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What Can You Use To Cut Metal Pipe (How To)

Cutting metal pipes is typically not a difficult job, especially if you use the proper tool to do the cutting. Selecting the wrong tool for the job, however, can result in an uncut pipe and a potential safety hazard. But with all the tools out on the market, it can be frustrating trying to determine which one to use. Especially when some tool manufacturers advertise that their products can cut metal. So what can you use to cut metal pipe?

Heavy duty pipe and tube cutters are the most commonly used tools to cut metal pipe. With that said, however, you may need an angle grinder or even a reciprocating saw for tight spaces. 

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The type of tool you use to cut metal pipe can vary based on several factors, such as the type of metal you are cutting, the thickness of the metal, and where the metal is located. 

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Angle Grinder

Tools to cut metal pipe

Angle grinders are useful tools that are often used for various metal fabrication jobs. They can grind, polish, finish, deburr, and even cut. But are they effective at cutting through a metal pipe?

You can use an angle grinder to cut metal pipes. Start the grinder before you even begin cutting the pipe. After starting the tool, slowly lower the grinder’s cutting disc until it has made contact with the metal pipe. Then continue to apply pressure steadily until the pipe is completely cut through.

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Chop Saw

Tools to cut metal pipe

Chop saws are rugged and tough tools designed to make straight cuts in various materials. This tool typically uses abrasive cutting blades because they are less expensive and more affordable. But can you cut a metal pipe with a chop saw? 

Chop saw can be used to cut metal pipes. In fact, chop saws are considered the best option for cutting metal, especially if you are cutting this material regularly. If, however, you don’t plan to cut a lot of metal pipe, a chop saw may not be the best option for single use as they can be relatively expensive. 

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Dremel

Tools to cut metal pipe

Dremels are useful tools that are perfect for people who need a tool for the occasional cutting, grinding, carving, and sanding job. They are compact, more affordable than their heavy power tool counterparts, and much more user-friendly. But the question is, can they cut a metal pipe?

Dremels can cut some metals, such as galvanized metal, stainless steel, and even copper. But some metals, especially thicker pipes, cannot be cut with dremels. If you try to cut a metal pipe with a dremel and it isn’t cutting through, do not force it. Doing so could result in a safety hazard.

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Hacksaw

Tools to cut metal pipe

Hacksaws have been used for years to cut metal, so it is only natural to reach for this non-power tool when needing to cut a metal pipe. Times have changed, however, and there have become easier and more effective ways to cut metal. Is a hacksaw still a good tool to use to cut a metal pipe? 

While a hacksaw can be used to cut a metal pipe, it isn’t always the most effective option. With that said, if you already have a hacksaw in your toolbox, you might as well try to use it to cut the pipe. You will need to use a hacksaw with fine teeth to cut the metal. Saws with larger teeth are designed to cut wood. 

Hacksaws require more physical work and takes a longer amount of time, so keep that in mind when choosing your tool to cut the metal pipe. Before you begin using the hacksaw, make sure to secure the metal pipe to prevent it from moving during the cutting process. Once the pipe is secured, place the hacksaw blade on the metal pipe and begin moving it slowly back and forth across the metal’s surface, taking care to keep the saw straight. Continue in this manner until the metal pipe has been severed.

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Jigsaw

Tools to cut metal pipe

Jigsaws are often used to cut through wood, and even slice through wood that has metal nails embedded in it. But can they cut through metal pipes?

Depending on the thickness of the metal, a jigsaw may be able to cut through the pipe. However, it is not the best option for thick metal. If this is the only tool you have handy, you may be able to get away with using a jagsaw. With that said, however, jigsaws are designed to cut through wood, plastic, and sheet metal. They are not made for us on thick metal pipes.

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If you decide to try to cut a metal pipe with a jigsaw, you will need the proper blade. Finer blades with 21 to 24 teeth per inch are the best option when cutting metal with a jigsaw.

Can You Cut Metal Pipe With Miter Saw

Tools to cut metal pipe

While chop saws and miter saws are similar, they are actually two different tools. Chop saws are rugged and simple tools that can effectively cut through metal. Miter saws are more expensive and are designed to create precision cuts at a wide array of angles. 

With the correct blade, a miter saw can be used to cut metal pipes, and it can even cut metal pipes at angles, which is something that a chop saw cannot do. With that said, however, this tool is more commonly used to cut wood, and is a popular tool for joiners, cabinet makers, and kitchen fitters. 

How To Cut Metal Pipe Properly

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Properly cutting a metal pipe isn’t a difficult task, but it can be potentially dangerous, especially if you do not use proper safety precautions. The good news is that if you follow the instructions in the power tool’s user manual, and implement proper safety protocols, you can safely and effectively cut metal pipes. 

The proper way to cut metal pipes is to use a heavy-duty pipe cutter, or a grinder for tight spaces. Once you have the proper tool picked out, take measurements to ensure you are cutting the proper length, and mark the pipe where you will be cutting. Put on the proper protective equipment, such as safety glasses, before using the cutting tool. Then simply follow the instructions for either the pipe cutter or grinder to successfully cut through the metal pipe. 

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Once you have cut the pipe, file the ends to remove any sharp edges or burrs from the metal pipe. This can be done with a metal filer or some sandpaper. 

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