straight edge to get a better cut using a circular saw. As long as you use a sharp blade and take your time, you can do almost the entire job with this portable option.

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With A Jigsaw?

Man using cutting tools for the hardwood

There may be times when you need to use a portable saw to cut hardwood. If you have to cut an unusual shape, can you use a jigsaw to do it?

A jigsaw is an excellent choice for cutting hardwood floors. You can make almost any cut with a jigsaw, but it is best used for areas where you must cut out a small piece of hardwood or perhaps make an unusual-shaped cut.

Some of the areas where you may find a jigsaw to be most beneficial include when you are cutting around a door, a floor vent, or perhaps a different type of obstacle. You can also use a jigsaw in a pinch if you don’t have a circular saw available.

Although it is not the best option, a jigsaw can be used for cutting straight lines across the board or ripping a board at the edge of the room. You are going to go through blades rather quickly, and a jigsaw is not necessarily designed for this purpose but it can still work.

Generally speaking, you would use a jigsaw for smaller cuts if you have to be precise. Otherwise, you can use a circular saw or perhaps either a table saw or miter saw.

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With A Table Saw?

Man using cutting tools for the hardwood

Do you have a table saw available? Is it possible to use it when cutting hardwood floors?

For the most part, a table saw is going to be the ideal tool for cutting a hardwood floor. It makes very precise cuts and can even cut an angle if you need to do so across the plank. It’s also good for ripping long boards down to size when you reach the edge of the room.

If you have a table saw that is permanently set up, it may not be as convenient to get the boards to the area where you will cut them. There are some portable table saws available that make it easy for you to keep them close to where you are cutting the boards.

That being said, it’s still a good idea if you cut the boards in a different area from where you are working. If you use a table saw in the same room where you are installing a hardwood floor, it’s going to create a tremendous amount of dust.

Set the table saw up outside of the room or even better, have it set up on a nearby porch or patio. It will make cleanup a lot easier. Be sure to use a sharp blade and keep all of the guards in place. Watch your fingers!

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With A Oscillating Tool?

Confuse worker man

Are you thinking of using an oscillating tool for cutting the hardwood floor? Make sure you read this before you do so.

An oscillating tool can handle many different jobs around the home, including cutting hardwood floors. With the right attachments, this type of multi-tool can do almost anything you need it to do. Of course, if you have a miter saw or table saw available, they are a better choice.

Although you can certainly use an oscillating tool to cut hardwood floors, it isn’t necessarily the best choice for the finished product. It makes more of a rough cut and is not the easiest to guide with precision in some cases.

For the most part, an oscillating tool is better suited for the demolition phase of the hardwood floor. It can get into areas where other tools may not be able to get in and it can quickly cut through hardwood to get the process started.

The bottom line is, you can use an oscillating tool and it can handle the job, but it’s better if you choose a different type of saw, such as a miter saw.

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With A Miter Saw?

Man using cutting tools for the hardwood

Do you have a miter saw available? Even if you don’t, you may want to consider renting one.

As far as tools for cutting hardwood are concerned, a miter saw is in a league all of its own. It is the best choice for cutting cross-cuts on hardwood because it makes a precision cut and can do so at a very specific angle. Otherwise, you could use a table saw and it may be beneficial to have both available.

Although a miter saw is a perfect choice for making cuts across the board when installing hardwood floors, you cannot make a rip cut easily with it. There may be ways to do it, but not necessarily in a safe maner.

There are some things to keep in mind when using a miter saw that will make things go as easily as possible. First of all, if you are going to be doing any type of special angle in the job, you may want to set up a jig that would make it easier for you to do so.

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In addition, it’s always best if you choose the right type of blade for the job. Many people consider a plywood blade to be the best choice because it has relatively fine teeth and makes a good, clean cut.

Can You Cut Hardwood Floor With Dremel?

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Are you thinking about using a Dremel tool to cut your hardwood floor? There is something you need to know.

You can use a Dremel to cut hardwood floors but you need to use the right tool and the right blade. For the most part, you should be using a medium wood cutting wheel with the Dremel tool that acts like a circular saw.

Many people confuse a Dremel tool with a hobby-style tool that is used for a variety of purposes and uses around the home. That tool could also cut hardwood, but it’s not meant for a large job.

If you only need to shape a very small piece of hardwood flooring, you may be able to use a hobby tool. Otherwise, make sure you are using a heavy-duty dry Dremel with the right blade to take care of the job.

How To Properly Cut Hardwood Flooring?

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If you are getting ready to cut hardwood flooring, there are a few things you should know before getting started.

A number of different types of cuts may be made depending upon the circumstances. When cutting hardwood floor, you may have a crosscut, a jigsaw cut, you might cut around the door and you may need to rip the last row. In all of these circumstances, you need the right tool for the job.

When making cuts across the board, the best choice is to use a miter saw or chop saw. They are convenient because they make the 90° cut and they do so cleanly.

For more detailed work, a portable jigsaw is going to be the best choice. You can cut around almost any obstacle using a jigsaw.

If you are going to be removing hardwood, you may need to use a different type of saw. This could be a more portable choice, rather than a larger saw, such as a circular saw. It will help to keep the cut more precise.

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You can use any type of power saw to cut hardwood flooring but the best choices are a miter saw, circular saw, table saw, and jigsaw. You could also use hand saws if desired, but they are only best for use when you are using them for a short duration.

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