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What Can You Use To Cut Vinyl Tile Flooring (How To)

If you are installing vinyl tile flooring, you are going to need to cut some edges. There are a variety of methods used to do it, but what is best?

The most commonly used method for cutting vinyl tile is to score the tile with a knife and then snap it at that line. You need to be cautious when doing it so you don’t cut yourself and that you are not cutting into the floor under the tile. In addition, different thicknesses of vinyl tile will act differently when cut in this manner.

Vinyl Tiles for home interior designs and house renovation

For the purpose of this article, we are going to primarily discuss higher-quality vinyl tile flooring (if were looking to cut vinyl plank or cut laminate flooring be sure to check out those articles.). Vinyl tile flooring, such as peel and stick flooring can also be cut in this way but it is not going to be quite the same.

Vinyl tile is an excellent choice for any home. It offers high quality, beauty, and durability along with a waterproof finish that will last a lifetime. It’s perfect for every room from the living room to the bathroom.

Let’s explore some of the different options for cutting vinyl tile so you can install the floor and be proud of it.

What Can You Use To Cut Vinyl Tile Flooring (How To)

As is the case with many DIY home projects, you will find that there are a variety of options available for installing vinyl tile. Cutting the edge is not always going to mean that you have a beautiful, clean cut.

In fact, most of the cuts are going to be at the edge of the room, either as a crosscut to finish out the tile or as a horizontal cut to fit the last piece in place. In either of these cases, the cut is going to go under the baseboard and will completely disappear.

If you are joining the vinyl tile to another part of the home and the floor is different, then you will use some type of transition strip to bridge the gap. The most common is a T molding transition strip that will hide the edge of the vinyl and the edge of whatever other flooring you have adjoining it.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options for cutting vinyl tile and see what is best for you. You might be surprised by how many options a DIY enthusiast has at their disposal.

Can You Use Utility Knife To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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Is it possible to use a utility knife to cut vinyl tile? The answer might seem obvious.

The most common way to cut vinyl tile is using a utility knife. You would not cut entirely through the tile but rather, you would score the tile and then snap it from the opposite direction. When done properly, this produces a relatively clean edge that can be used at the end of a row or edge of a room.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using a utility knife for cutting vinyl tile. These can make a difference in your safety and the quality of the project.

1. Watch your fingers – Never cut toward yourself or put your fingers in the line of fire. Always keep them out of the way and don’t trust cutlass gloves to keep you from cutting yourself. You may cut yourself less but you will still cut yourself.

2. Strike once – Avoid the temptation of going back over your line a second time with the utility knife. Use a sharp knife and score the vinyl one time and that should be sufficient.

3. Long Pieces – One other thing to keep in mind is that the score and snap method using a utility knife is only good if you have a long piece. If the piece you are trying to snap is 12 inches or less, you may need to use another method.

Can You Use Table Saw To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you have a table saw available, can you use it for cutting vinyl flooring?

Many DIY enthusiasts use a table saw for cutting vinyl flooring. It makes an excellent choice because it does quick work and makes a clean cut. Table saws are especially beneficial for long cuts on the edge of the room. Shorter cuts are also possible but they are better done with another method.

One thing to consider if you are using a table saw is that it is going to make a mess. It is better if you have the table saw set up in a different location so you don’t constantly have to sweep the floor before installing the vinyl floor.

In addition, if you are using peel and stick tiles or any other type of very thin vinyl, a table saw may not be the best option. It will work, but it could be overkill and could even be dangerous in some cases.

The bottom line is that a table saw is an excellent choice for cutting vinyl flooring. If you have a more portable option available, however, you may find it more convenient.

Can You Use Jigsaw To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you have a jigsaw available can you use it to cut vinyl tile? You will like the answer.

Jigsaws are an excellent choice for cutting vinyl tile. Both thick and thin vinyl tile can be easily cut with a jigsaw and you can even cut unusual lines or notches if necessary. You will find a jigsaw to be a good choice when you are cutting vinyl tile for around pipes or at a doorway.

Like any type of portable saw, jigsaws can be used for cutting vinyl tile. They are excellent for cutting across the tile but if you are cutting a long plank, it may take too long.

That being said, a jigsaw can be used for any cuts with the vinyl tile, even a long one. If all you have available is a jigsaw, you will find it to be a very useful tool.

Can You Use a Circular Saw To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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A circular saw is a powerful tool to have on hand for any DIY project. Is it also good for cutting vinyl tile?

You can cut vinyl tile with a circular saw. It cuts through it quickly and leaves a clean edge. It is always best if you use a straight edge and some clamps to make the cut as clean as possible. If you are using a circular saw to cut thin vinyl tiles, such as peel and stick, you may need to use a board underneath.

One of the benefits of using a circular saw on a DIY home project is you can bring the saw where the work is. That may not be the best option if you are using a circular saw for cutting vinyl.

The last thing you want is to have a lot of sawdust and debris underneath the vinyl floor you are installing. If you cut the floor in the same room where you are installing it, you will make a lot of extra work for yourself.

By all means, use a circular saw for cutting vinyl. It’s great for making crosscuts as well as long horizontal rips. Just use it in a different room so you don’t have to constantly clean up after yourself.

Can You Use Scissors To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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Are you considering using some heavy-duty scissors to cut vinyl tile? You might want to check this first.

