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What Can You Use To Cut Drywall (How To)

If you have to cut drywall, you might be surprised with how many options you have available. Not all of them are on the same level, and some are going to be easier than others.

The perfect tool for cutting drywall is a simple utility knife. You don’t have to cut the whole way through the drywall to cut it down to size. Simply cut through the paper on one side and strike the opposite side to split the board on that line.

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The primary thing that needs to be done is to cut through the paper and perhaps a little into the gypsum board. You can then snap the board and cut through the back half of the existing paper.

Drywall is a relatively weak material and it is even weaker than paper. Simply cutting the paper allows you to snap the drywall because it creates a weak link.

You should know that there are also other methods of cutting drywall, some of which may be good and others are better avoided.

What Can You Use To Cut Drywall?

Aside from using a utility knife as your primary tool, you also need to consider the technique. You can’t simply cut the drywall and expect it to look good, you have to cut it in a straight line.

That is why most people will use some type of straight edge, such as a drywall square or even the edge of a level. In either case, scoring the drywall in a straight line will allow you to have a straight final edge.

There may also be times when you need to use other tools for more specific purposes. For example, if you have to cut around a receptacle or a light switch, you will need another type of tool.

In addition, you may find that there are times when you are using whatever you have available. Honestly, anything that is sharp will cut drywall. I’ve even cut it with a kitchen knife when I didn’t have anything else available and nearby!

That being said, there are some reasons why you would not want to use certain tools to cut drywall. It can be bad for you and bad for the drywall. In some cases, it may even ruin the tools.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifics on how to cut drywall and how to be successful at it. You might be surprised by how easy it is when all is said and done.

Can You Cut Drywall With A Dremel?

Man fixing the wall

One of the convenient tools that many of us have around the home is a Dremel tool. This is a tool that is often used for a variety of purposes, including crafting and sometimes, light construction.

It is possible to cut drywall with a Dremel and if you use the proper bit, it can even be a convenient tool to use. Dremel tools can be used to drill holes in drywall, to cut out pieces of drywall for working around obstacles, and even to cut long strips of drywall if necessary.

Although a Dremel can be used for cutting drywall, you need to decide if it is the best tool for the job. First of all, it is going to create a lot of dust when you are cutting drywall using a disc or another accessory with your Dremel.

The dust that it creates is going to be bad for the tool, as it can get into the motor. In addition, it can be bad for you because breathing drywall dust can hurt your respiratory system.

Of course, anytime you are working with drywall and creating dust, it is a good idea to wear respiratory protection, such as an N95 mask. Sometimes, it is just best to choose a solution that is not going to create so much dust.

The bottom line is, a Dremel tool is a convenient tool for use around the home for a wide variety of purposes. You can cut drywall with it but you may want to grab a utility knife and use it instead.

Can You Cut Drywall With Grinder

Man cutting the wall using grinder

There are some people who use a grinder to cut drywall and others say you shouldn’t do it. Should you try it at home?

Cutting drywall with a grinder is certainly possible using the right type of grinder wheel. It is also going to create a lot of dust and that can be bad for both you and for the grinder. Although it is possible to cut drywall with a grinder, it is a better idea to use a standard tool, such as a utility knife.

One of the biggest problems of cutting drywall with a grinder is all the dust it produces. Most people are surprised by the level of dust, especially if they have never tried something like this before.

Even if you were only going to cut some small strips in the drywall in order to break it into smaller pieces, you would find that within just a matter of minutes, the entire tool is covered in drywall dust.

Drywall dust has a way of getting inside of the tools, especially those like a grinder that don’t have the proper protection. In addition, the dust gets airborne and it can be bad for our lungs.

Do yourself a favor and put the grinder away. It can be used in a pinch but you are going to end up regretting not using another tool, such as a jigsaw or a utility knife.

Can You Cut Drywall With Jigsaw?

Man cutting the wall using jigsaw

A jigsaw is such a practical tool to have around the home. We use it for cutting almost anything but can you use it for cutting drywall?

A jigsaw is an excellent tool for cutting drywall. You can cut long straight lines easily or you can cut odd shaped lines for going around obstacles. It is good for demolition, as well as for the installation of drywall. As long as you use a good drywall blade, it will work well for a long time.

A portable jigsaw is one of the few power tools that can easily be converted for use with drywall. Unlike a grinder or circular saw, it will not produce a lot of dust because of the motion of the jigsaw.

If you have never used a jigsaw for cutting drywall before, you should be cautious when first starting out. It can take you by surprise because it will cut through the drywall so quickly.

As long as you control the tool as you are using it, a jigsaw is ideal for cutting intricate cuts and for doing close work when you have to get things tight.

After using the jigsaw for cutting drywall, you can then use some compressed air to blow out the tool and any dust that may have gotten inside of the casing.

Can You Cut Drywall With a Table Saw?

Man cutting the wall using table saw

A table saw is a very practical and powerful tool and if you have one at your disposal, you might already realize how often it can be used. Can it be used for cutting drywall?

You should not cut drywall with a table saw because it will simply create a lot of dust. It will easily cut through the paper and gypsum board but aside from that, you are going to get dust down in the workings of the table saw and it will likely throw it throughout the entire room. It will not save you any time compared to cutting drywall with a utility knife.

Primarily, most people want to cut drywall with a table saw to save time. It seems reasonable to think that using such a powerful tool can make short order of something like drywall.

