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What Can You Use To Cut Tires? (How To)

There may be times when you find it necessary to cut tires. A number of different methods can be used for this purpose but what is the best option for cutting tires?

The best tool for cutting tires is to start with a utility knife and after puncturing a hole, insert the blade of a reciprocating saw and cut through the rest of the tire. You can use this method for cutting tires either on or off the rim.

Tools to cut tires

Of course, there are a number of different things that need to be considered before you cut tires. These will make a difference in the tools that you use, as well as what you do with the tire after you have finished.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is if you are cutting a tire on the rim or off the rim. If it is on the rim, then you need to think about whether you are going to save the rim or if it can be damaged in the process.

In any case, you will find that a reciprocating saw equipped with the proper blade will work nicely. As you will see in this article, there are many other options for cutting tires that can also be considered.

What Can You Use To Cut Tires? (How To)

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of what can be used for cutting tires, it’s a good idea to review what needs to be done with the tire. In many communities and states in the United States, there are specific regulations that govern what can be done with scrap tires.

In some cases, you may be able to use the tire as a decorative part of your lawn but in other cases, you may have to dispose of them. In any case, however, there are likely some regulations that let you know how you can handle and dispose of the tires and whether recycling is needed.

This is something that often surprises people when they have tires changed, especially if they are not mechanically inclined. There will probably be some type of charge that goes along with the change of the tires for disposal of the old tires.

Since you are essentially taking care of the tire on your own, you will have to discern the proper way to dispose of the tire, regardless of whether it is recycled or reusing it in some way or another. As long as you follow the guidelines set up by your local community and state, you can proceed with the project.

One other thing to consider is safety. It is always important to ensure that you are working as safely as possible, and this includes when you are cutting tires.

It isn’t just a matter of handling some type of tool that has the ability to injure you. You also need to consider the thread of the tire and the fact that you’re going to be exposing the metal bands that are inside of it.

In addition, when you are cutting the tire, you may have tire fragments that are flying in different directions and you could even have some dust from the rubber that is airborne. In either case, you need to protect yourself and your health.

As a general rule, you should always wear safety glasses when doing any type of DIY project. This would also include when you are cutting tires, because it is very easy to injure your eyes when doing this type of project.

Gloves are also an important part of working in this way. All-purpose gloves can often work well but you may want to consider wearing some cut-resistant gloves for the additional layer of protection that they provide.

When cutting the tire, you should wear a respirator. At a minimum, an N95 respirator will offer the protection you need but if there is any type of burning rubber, you may need to wear more suitable respiratory protection, such as a half mask with filters.

As long as you prepare to work safely, you can do so in a way that gets the job done and allows you to work another day.

At this point, we will consider some of the many different tools that are used for cutting tires. There are also some tools below that do not quite work as well as others and we will consider those as well.

Can You Cut Tires With Sawzall?

Tools to cut tires

We often use a Sawzall when cutting items for demolition. Is it also something that is appropriate for cutting a tire?

If you have a Sawzall that is equipped with the right blade, it will cut through a tire quickly and easily. The real key is to use a blade that is appropriate for cutting through metal because there are steel bands inside of the tire that will have to be cut along with the rubber. A Sawzall blade with carbide teeth is good for this project.

You may find that it is also helpful if you cut a starter hole in the side of the tire using a utility knife. This allows you to insert the reciprocating saw blade in the area and begin cutting right away.

Can You Cut Tires With Knife?

Tools to cut tires

We often have a utility knife handy for many projects. Can you use this type of knife for cutting through tires?

The rubber of the tire can easily be cut with a quality utility knife. You can also use a box cutter to slice the tire. It is best if you cut the tire on the side wall where there is less likely to be a lot of steel strands holding the tire together.

If you are going to use a utility knife, you need to use a quality knife so that it cuts through the tire and is sturdy enough to be held properly. You don’t want to put a lot of pressure on the knife and have your hand slip over the blade.

Can You Cut Tires With Jigsaw?

Tools to cut tires

If you have a jigsaw available, is it something that can be used for cutting through tires?

Jigsaws are an excellent tool for cutting through tires but you have to have the right blade and you need to take your time when cutting. If you cut the tire too quickly, you are likely to run into some steel bands that will slow things down and you could end up breaking the blade in the process.

Jigsaws are typically used for cutting odd angles and circles. They can also be used for that purpose when cutting a tire. In addition, they are versatile enough that they will cut through a tire quickly when you are going straight across.

Can You Cut Tires With Angle Grinder?

Tools to cut tires

Angle grinders are the unsung hero of our toolboxes. We use them for cutting various types of material but can you use them for cutting tires?

If you have a blade attached to the angle grinder that can cut through metal, it can cut through a tire. You should pay attention to safety when doing so because it can throw a lot of rubber dust and steel through the air. Wear your safety glasses and a respirator.

One thing you might notice about using an angle grinder is the fact that it goes through blades quickly. Even a high-quality blade will wear down easily, so make sure you have plenty of replacement blades available.

Can You Cut Tires With Oscillating Multi Tool?

Tools to cut tires

If you have an oscillating multi-tool, can it be used for cutting tires in half or cutting them off of a rim?

As long as you use an oscillating multi-tool with the proper blade that can cut through metal, it can also cut through a tire. These multi-tools tend to be very diversified in their abilities, so you can use them for cutting a tire when other tools won’t fit into the area.

