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What Can You Use To Cut Linoleum Flooring (How To)

Linoleum is a very popular type of floor that is found in many homes. It has benefits compared to vinyl, but how do you cut it?

A utility knife is the preferred way to cut linoleum, although you may need to warm up the floor with a heat gun or hairdryer before doing so. You can use a utility knife with a straight edge to cut long lines or you can carefully use the utility knife to cut around obstacles, such as a floor vent or a door opening.

Cutting the floor using cutter

As you will see, there are numerous ways that you can cut linoleum flooring but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each way is going to be beneficial for every case. In some cases, you will have to use the tool that is right for your particular job.

Let’s consider some of the basics of cutting linoleum flooring and then get into some of the specific tools that can be used, as well as some that are better not used.

What Can You Use To Cut Linoleum Flooring (How To)

One important factor to consider when cutting linoleum flooring is how to prepare the floor for the job in the first place. This will make a difference in where you cut the floor and it can even ruin the job if it is not done properly.

As a first step in the process, you will have to acclimate the linoleum flooring to the room. This is more important for sheet linoleum, although even inexpensive linoleum tiles should be acclimated prior to the time that they are installed.

The reason why that is the case is simple. As the temperature and humidity changes in the room, the linoleum may expand and contract slightly. It may not be noticeable over a short distance but over long distances, it can be a problem.

You should also consider the pattern of the linoleum carefully before you make any cuts. If you happen to make a cut without laying out the tiles or choosing the pattern, you are going to be stuck in one particular direction.

Layout all of the tiles and unroll the linoleum on the floor. Take a close look at the direction that the pattern is running.

If you have a pattern, such as would be seen in a hardwood floor, it is better if the length of the pattern is running the same direction as the longer side of the room. If you run it in the other direction, the room may appear shorter.

It may be a hassle to layout the tiles in advance, if you are using a tile floor, but it is going to be beneficial in the long run. Laying out the tiles allows you to see how the room will look when you are finished and you can make adjustments before you begin making any cuts.

Finally, you are not limited to one particular type of tool when cutting linoleum floor. You may find that another tool is more convenient or perhaps even better suited, depending upon the specific job that is being done.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that linoleum floor should be cut and a few that are better avoided.

Can You Cut Linoleum With a Laser?

Measuring the floor using laser

Have you heard that linoleum can be cut with a laser? You might want to read this before you get started.

Linoleum is a type of material that is used for flooring but it is also used by printmakers and artists. That type of material can be used on a tabletop or it may be engraved to take on a specific beauty. As far as the engraving is concerned, it can be done by using a laser but you should not use a laser to cut linoleum flooring.

This may seem like an obvious thing for most people who are installing linoleum in their home. After all, very few people have access to a laser, let alone seriously consider cutting flooring with a laser.

That being said, there has been some confusion on the subject and it is always best to cover it carefully rather than simply ignoring it. The type of linoleum that is cut using a laser is a very different type of material.

Yes, it is made out of the same material in general but it is used in a very different way. That type of material can also be cut by hand but using a laser cutter provide you an opportunity to engrave and make the work more personal.

The bottom line is, if you are installing linoleum floor, do not think about using a laser because it is not the right tool for the job.

Can You Cut Linoleum With Scissors?

Confuse worker man

Are you thinking about cutting linoleum with scissors? This is something that deserves careful consideration.

You can cut linoleum with scissors and at times, it may be the perfect tool for the job. Regular scissors can be used for this purpose but if you are cutting a thicker layer of linoleum, you may need to use tin snips or some type of specialty cutter.

Most people who are installing linoleum tiles are going to cut them with a pair of scissors. That is especially true if they are cutting around an obstacle that would require more delicate cutting.

If you are going to be doing a lot of flooring work in your home, it is better if you buy some heavy-duty scissors because regular scissors would quickly get worn out and may eventually break.

On the other hand, if you are only doing a small room, such as a laundry room or closet, you may find that using scissors is the most convenient way to cut some of the smaller pieces.

As you will see, scissors are one way to cut linoleum but they are not the preferred method. The preferred method uses a utility knife and we will discuss that next.

What Do You Cut Linoleum With?

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Are you looking for the right tool to use to cut linoleum? We will give you two options that will help.

The best way to cut linoleum is with a utility knife. It is convenient, makes clean cuts, and most homeowners have one available. If you are going to be installing a lot of linoleum tiles, you may want to consider investing a few dollars into a professional vinyl tile cutter.

Cutting linoleum with a utility knife is certainly easy enough. Many professionals use a utility knife and nothing else, but there are some other steps to the process that may make it easier.

One of the steps that you should not overlook is heating up the floor in advance. This can add to the time that it takes to do the job but it will also make for a much better looking job when all is said and done.

You can heat linoleum with a heat gun but you do need to be cautious that you don’t burn the floor in the process. You could easily ruin a sheet of linoleum and the entire job if you just heat the floor too much.

Most homeowners find that using a hairdryer works a little better. It will heat the floor, although it takes a little longer to do so.

With a heated linoleum floor, you can cut through it like a knife through butter. Using a straight edge will help you to make the most out of the process.

How To Properly Cut Linoleum Flooring?

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Are you going to tackle the job of installing linoleum on your own? Here’s how to do it.

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The best way to cut linoleum floor is using a utility knife and to heat the floor in advance using a heat gun. The floor becomes more pliable and easier to handle when it is warm. Use a straight edge to ensure that your cut is as straight as possible.

Before you even start cutting on the floor, make sure that you acclimate the floor to the room. This will ensure that it will not expand or contract after it is installed.

Of course, expansion and contraction is not going to be as big of a deal since linoleum is glued to the subfloor. That being said, it’s still an important thing to consider.

Next, you would cut the linoleum to size, leaving a little extra on each of the sides for the overage. You can then dry lay the floor to see how it will look when you are finished.

Finally, begin cutting the floor with a utility knife. Don’t try to follow the line on your own because it is very easy to slip off of the line and ruin the floor.

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Use a straight edge and if you are cutting around an obstacle, take your time. You should also be cautious about what is under the floor when you are cutting it because it will likely get cut as well.

If you are cutting linoleum, you should warm it up with a heat gun or a hairdryer and then cut it with a utility knife. Use a straight edge to keep the line as straight as possible and work your way around obstacles carefully to ensure that you are not cutting too much of the material. Otherwise, you can use scissors for the job.

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