Scissors can be used to cut very thin vinyl tile, such as peel and stick vinyl. You will not be able to cut through a thicker piece of vinyl flooring, and you could ruin your scissors quickly whether you are cutting vinyl that is thick or thin.

Scissors make an excellent tool for installing vinyl. If you are using a peel and stick vinyl tile, you can cut through it almost as easily as you can cut through paper. In fact, you can use the paper on the tile as a guide.

That being said, it is better if you use another method for cutting the vinyl if you are installing many tiles. It will not take many cuts before your scissors are getting dull and you will have to work harder to get the job done.

Use scissors for making small cuts in thin vinyl or for cutting out notches. Otherwise, use a utility knife.

Can You Use Tile Cutter To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you have a tile cutter from an old job and want to use it to cut vinyl tile, you are in luck.

Vinyl tile can easily be cut with a tile cutter and you may find that it works quite well on many different types of flooring. As long as the tile cutter is in good shape and you use it properly, it can make short order of cutting the vinyl tile on the ends.

Although it tile cutter may work for cutting short pieces of vinyl tile, it is not going to be the best option for ripping long pieces. If you are cutting long planks, you may want to use a power saw, such as a circular saw or jigsaw.

There are also tile cutters specifically available for cutting vinyl and laminate tile. You may be able to pick one of these cutters up online at a discount. If you are installing a lot of vinyl tile, it will be well worth the cost.

A laminate tile cutter not only works well for cutting vinyl tile up to 12 inches wide, but it also makes a very clean edge. It will not work for ripping longer pieces along the edge of a vinyl plank.

Can You Use Paper Cutter To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you have a paper cutter and are considering using it for cutting vinyl tile, be sure to read this first.

A paper cutter should not be used for cutting vinyl tile, even if it is thin, peel and stick tile. It may work for a single tile but you are going to ruin the blade and perhaps even the paper cutter in the process.

On the other hand, a vinyl tile cutter can be purchased that works very much like a paper cutter. It is specifically for use with a thin variety of vinyl tile, such as peel and stick.

You insert the tile in the edge, line things up, and pull the knife back across the tile. You will end up with a clean, straight cut every time.

Can You Use Dremel To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you have a Dremel tool and need to cut some vinyl tile, can you use the tool for the job?

A Dremel tool can easily cut vinyl tile if you are only cutting small pieces or notching out the tile around an obstacle. Although you can use a Dremel tool for longer cuts, it takes a long time and you may end up ruining the tool in the process.

Dremel tools are often shown doing some pretty big jobs. In reality, however, they are made for smaller jobs and more detailed work.

Some of the fittings for Dremel tools can easily cut through vinyl and they do a good job of it. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should use it for every job that is out there.

Be reasonable when using your Dremel tool and always use the right tool for the right job.

Can You Use Miter Saw To Cut Vinyl Tile?

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If you are cutting vinyl tile, you may consider using a miter saw. Is it a good idea?

Generally speaking, you can easily cut through vinyl tile with a miter saw. It’s an excellent choice for making crosscuts or cutting at an angle. It is also only a tool that is used for straight cuts so you may need a different saw for cutting around obstacles or making circular cuts.

Although a miter saw can easily be used for this purpose, there are some concerns. First of all, you need to use the appropriate guards and always wear your eye protection because pieces of vinyl could easily become projectiles that could injure you.

Like any type of power saw, a miter saw will also make a lot of dust and leave behind some debris when you are cutting through vinyl. Always take the vinyl pieces to the miter saw in a different room to make those cuts. Otherwise, you will be spending all of your time cleaning up after yourself.

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How To Properly Cut A Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Now that we have discussed all of the different options for cutting vinyl tile, what is the proper way to cut it?

The proper way to cut vinyl tile flooring is to use a sharp knife and score the top of the vinyl. Use a straight edge, such as a carpenter’s square to guide the edge of the blade. Only cut through once and never cut on top of a finished floor. After scoring the vinyl tile, flip it over and use a block to hold it down while you snap the piece free from the tile.

This is the easiest and perhaps the best way to cut vinyl tile. After all, most people have a good utility knife and you don’t have to buy anything extra to make the cut.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t have other options when it comes to cutting vinyl tile. In addition, you may have difficulty snapping off a smaller piece because you don’t have the leverage to do it.

If you are installing a lot of vinyl tile, you may want to consider investing in a laminate tile cutter. This is the ideal tool for cutting vinyl tile because it chops it off clean and you can make cuts of up to 12 inches or longer, depending upon the tile cutter you purchase.

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There are limitations to a laminate tile cutter, however, and that includes not being able to rip a piece of vinyl plank or not being able to cut around obstacles. For that, you will need to use a different saw, such as a jigsaw or circular saw.

Any time you use a saw to cut tile, you should always take it out of the room to make the cut. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a lot of dust and a lot of cleanup before you can put the floor down.

You should also be cautious about cutting through the vinyl tile with a circular saw because you can ruin your tabletop. Always set the blade just below the depth of the vinyl and use a secondary piece underneath the vinyl so that you don’t cut too far.

Vinyl tile is a very durable and easy-to-install flooring option. It provides a waterproof finish that will last you and your family for many years.

As long as you take the proper precautions and use the proper tools, you can install the flooring in no time and be living on it before you know it.

You can cut vinyl tile with anything that would cut wood. This would include any type of power saw or tile saw. In addition, you can use a utility knife to score the vinyl tile and then snap it by pulling it up in the opposite direction.

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