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What Can You Use to Cut Metal/Chain Link Fence? (How To)

Chain link fences are a popular choice, especially among business owners. They provide optimal visibility without compromising on aesthetics.

You can easily cut your metal fence with the right tools, like bolt cutters and a reciprocating saw. Whether you need to repair a section of your chain link fence or remove it to install a new one, cutting it will be part of the job.

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Have you ever wondered why chain link fences are so popular? One of the top reasons is durability. These fences are made of a galvanized framework, which can withstand harsh atmospheric conditions all year round. Even better, the fence does not require substantial maintenance.

Additionally, a chain-link fence is an excellent way to secure your property. You get to choose how high you would like it to go. You can also add a barbed wire if you would like to go the extra step.

Besides, metal fences are incredibly versatile. You can install them anywhere, from a school to a sporting venue and more. Not to mention that you can have it installed without breaking the bank. This option is among the most cost-effective ways to secure a commercial or industrial facility.

But there comes a time when you just have to remove your chain link face, albeit with several advantages. For instance, if there happens to be an accidental collision against the fence, its frames will get warped. In that case, the frames are not strong enough to provide you with the security you need. Therefore, you need to cut the metal fence to fix the damage.

Some fences are coated with materials like zinc, which is prone to wear and tear over the course of time. Once the coating wears off, the fence becomes prone to rust. In that case, replacing the chain-link fence would be the best course of action.

You might also realize that the fence is missing a few links. Maybe someone was trying to break in, or there were extremely strong winds in your area. Whatever the reason behind missing links is, you need to repair the damage before things escalate.

Can You Use Laser to Cut Metal Fence?

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Laser-cutting technology has been around since the 1960s and has continued to grow in popularity by the day. This technology uses a constant beam of light to create heat and pressure that cuts through materials.

You can use laser to cut your metal fence as long as you use the correct type of laser. This technology is known for higher precision compared to other cutting options.

When it comes to cutting through metal, YAG lasers are your best option. These lasers are known for their high cutting power. They have a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers, a high refractive index, and low thermal conductivity. Therefore, they are ideal for cutting coated metals, such as chain-link fences. You can also use a fiber laser cutting machine to get the job done.

Can You Use Hacksaw to Cut Metal Fence?

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If you have a workshop, then you possibly own a hacksaw. But can it come to your rescue when you need to cut a chain-link fence?

Yes, you can use a hacksaw to effectively cut your metal fence. The hacksaw has a toothed blade that you can push and pull to cut through metal.

When using a hacksaw, ensure that you select the right blade. The ideal blade is determined by the teeth per inch, depending on the type of metal your fence is made of. The more teeth per inch, the more aggressive the hacksaw will be. Once you have found the perfect blade, ensure that it is appropriately mounted on the frame, with the teeth of the hacksaw facing either forwards or backwards.

To begin to cut, make a couple of one-way strokes against the direction of the teeth to make an incision for the blade to sit on. Once the blade is in place, start cutting by moving it fully forward and backwards. Cut in a steady motion to reduce friction. Also, be sure to use the entire length of the blade when cutting. Remember to wear eye protection and a pair of gloves.

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Can You Use Reciprocating Saw to Cut Metal Fence?

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A reciprocating saw is such a versatile tool. But its cutting capabilities depend on the blade.

You can use a reciprocating saw from your toolbox to cut a metal fence with the proper blade. For instance, you can cut through your chain-link fence without any challenge with a metal cutting blade with a fine tooth pattern.

The recommended blade for thin metal is one with 20-24 teeth per inch. Alternatively, you can work with a blade with 10-18 teeth per inch. Consider working with a longer blade to make your work easier. Changing the cutting angle by lowering or raising your trigger hand would also be a good idea to speed up the cutting time. And most importantly, don’t forget to wear eye protection and a pair of gloves.

Can I Use Wire Cutters To Cut Chain Link Fence?

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For most people, the first thing that pops up in their minds when wire cutters are mentioned is electrical cables.

You can easily cut your chain link fence with a practical pair of wire cutters. But since the fence is significantly thicker than household wires, you have to ensure that your pair of wire cutters is tough enough for the job.

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Depending on the manner in which you want to cut your fence, you might need wire cutters of varying lengths.

Can I Use Bolt Cutters to Cut Chain Link Fence?

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There are several instances why you may need to cut your chain link fence. For instance, you will need a good pair of cutters during the initial installation.

You can use a pair of bolt cutters to cut your chain link fencethey are pretty easy to use. When using bolt cutters, ensure that you cut through one chain at a time. While you might think cutting through several links will save you time, you might end up with a crooked cut.

Also, ensure that you snip close to where the links interweave. That way, you will leave each link as intact as possible.

How To Cut Metal Fence or A Chain Link Fence Properly

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Lucky for you, cutting a chain link fence is not complicated. With the proper tools, you can make it a quick DIY project.

The Proper steps for cutting a metal or chain-link fence are measuring, setting up a tension bar, unweaving, and then cutting. Ensure that the cutting tool you choose is steady and sharp enough so that you can use as little time and effort as possible.

It’s essential to take your time measuring the fence before you cut it since you cannot stitch it back up in case you make a mistake. You can use a regular tape measure to determine where to cut. A tension bar also helps with accuracy. If you cut the fence before stretching it, you will end up cutting at the wrong places. That’s why it’s essential to install a tension bar on the fence before you start cutting.

It would also be a brilliant idea to unweave the fence where possible. You can use a pair of pliers for this step. Unweaving one side means that side of the fence will be helpful should you ever need it in the future. How much of the fence you should disentangle depends on your preference. Once you are satisfied with the unweaving, it’s time to do the actual cutting. You can use the tool you have at your disposal. It could be a pair of wire cutters, bolt cutters, or reciprocating saw. Be sure to pick the right blade to make work more manageable, and wear protective gear.

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