In reality, however, the opposite is true. You will likely find that by the time you get done with the first piece, there is so much dust that you are ready to make a switch.

The bottom line is, it certainly is possible to cut drywall with a table saw but it is not going to be an ideal situation. If you have the table saw available, simply lower the blade and use the tabletop to hold the gypsum board while you cut it with a utility knife.

Can You Cut Drywall With Circular Saw?

Man cutting the wall using circular saw

Anyone who asks if they can use a circular saw to cut drywall has never tried to use a circular saw to cut drywall.

Circular saws are not the best tool for cutting drywall and in fact, you will just create a lot of dust and will not save any time. The saw will be able to cut through the gypsum board easily but it will create so much dust that it will ruin the saw quickly along with your respiratory system.

Even if you are using the circular saw with an attachment that captures a lot of the dust, it is still going to quickly overtake the system. You might also find that it chips the gypsum and could ruin the piece you are trying to cut.

It is a much better idea just to use the basic tools that are typically used for cutting drywall. This would include a straight edge and a good utility knife.

Any skilled drywall hanger will tell you that it is much faster to cut drywall with a utility knife than using any type of power tool, such as a circular saw.

The only reason why you may want to consider using a circular saw is if you are doing demolition. It is possible to set the blade depth so that it is only cutting down to the stud and not cutting in the stud. Even so, it is still going to create a lot of dust.

Can You Cut Drywall With A Knife?

Man cutting the wall using knife

Can you use a knife to cut drywall? The answer might surprise you.

A utility knife is the best tool for cutting drywall. Using such a knife allows you to make straight cuts as well as odd-shaped cuts. You can even cut out a piece of drywall around a receptacle or wall switch. If you don’t have a utility knife, other knives can be used.

The reason why a utility knife is the best option is that it easily cuts through the paper. The gypsum material in between the two sheets of paper is very brittle and will break without any hesitation.

In fact, it is the paper that holds everything together. Once you cut through the paper on one side of the gypsum board, a small smack on the opposite side of the board will break the gypsum cleanly in that area. You are dealing with the point of least resistance.

Quite honestly, any type of knife that will cut through the paper can be used for cutting drywall. A good utility knife is always going to be a better option if you have one available.

Can You Cut Drywall With Router?

Man cutting the wall

If you have a router available, can it be used for cutting drywall?

You can use a specific type of router known as a drywall router for cutting drywall quickly and easily. This type of router is ideal for cutting around receptacle boxes after the drywall is already in place or even cutting out large areas next to the stud.

Although you may be able to use a regular router for this purpose, it is best to use a drywall router because it is made specifically for gypsum board. Otherwise, the dust you create may be a problem.

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You would use a small drill bit in the drywall router and set it so that it is slightly longer than the thickness of the drywall. You can then mark your spot and plunge the drill bit through the drywall and begin moving to the side.

Once you hit your obstacle, you can follow the edge of the obstacle, such as the outside of a receptacle box using the edge of the drill bit. The spinning drill bit will cut through the drywall cleanly.

Can You Cut Drywall With Reciprocating Saw?

Man cutting the wall using reciprocating saw

A receptacle saw is one of the handiest tools we have around the home. Can we use such a tool for cutting drywall?

You can use a reciprocal saw for cutting drywall that has already been installed. It’s ideal for demolition, as well as for cutting holes in the drywall for receptacles and other obstacles. It can make quick work of those jobs with a minimum amount of effort and dust.

The key to using a reciprocating saw for cutting drywall is using a proper blade. You can use a general-purpose blade or you can get a blade that is specific for drywall. Your choice of blade is going to make a difference in how quickly the cut takes place and how much dust is produced.

For demolition purposes, an all-purpose blade is probably going to be a good choice. You just need to be careful that you don’t cut through anything else other than the drywall if it is going to stay in place, such as studs or electrical/plumbing behind the drywall.

Sometimes, it’s best to use a tool that is only going to cut as deep as the drywall. Otherwise, a reciprocating saw can do a good job.

How To Properly Cut Drywall

Man cutting the wall

Do you need to cut drywall? There is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

The best way to cut drywall is to use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife. The key is to put the right amount of pressure so the knife is cutting through the paper and a small amount of gypsum board. You can then strike the board on the opposite side and the gypsum will break cleanly where the paper was cut.

The gypsum on the inside of the drywall board is not a strong material. If it weren’t for the paper, it would simply break apart and fall away.

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Since the paper is holding it together, it is just a matter of cutting the paper where you want the gypsum to break. It may not seem logical until you see it happen, but the gypsum will break cleanly at that point every time.

If you need to cut drywall that is already in place, you can use a hand saw, such as a wall saw or you can use a power saw, such as a drywall router or reciprocating saw. It really depends on how cleanly you want the cuts to be made.

It is also a good idea to incorporate the use of a straight edge. This could be a large T-square or even the edge of a level.

As you continue to work with drywall more and more frequently, you will find that you can sometimes eyeball the cut or even use a tape measure as your straight edge.

After you cut the board and break the gypsum inside, you fold it back against itself and cut the paper on the opposite side. Be very cautious not to cut your fingers because it is easy to have them get in the way of the blade sticking through the paper.

You can use a variety of tools to cut drywall but the best choice is a sharp utility knife. It will cut through the paper on one side of the board and after splitting the gypsum by striking the opposite side, you can cut the paper to free the piece. Otherwise, you can use a power tool suited for the job, such as a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw.

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