Make sure that you pay attention to how you are starting the job when using one of these multi-tools. You don’t want the tool to dance over the face of the tire before it actually cuts into it.

Can You Cut Tires With Chainsaw?

Tools to cut tires

A chainsaw is a very powerful tool typically used for cutting wood. Can it also be used for cutting tires?

If you are cutting tires down to size to throw them away or transport them to another area, you can use a chainsaw to do so. The key to doing it successfully is to continue cutting the entire way through the tire. If you stop before you cut through, you could get the blade stuck.

You should also avoid cutting tires with a chainsaw if they are on the rim. If you cut into the rim accidentally, it could ruin the chainsaw blade.

Can You Cut Tires With Box Cutter?

Tools to cut tires

Box cutters are versatile tools but are they versatile enough for cutting tires?

A retractable box cutter can be used for cutting the sidewall on a tire. It is best to cut the sidewall in that area because it has fewer strands of steel and is easier to cut. Generally speaking, a box cutter is not stable enough to cut the whole way through the entire tire.

If you want to use a knife for cutting the tire, it is best to upgrade to a quality utility knife. Always use a sharp blade and a comfortable knife that can be held securely.

Can You Cut Tires With a Grinder?

Tools to cut tires

If you have a bench grinder, can you use it for cutting tires?

Bench grinders are not typically the best tool for cutting tires. The metal grinding you will do when cutting the tire will often ruin the wheel that is installed. In addition, it is better to take the tool to the job than to bring the tire to your bench and cut them with a grinder.

You can still use the grinding action but rather than using a bench grinder, use a portable angle grinder that will cut through it.

Can You Cut Tires With a Dremel?

Tools to cut tires

If you have a Dremel tool, you know how versatile they are. Are they good enough for cutting through tires?

A hobby Dremel should not be used for cutting tires but you can use a more powerful Dremel equipped with a metal grinding blade. This will allow you to cut through the tire and all of its steel bands.

Can You Cut Tires With Multi Tool?

confused man standing

If you have a multi-tool, is it possible to cut a tire with it?

You can use a multi-tool with a blade designed to cut through metal for cutting tires. It’s a good tool because it can be used in tight spaces and is relatively easy to direct.

You might find that a knife, such as a utility knife does a similar job and is even easier to direct.

How To Cut Tires Properly

confused woman standing

When cutting tires, there are a few different options to consider. The primary options, however, are whether it is on a rim or off the rim. Here are the methods of cutting in both situations.

Cutting a Tire off a Rim

If you are cutting a tire off of a rim and want to save the rim, it becomes a little more difficult than just cutting a tire in half. You need to make sure that you are doing things properly so you don’t damage the rim in the process. Use this method:

1. Cut the Sidewall – There is a spot on the sidewall that is smooth and is a lot easier to puncture than the top or edge of the tire. It has fewer strands inside, so you can often cut between the belts without any problem.

Use a quality utility knife to cut the sidewall so that you can insert a blade from a reciprocating saw. Make sure that the utility knife is completely out and that you have a firm grip on it so your hand doesn’t slip over the blade.

If you find the utility knife doesn’t provide you with enough to puncture the sidewall, you can always use a different tool, such as an ice pick to get things started.

2. Secure – It is very important that the tire is secured in place. You can do this in any number of different ways but the end result must be the same, the tire should not move easily but you should still have easy access to the tire, especially on the sidewall where you will be cutting.

3. Cut the Tire – At this point, you will insert the blade of a reciprocating saw into the hole that you made and begin cutting the tire. Cut close to the rim but make sure that you don’t damage the rim in the process. You can cut the entire way around the rim to loosen that side of the tire.

4. Flip the Tire – After cutting the tire on one side, you will flip it over and cut it on the other side. This should allow the bulk of the tire to slip off easily.

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5. Remove the Remainder – You should, at this point, be able to remove the remainder of the tire that is still inside of the rim. You might need to use a tool as a lever to force the tire out, as there is a strong metal band in that section that makes it difficult to work with.

If necessary, you can use a utility knife to cut the remainder of the tire so that it is easily removed. You won’t likely be able to cut through the steel band inside of the rim with a utility knife but it does give you easier access to it so you can cut it carefully.

Cutting a Tire in Half

If you’re only going to cut a tire in half, it is a relatively easy thing to do. Follow this process to do it easily and safely.

1. Secure the Tire – It is important that the tire is secured in place so it does not easily move while you are cutting. Some people will cut a tire on a workbench for that purpose but if you can even secure it to the ground or something else outside, it will be good enough for this process.

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2. Select Your Tool – You can use many different types of tools for cutting through a tire but we generally recommend a reciprocating saw. One of the most important things is choosing a blade that can cut through metal because you will be cutting through the steel bands on the inside of the tire.

3. Cut Half of the Tire – Begin cutting and continue to cut the tire until you have cut half of the tire. Once you reach the midsection, you will flip the tire and begin cutting from the other side.

You can use a wide variety of tools for cutting a tire but the best tool is to use a utility knife followed by a reciprocating saw. The utility knife will puncture the tire and get you started. A reciprocating saw with the proper blade for cutting through metal can cut through the rest of the tire easily.

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